Review: Geo Color Nine/9 Color Deep (/Dark) Red (AN-A48)



Ah, hello again! I greet you from the land of people working two jobs!  :D  A tiring place, but a good one, all the same. Haha.  Anyway, here's a long-overdue review of a pair of lenses super kindly sponsored by Love Shoppingholics!

Enlargement: 6.5/10 Alright, so 14.2 is now as small as Geo produces lenses, and  in the case of this series, it is basically non-enlarging. (Which I prefer.)

Colour/Design: 8.5/10  Firstly, it has to be mentioned that the Geo 9 Color/Color Nine series is design/pattern dupe ('match') for the MI E-Type (aka. Venus Eye) series.  There is a very slight difference in hue: the Color 9 (Deep) Red is a deeper, more 'true' red than the somewhat more 'orange'  E-Type Red.  (The Color Nine Deep Red is a like a more saturated version of the E-Type Red.)

That being said, these Deep Reds are rather vibrant and noticeable, but not to the extent of more dramatic, bold red lenses, like the i.Fairy Cherry Red, or the Doy+ Red.  They are a more vibrant and bright hue than the Geo Color Nine/9 Color Light (/Wine) Red (AN-A47), which are rather more subtle, themselves.

^ (wearing  Toyoepin Eye 7713 lashes) ^

^ (wearing  Toyoepin Eye 7713 lashes) ^


- i.Fairy Dolly+ Red vs. Geo 9 Color Deep Red -

- MI E-Type Red vs. Geo 9 Color Deep Red -

Comfort: 7/10  Well, Geo lenses are not very comfy for me, unfortunately.  These are no exception-- they seem to irritate my eyes or dry out pretty quickly...

Al in all, I have, essentially, already had these lenses (here's the E-Type Red review). The 9 Color/Color Nine series is a dupe for the MI E-Type (aka. Venus Eye) series.  As always, I love the design and pattern, for being non-enlarging and rather 'natural'.  The vibrancy is just right for a bold (but not over-dramatic) red lens. C:

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, and Eleven.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.
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