Store Review: E-CircleLens (ecirclelens.com)

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Alright, so I figured it's been a while since a store review went up.  Conveniently, I ordered lenses from several different stores in the last couple of months, so get ready for some (store) reviews! Here is one for E-Circle Lens, a shop I recently ordered from for the first time.

Shipping (& Processing) Time

E-Circle Lens is one of few shops (selling to the western market) that is located in South Korea, and it is tended by the ever-sweet Hiromi. The typical wait time for an order coming from anywhere in Asia to me, by way of standard shipping, is probably just over 2 weeks. (I live in  northeast USA.) By way of express shipping, it is less than 4 days.  (Which is good. Since it is, you know, express shipping.)

Before I tell you how long it took to get my lenses, keep in mind that there are extenuating circumstances.  That is, I ordered a pair of specialty lenses (hyperopic lenses) that have to made specifically to each order; there is a known 'lead time'.  In terms of how quickly the store actually ships out the lenses, it only took 1 day to process the lenses once they came in, and they were delivered 4 days later, all in the same week. ❤

[[ And as always, I have to say: it's very important that online shoppers realize something about the ordering process from any website: a shop does not control how quickly the post delivers a package.  That is, once a shop sends an item out, no matter what level of post it goes through, the time it takes to get to you is out of their hands.  Sucks if it's slow/late/missing, but don't take that out on the wrong people, yeah?]]

The Box/Package

The parcel is a standard shipping envelope, lined with bubble wrap.  Not super thick, and not super thin.  Sort of standard/average, if you will. (Everything was secure and seemed sufficiently protected, so I am pleased about that.)

(front )



(there were 2 packets/brochures, as well, along with the 
receipt-- the image at the top of this review shows them.)


Communication (/Customer Service)

Alright, so I've mentioned the shipping time and the packaging.  All that's left is to talk about the communication! I had no need of contacting this store, so there was no direct communication during my ordering process.  However, I can confirm that all the confirmation and update emails were prompt and timely.

(Additionally, I can at least tell you that the shop owner, Hiromi, is very friendly.  I followed E-CircleLens' IG, and eventually ended up chatting a bit with them on a few occasions.  Also?  CHECK OUT THE TOP OF MY RECEIPT!!)


^ [That little doodle I drew accurately depicts my reaction.] ^

HOW CUTE IS THAT??  It's a little hand-written 'thank you'! Haha.

Overall, I've ordered from this shop only once, and had a pretty good experience. (Additionally, my interactions with this business on social media have been positive and fun.) This store has an varied, unique catalog of lens series and brands (some you can often only find in Korea).  The ever-so-rare toric and the even rarer hyperopic lenses are available, too.

The prices are varied, but signing up for a free membership gets you a 10% discount, and there are sales + events, sometimes.  (I only wish the customer reviews were a bit easier to find/navigate to...)

((Also, I found out they developed/designed their own circle lens series?? *jealous*))

So yeah, check them out. Shoo! Mosey on over to E-Circle Lens and see what they have for yourself~!

You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.

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Review: Super Pinky Bright Red

Boom.  Here is my first (posted) lens review in about 3 years. (Yikes).  Let's hope I don't muck this up too badly. Or, like, sprain something.  (Have to stretch those lens reviewing muscles, y'know.  Don't want to tear a lens reviewing ligament. Keep those reviewing reflexes sharp.)

You are beginning to see the (terrible) theme in my "jokes", yes? Indeed.  TIME FOR THE REVIEW! :D

Alright, so I bought these pretty little lenses from Pinky Paradise, and quite a while ago at that.

^ [These languished in a lens case for, like, 4 months before I got to reviewing them. (#NewYearWorseMe) ] ^

Colour/Design:  4/5   I mean, I've said all there is to say about the design in my review of the Super Pinky Violet, previously.  The biggest things to note are that the colour is very opaque and covers a lot of the lens surface. Also, the 'circle' on these lenses (around the edge) is very, very subtle.  In fact, it's not even black: it is a darker red-brown colour that sort of blends naturally with the lens colour.

