Review: (Dueba) Puffy Pink

Sooo... I'd been drooling over the Dueba Puffy series for quite a while, but couldn't decide where to buy them. Then, I realized that one of the regulars on both the Soompi Circle Lens thread and the Gaia Circle Lens thread, 'Aki', had a pretty reputable shop, and in fact had the Puffy series stocked. <3 Hurrah!

As soon as I decided between the violet and the pink, I skipped on over to the site, FOTD Looks, and placed an order for a shiny new pair of lenses.
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Here you are, the most recent review I've done (and boy do I have a lot to post out of order): the G&G/Dueba Puffy 3tone Pink. (aka. Shiny Pink, aka.Winter Barbie Fantasy Pink, aka. G&G/Dueba SB-Type Pink)

Enlargement: 9.5/10 These are freakin' big, y'all. o: I know they're 14.5 mm, but crikey.

Colour/Design: 7.5/10 I think Yuk-lui was right when she said it's a less reddish pink when worn than some of the stock photos would have you think. Then again, some of the stock photos are of the hazels that are indeed part of the series, and not the actual pinks. Anyway, these lenses are a lot more violet than pink. I was hoping for the pink to look just like the lens does when off the eye. (Derp.) They clearly are not. All the same, the violet-y pink colour they turn out is still rapidly growing on me. At first I rather disliked it, but the more I saw them in different lighting/in pics, the more i liked them. Plus, they look ridiculously natural from a distance/when not super-zoomed in. ♥ I'm a fan.

('cool' lighting)


Comfort: 9/10 G&G/Dueba is always rather comfortable. These might actually be the most comfy of any lenses I've worn from them.


Said it all in the colour/design category: these are a more violet pink than red-pink. I was hoping for a red-pink. :/ In any case, between the enlargement, strangers' compliments/comments, and the pics of them I've taken, they're quickly shooting up the 'Like' list. ;P
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I ♥ NY (shopping): Shoes

So I'm bed-ridden with the flu. Guh. Thus, you get a rainy day (aka. lazy day) post. ;]
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A few weeks ago, I spent the weekend in NY with some family that lives there. (In Baldwin, NY, I believe?...) Either way, my mum, aunt, uncle, cousin, and I went wandering around on Jamaica Avenue's many shops and boutiques. <33

I have school fees to pay, so I was being stingy. I set a spending limit of no more than $20. 

AND THEN BOUGHT 2 PAIRS OF SHOES. ♡  Gotta' love a good bargain!
--- - ---

These are a deeper, less blue green than the photos show. They're between a British racing green and a darker sea green. They're super comfy, and I love the way the suede-ish material catches the light. o:

'Boutique': $5 Shoe Warehouse; Brand: Qupid; Cost: $7

- --- -

These are ones I wasn't all too sure about, but mum managed to convince me to go ahead. They're kind of cute, I suppose... And like the last set of pics, the colour is slightly off: the violet is redder. Close to a medium plum violet.

'Boutique': $5 Shoe Warehouse; Brand: Qupid; Cost: $7

For 14 bucks, I'm pretty satisfied with these pairs of knock-off heels~.
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So yeah, I have several more circle lens reviews, as well as another 5 non-circle lens related posts planned. C:< Just.... need to be alive again to post them. Haha.  Hope all you lovelies are staying healthy!!


Review: G&G GP-Type Brown (aka. "Vampire Twilight" Brown)

Once more, thanks to Kiwiberry for an awesome set of lenses-- I bought this pair at the same time as I did the GP Greens.

♥- Don't forget to use the discount code, NOXIN, to get 15% off your purchase at Kiwiberry! <3 -♥
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The Dueba/G&G GP-Type Brown are orange. Dreams do come true.

Enlargement: 8.5/10 (Exact same as their green counterparts~.) Though they're 14.5 mm, they feel more like 14.2s or even 14.0s-- perhaps it's not-overly thick circle? I'm used to seeing huuge black circles on the bigger lenses. Either way, they really do look pretty enlarging, but unless I'm comparing one eye with the lens to one without it, I never notice...

Colour/Design: 10/10 Orange lenses, man. I HAVE ORANGE CIRCLE LENSES.  <333  I've been hoping to see orange circle lenses for quuuittee some time now, and lo and behold: G&G/Dueba have had them for ages. Haha. Oh, and I've noticed the ring on these is closer to a dark brown than a black. The green GPs' ring is more like a dark grey than a black. Sweet~.

(true-to-life colour)

 (low light)


G&G GP Brown vs. G&G GP Green

Comfort: 8.5/10 G&G's always really comfy for me, and so are these, but for one day there, these lenses were killing my eyes. D: Not sure if I was having a bad allergy day or what, since it was a one-off, but still. It sucked. Haha. (The next time I wore them, they felt fine.)


As I've already said, orange circle lenses have been something I've wanted for some time, so when the modeled pics of these were put up by Kiwi, I instantly had to get them as well. (I'd originally planned on purchasing the GP Greens by themselves.) And thus: true love was fouunnd~. :33 And yes, you can say it, since I've heard it so many times already: they look like "Twilight eyes". -_-' Something I didn't account for when wishing for orange circle lenses... All the same, I LOVE THEM. ♥
- -- -

Haven't done this in a while, but here are some extra pics, CUZ I CAMWHORED: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.Whew~!

And here is the video review, or it can be watched below.


