Review: EOS Adult (J-203) Pink

Sorry for yet another unexplained absence: basically, school (and life) were kicking my arse. Haha.  I had two jobs this summer: one full-time, one part-time. And then my university fudged up my loan and payment info, so there was a period where I was on campus and didn't even have any courses. D:  Aughh~.  S'okay now, though, since I'm rooming with one of my besties and I've fixed my schedule. :D
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Speaking of everything being alright, here's a review for one of my 5 most recent lenses: the EOS Adult (J-203) Pink. And thanks a bunch to Tokio Shine for sponsoring and sending out these and a 2nd pair of lenses in super fast order. Time for another pink lens review!

Enlargement: 8/10 Eh-- I s'pose they're fairly enlarging for 14 mm lenses. C:

Colour/Design: 10/10 PIINKK LENSES. THEY ARE SO PIIINKK. ; 3;  So bright and piiink~. (The first pic is almost exactly accurate of its true-life colour.)

('cool' lighting) 


Comfort: 10/10 I can't explain how comfortable I find EOS lenses to be. <33 The word 'very' comes pretty close.

Overall, these are by far my favourite pair of pink lenses. They seem very close to a true, bright pink. My G&G/Dueba pink lenses (Max Pure and King), are both greyish, more lilac pinks, and the Beaucon Jewel Pinks are beige-salmon pink, but this one definitely 'pops'. They totally make me want the EOS Flower Pinks as well, if all the EOS pink lenses use the same pigment. Also... they make me want to buy the Geo Nudy Pinks, since that pink also seems to be a very 'true' pink...

(And now.... CAMWHORING, TIME. >:o)


I'm done now. C:  And I had a video review for these (and my G&G Max Pure Pink), but when my laptop died two weeks ago, it took all those videos with it. Yeah. I have a new laptop. Haha.

Next time: a post for that time I was on BBC's website for an interview + video~.