Speaking of the colour, these are one of two red lenses in this series (the other is 'Wine Red').  For being named 'Bright Red', I am not sure they quite live up to that name.  I mean, I like the colour, and it is very saturated and fairly vibrant.  However, these are by no means the brightest or lightest red lenses I have worn (and I have tried many).  They are very noticeable, though, and very pretty in hue (sometimes a little bit pinkish-orangeish in tint). Very lovely, all the same. 


(low light)

- Dolly+ Red vs. Super Pinky Bright Red -

- Super Pinky Violet vs. Super Pinky Bright Red -

^ (close-up on my eye during my 
transformation into a magical girl) ^

Enlargement:  4/5   Alright, so there are conflicting notes on the diameter of these lenses.  Classically, these are said to be 14.8mm.  More recently, some shops list them as being 15.0 mm.  Either way, for such large lenses, I don't find these to be quite as enlarging as I might expect. (Likely because the pattern is mostly lens colour and very little is dedicated to the dark circle around that.)  They are pretty big, all the same.

Comfort:  4.5/5  This series has been consistently, supremely comfortable for me. ❤  Pretty impressive considering how opaque the pigment is, and how much lens is pigmented.  (They are supposedly produced by Vassen, which would make sense since my eyes love their lenses. Haha.)

^ (I'm not the cutest magical girl out there. The under-
eye bags & blemishes definitely do not help...) ^

In conclusion, I rather like these lenses (and this series, generally speaking).  They are pretty damn comfortable and provide quite a lot of colour.  I wish that colour was brighter, but the 'natural' kind of design is a good balance for that.  [These are especially fun to mix and match with the purple version (red lens on one eye and purple lens on the other).]

You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.

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Don't Call It a Comeback (...It's Closer to Necromancy)

Hey hey hey,

How goes it, lovely folks!? Going to try and keep this short and sweet, as I am super busy trying to edit at least four more posts and reviews and such.

Basically, I am back!  (I hope! Haha.)  Real life (specifically a very stressful job that I just got out of) completely took over every facet of my existence.  For, like, nearly 3 years. Yikes...

(Boring all-text post. Ewww~.
Pic nabbed from my own Instagram. #lazy)

Anyhoot, the blog layout's been updated a bit, I got myself a new camera, a microphone, and all sorts of other fun stuff to improve the quality of my videos and pictures. (Bigger and better, right?)

I also Made a Concerted Effort and now have joined all you hip young people on Social Media.  Altogether, there's my Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and FaceBook.  (Oh, and my blog, of course, but... you're on it, so you don't need a link. Right??)

Okay, so I'm rambling. I'll stop, soon. Promise.  (As always, feel free to skip straight to the video down below, where virtually no reading is required!)

So, yeah. Glad to be back!  To all you lovely new subscribers/followers: hey! Thanks for following along and sorry for the funky hiatus.  I should have a bit of a 'Thank You So Much & I Am So Sorry For Being Gone' Giveaway coming soon for all you lovely folks out there. ♥

See you (very) soon with a lens review. ;p

(^ Above is the aforementioned no-reading-necessary
version of this post.)



Review: Geo Color Nine/9 Color Deep (/Dark) Red (AN-A48)



Ah, hello again! I greet you from the land of people working two jobs!  :D  A tiring place, but a good one, all the same. Haha.  Anyway, here's a long-overdue review of a pair of lenses super kindly sponsored by Love Shoppingholics!

Enlargement: 6.5/10 Alright, so 14.2 is now as small as Geo produces lenses, and  in the case of this series, it is basically non-enlarging. (Which I prefer.)

Colour/Design: 8.5/10  Firstly, it has to be mentioned that the Geo 9 Color/Color Nine series is design/pattern dupe ('match') for the MI E-Type (aka. Venus Eye) series.  There is a very slight difference in hue: the Color 9 (Deep) Red is a deeper, more 'true' red than the somewhat more 'orange'  E-Type Red.  (The Color Nine Deep Red is a like a more saturated version of the E-Type Red.)

