Thanks for 100 Followers + Forgotten OOTD #1

(Technically-- it's 105, as of this morning. Haha.)  Thanks so much to all my followers! ♥♥ I truly appreciate when anyone takes tot time to even glance at my blog, much less, read it or Follow it.

In the future I'll strive to:  1.) learn how to do legitimate makeup, 2.) actually acknowledge/post all those blog awards I've received, and 3.) somehow make my blog more interesting/diverse.  (That or officially name it as a circle lens review-based blog...)

*    *    *

(Forgotten) OOTD: Surprise Dentist Trip

It was a very, very brisk day in late August (8 months ago), and I was suddenly summoned from the depths of a truly relaxing sleep by my cell phone ringing. The time? The ass-crack of dawn approximately 6:15 AM.  The caller?  My mum; she wanted me to come in to her office to get that last filling in that last molar.  

I had to get there in half an hour..... what?! But I can't possibly go through my entire morning routine that quickly!  

Needless to say, I did.  o.o  Here's what ended up happening with this hastily thrown together outfit. (Nothing too exciting, really. Haha.)

(Yikes....my thighs. D: )

The coat + scarf (+ gloves)

The boots~♥

My 'FOTD' + 'HOTD'

(That's right--- no makeup and a plain bun. 8] Laziness~.)
(And yes, I did a shoddy job of PSing my 'woken up early' eye bags. Haha)
Coat: H&M;  Scarf: Charlotte Russe;  'Jeggings': Sears;  Boots: Macy's
Circle Lenses: G&G GBT/BT Violet

So yeah, there you go: a surprise visit to my mum's dental office essentially means I put on the nearest, matching pieces of clothing and go bolting out the front door. Haha. Still, I don't think it turned out too badly, yeah?


Review: EOS Cotton (J-211) Violet

Alright, so these are my very latest violet lenses (and quickly trying to become my favourite ones ever).  These EOS Cotton Violets were purchased from Kiwiberry1's Collection. --Which is one of the best shops out there, in my opinion. Good prices, great service, amazing range of brands and series, etc.  Yes, they've sponsored me lenses, but I've also bought an equal amount of lenses from there myself, and the level of service is always the same. <33--
--- - ---

♥- Don't forget to use the discount code, NOXIN, to get 15% off your purchase at Kiwiberry! <3 -♥
-- - --

(And yeah.... I was too tired to bother with makeup, and I haven't done my hair in 2 weeks, hence the up-do. Forgive me, pleassee~. Haha.)

Enlargement: 7/10 These're 14 mm, which is my favourite lens DIA. <3 They do a decent amount of enlargement for 14 mm lenses.  Not the biggest 14 mms out there, but not the smallest either.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10 Sooooo judging by the pics of Kiwiberry modeling the green (or were they grey?) EOS Cottons, and going from her description, this series is a light-coloured one.  That was totally accurate. These cotton violets are very visible & light in colour: the ring is gorgeous.  It looks like a cloud or something equally pretty.  The black is spaced apart in a way that the ring looks either like a soft grey or a darker version of the lens colour. (It's more visible in the video review than in these pics.)


Comfort: 10/10 Stop making me say how comfy I find EOS lenses. ; _ : (They're very comfy.)

Overall, I'm going to be cocky and say that I made a great choice here. 8) Haha. I wanted small lenses with a lighter shade of violet, and these really hit the mark. Simple review as I simply love these lenses.

And as always, there're extra pics: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight.  
The video review can be seen on Youtube, here, or just watch it below. 


Review: EOS Dollyeye (V-209LB) Grey

So once again, CandyLens was nice enough to sponsor me two more pairs of lenses to review. (I promise I still buy lenses for myself.) And I doubt I have to mention this, but whether a product is sponsored or not, I'll always give my true opinion.

Anyway, here's my review to the Dollyeye Grey--- next up is a pink pair of Geo lenses~.
((Don't forget to use my 5% off coupon code if you shop there: mizvaleer ))

Enlargement: 7/10 At only 14.2 mm, these provided enlargement, but nothing significant. :/

Colour/Design: 9/10 So... these are light and bright. <33 They're the lightest and most intense grey lenses I have ever worn. o.o The colour, as with all the others in the Dollyeye series, is printed fairly close to the pupil. (Thus, a little ring of light grey is visible in the corber of my vision, occasionally. That's rare, though.) I feel like the design and colour are unnatural, but, like, 2 dozen people just today either complimented my eye colour, or thought they were my actual eyes. Wacky..

EOS V-205LB Grey vs. EOS Dollyeye (V-209LB) Grey


(Please continue to excuse the fact that I haven't straightened or styled my hair in a week and a half and check out how light my hair's colour looks during daytime. Huh.)

And as always, there're extra pics: One, Two, Three, and Four.
If you just want to watch the video review, it's right here, or you can watch it below.


New Blog Design!! : D

Wheww~~. I finally got to editing my blog's template and such. @_@   (I have a real header now!!)

I am a complete n00b at anything HTML or CSS related, but I figured out a few necessary bits of coding. ;P   I think it turned out okay for my having had nooo idea what I was doing. Haha.   