That being said, these Deep Reds are rather vibrant and noticeable, but not to the extent of more dramatic, bold red lenses, like the i.Fairy Cherry Red, or the Doy+ Red.  They are a more vibrant and bright hue than the Geo Color Nine/9 Color Light (/Wine) Red (AN-A47), which are rather more subtle, themselves.

^ (wearing  Toyoepin Eye 7713 lashes) ^

^ (wearing  Toyoepin Eye 7713 lashes) ^


- i.Fairy Dolly+ Red vs. Geo 9 Color Deep Red -

- MI E-Type Red vs. Geo 9 Color Deep Red -

Comfort: 7/10  Well, Geo lenses are not very comfy for me, unfortunately.  These are no exception-- they seem to irritate my eyes or dry out pretty quickly...

Al in all, I have, essentially, already had these lenses (here's the E-Type Red review). The 9 Color/Color Nine series is a dupe for the MI E-Type (aka. Venus Eye) series.  As always, I love the design and pattern, for being non-enlarging and rather 'natural'.  The vibrancy is just right for a bold (but not over-dramatic) red lens. C:

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, and Eleven.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.
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Bye Bye Blonde: Hello Red (Almost Pink...)

What the title says.

You all know very well that I have been languishing over what colour I should dye my hair next. (Example 1 & Example 2 of my languishing.)

Between the red ombre and the blonde ombre, I chose the red!  Unfortunately, I got impatient (and poor), and could not wait to have it done at the salon.  So I dyed it myself. (Using Beyond the Zone's Color Jamz in Wild Red.)

Friends. I am not a professional hairdresser or colorist or cosmetician.  Just so you know. (And perhaps judge me a little less harshly. Haha.)

And now.... PICS! (Featuring both flattering, and unflattering angles!)

(Natural hair.  Also? Was still getting rid of stains on my skin.)

I am not fond of the pinkish hue, myself (wanted a more brick red), but I am really only waiting for the colour it fades to after several washes.

Okay! So there ya go!  I actually sort of documented how I got to this hair colour, And will eventually post about bleaching/lifting my previous blonde and dying it this colour. . .

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Review: Geo Color Nine/9 Color Aqua (Blue) (AN-A49)

Hey!  So here's the first review of my 'oh my gosh-- I actually want to blog again!' tour. Haha.  Hopefully, the lovely and endlessly kind Love Shoppingholics-- who sponsored these lenses-- will still talk to me. Eh heh heh...

(My haiiirrr! Ew.. I know, I know.Gross. I am actually colouring it [red] tomorrow, though!)

Enlargement: 6.5/10  The Venus Eye (aka. Mi E-Type, aka. Geo Color Nine) design is barely enlarging.

Colour/Design: 10/10 May I begin by saying  NRECRLHTWEUITNMSE RGESNAADH ASDGHLJFI7R4SJJE.  Oh. Sorry: I got a bit overexcited, there.  What I meant to say is that this is a very intense lens colour.  It is very visible in real life, too, and not only in photos/videos.

This is a rather blue-ish aqua, but there are definitely hints of the expected green tint.  The pigment is opaque and not quite light, with an incredibly vibrant outcome. Hoo boy. Very bright.

^ (wearing  Toyoepin Eye 7713 lashes) ^

^ (wearing  Toyoepin Eye 7713 lashes) ^


Comfort: 8.5/10  Generally, Geo lenses are not comfortable for me, but these are more wearable than most of my other Geo lenses have been.

Overall, I really, really like these lenses. C:  They are minimally enlarging (which is my preference), and have a super vibrant shade of blue/aqua. Wow, is it ever vibrant. Good job, Geo: you have me interested, somewhat, for the first time in years.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, and Three.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.
(Aww yeaahh-- another one of my amazing freezeframes. -_-'' )
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