The most difficult thing was finding a background pattern to go with the header (which I'd cobbled together in Paint and on photobucket).  I ended up going back to MS Paint to make a background pattern.  ((Lesson of the day: MS Paint is totally still relevant. 8) ))

P.S. You may see me mess about with the font colours, too, for the next couple days..... back to editing lens reviews. C:<

P.P.S. How do you like the change(s)? Any advice on how to make it better? I know the dark green in the background is a bit of an eyesore already. Haha.


OOTD: Best Friend's 21st B-day

The title says it all: I went out last night for one of my best friend's 21st birthday. :]  (We and a few friends walked about a half mile into town to a local brewery/restaurant for dinner n' drinks.)

Keep in mind that #1) it was freezing, and #2) we had to walk a good distance. No open-toe, heeled boots like I'd planned. :[   Anyway, on to the actual outfit.

Coat: H&M;  Belt: H&M

Blouse: H&M;  Dress: H&M;  Patterned Tights: ?? (Gift from my mum);  Boots: Macy's

The Dress


'Bracelets' (Scrunchies): H&M

Bracelet: Charlotte Russe

Necklace: Charlotte Russe
* - *

Whew~! So there you have it: my first OOTD in a few months. (Oops...)  I have two more prepared to post that I toootally forgot about. (Both are from late summer/autumn.)

Back to this outfit, though....  overall, I feel like it looks 'off'. :/  One part of it is that I don't like wearing tights with this dress, but patterned tights even less so. (I needed them for the warmth, though.) Another would have to be the several shades of black. The shirt and tights are the same black, but they don't match the black on the dress, or the boots. (To be fair... the boots are an ashy, dark brown-black.)  

Luckily, since we went out so late, and the lighting wasn't too great, nobody could really tell any of this about the colours. Huzzah!  : D   And now I'm off to start soaking some new circle lenses I just received....


All I Can Say Is: Pray. (....and maybe 'walk walk, fashion, baby')

I very much doubt there is need (nor capability, truly) for me to explain the continuing, devastating occurrences in Japan.  Words will not suffice.  I can only offer my deepest condolences to those affected: directly and indirectly.  

Having come from somewhere that is, itself, used to and prepared for significant natural disasters/events (Jamaica), I can say that no matter how 'used to' something (hurricanes, in our case) people are, and no mater how much they steel themselves and their own buildings against said natural force, you are never really prepared to deal with something on such a severe magnitude.   

Whether it's an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, or whatever else, people will need help to rebuild. Emotionally or literally, it doesn't matter.    

On that note, though I am not an overtly or specifically religious person, I am rather spiritual and have a strong belief in the power of positive, loving thinking. Or as many others phrase it prayer.  So pray I shall.
*  *  *

Alright, so on a lighter note, I do like to donate when I can (and it would be remiss to exclude the maaany other countries who've suffered similarly devastating earthquakes and other disasters-- I'm lookin' at you, Haiti, Pakistan, and Christchurch, NZ among others.)   

The usual, easy way is via a quick text message donation that ends up on my phone bill, but this time, I decided to try something different.

From Lady Gaga.
It's a pretty cool idea: the bracelet price starts at $5, but you can choose your own price if you wanna' augment your donation amount. <3  All proceeds go to the relief effort in Japan. (Excluding shipping, which is $3.99 for standard mail.)

If you wanna' check this bracelet out, the link to it is right here: click
And if that's a bit too skeevy for you, there's always donation via the good ol' Red Cross.

I'll be back tomorrow with a post about something that isn't a circle lens. O:  Haha.


Review: EOS Adult (E-203) Violet

CandyLens was super-nice and offered to sponsor me two pairs of lenses to review: these are the second pair.  Here's my review of the EOS Adult (E-203) Violet.

((Don't forget to use my 5% off coupon code if you shop there: mizvaleer ))

Enlargement: 7/10  For 14 mm lenses, the enlargement is decent.

Colour/Design: 8/10  I am on the hunt for a new favourite purple lens. The criteria's the same as always: vibrant + opaque colour. I chose these because they showed up just as such on plenty of other gals with dark eyes. On me, they were a semi-opaque, light-ish lavender (which looks pink in certain lighting). (What made the colour difficult to judge, too, is the fact that one of my lenses is darker/less opaque than the other.) The Adult (E-203) series has a crystalline design that makes the lenses seem to almost 'sparkle', too. <33


(direct sunlight)

EOS Adult (E-203) Brown vs. EOS Adult (E-203) Violet

Comfort: 10/10 EOS is still pretty much the comfiest brand for me, behind Neo.

(serious face is serious)

So this my second colour from the E-203/Adult series (I already have the brown), and they are just as awesome as the brown. : D The colour is wacky in that it's rather opaque, but that they blend rather well. On a tragic note, as I was leaving school last night to come home for spring break, the case fell from my bag, hit the ground, and sent the lenses flying into the street. R.I.P. My EOS Adult Violets, R.I.P.

And as always, there're extra pics: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.

The video review can be found here, or seen below.