Review: Rohto Lycée Eye Drops (for Contact Lens)


So I finally remembered to get my bum in gear and post a review for these eye drops. (What really got me typing was my finding saaammage's little review of the very same eye drops earlier today; I've had these eye drops for over a month now.)

Oops. Haha.  Anyway, thanks to 'Batgirl' over on the Soompi circle lens thread for asking for a review in the first place-- sorry you had to wait half a month or so. <3

Packaging/Aesthetic:  5/5  Oohhh my gosh. Everything is so pink and glittery~. Nngh. Anyway, the eye drop 'bottle' came inside a box. Inside the box was a paper with the instructions and a tiny, plastic bag. Inside the plastic bag was the bottle of eye drops. Plus, the shape of Rohto's eye drops bottles (all of them, not just the contact lens ones I have) is unique: they're square/diamond-like. 

(The glitter~. @_@)

(Back of the bottle)

Moisture: 3/5  Honestly, I haven't had to use eye drops for contacts since my very first pair, about two years ago.  Generally, I feel very little (if any) discomfort with my lenses, so to induce a dry feeling, I wore a pair of lenses I know are thicker/less comfortable: a pair of Geos. After wearing them too long (on purpose), the eye drops did help add moisture (and comfort), but not as much as I would have liked. My first pair of contact lens eye drops did a better job as I remember. Still, these eye drops did make the lenses more comfy.

Redness Reduction: 4/5  I didn't think to take a pic for before and after. (Derp.) But like all the other Rohto eye drops I've used, these worked fantastically to remove redness.

Application: 5/5  That is, how easy the eye drops are to use. Uh, basically, they're simple to utilize. Though there was a page of instructions in Japanese (which I cannot read), there was also a diagram with 3 or 4 pictures that was a good enough indicator. Plus, eye drops in general are pretty simple. Just get a drop or two in your eyes. (I use one.) The bottle may be square, but the dropper is as normal as could be.

Overall: 4/5  This bottle of eye drops is gorgeous~. In fact, I really only bought them for that reason. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they're pretty awesome functionally, too.  They're great eye drops for contact lenses. Not the best out there, but pretty damn good... especially for looking so pretty. ♥

I bought these from a listing on eBay for about 11 bucks, since the pink version of the regular Rohto eye drops aren't really available in stores in the US, much less the ones for contacts. ; 3; (The 'plain' version is easily found, though. I'm a fan of Level 3-- it's so 'icy' feeling, it's like dropping a mint into your eye.)


Review: G&G GP-Type Green

Merci a Kiwiberry1's Collection for yet another gorgeous lens with quick delivery. :]  This time, it's for a pair of green lenses I like. *gasp* The GP-Type series has some gorgeous lenses--- don't be surprised if you see me with the greys sometime in the future. Haha

♥- Don't forget to use the discount code, NOXIN, to get 15% off your purchase at Kiwiberry! <3 -♥ 

My most beloved G&G GP Greens. So bright. And wonderful-- and super-cool next to the GP Brown, which I bought along with them.

Enlargement: 8.5/10 Though they're 14.5 mm, they feel more like 14.2s or even 14.0s-- perhaps its not-overly thick circle? I'm used to seeing huge black circles on the bigger lenses. Either way, they really do look pretty enlarging, but unless I'm comparing one eye with the lens with one without it, I never notice...

Colour/Design: 9.5/10 The only reason this isn't a 10 out of 10 is that I wanted a little more colour from these. That is, the ring of colour is a bit thin for my taste (reminiscent of my disliked EOS Flower Greens)-- however, the colour is such a lovely, bright green. It's spring green: light, but not quite pastel, and with more blue in it. It'sjust very pretty overall~. (The first pic is their true-to-life colour.)

 (low light)


- G&G GP-Type Brown vs. G&G GP-Type Green -

Comfort: 9/10 G&G's always really comfy for me, though not quite on par with EOS (or Neo).

Overall, these are my favourite pair of green lenses. Ever. Even compared with my new Neo Celeb Greens, and my awesome MI Dizon Greens, these GP Greens come out on top: they're just so effing pretty. ; 3; Especially when I find an article of clothing/an accessory with the exact same shade. Mmmm~. Methinks my search for the perfect green lenses, has ended. Happily. ♥ (So long as you include my Neo Celeb Green as part of the 'best green lenses ever' list.)

P.S. Have these three extra pics: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
And the video review is viewable here on YouTube, or you can view it below.

Off Topic: About Real Life, Y'all

Where've I been, you ask?...

Sooo.... you may've noticed that I've been super inactive on Blogger recently, in terms of following all you wonderful folks whose blogs I'm subscribed to, and in terms of posting to my own blog.

There's a very simple reason for this: I've been 'booted' from school for the semester. : D  

Okay, okay, so I really wasn't kicked out or anything, but I did have to leave for the rest of the current semester.  The full story would take up waayyy too much text, so allow me to shorten it to a simple version: I registered for classes, got housing, moved in to my university dorm, and began to attend classes.  

Then, my student loan company emailed + called me saying that my loan hadn't disbursed yet.  I emailed the registrar's office and thus the Saga began.  Basically, this all culminated in my going to the Office of Housing, having them stop a process to change the lock on my door, and arranging to speak with the university's registrar himself.  The head honcho over at housing assured me that I'd see my case fixed and that this happened to 'someone' every semester, and so long as they were attending classes, the situation could be rectified. Huzzah-- good news!

So... two days later, during my meeting with the registrar, I'm told that they, in fact, cannot fix my situation and that so long as a student is not registered full-time for classes (over 12 credits), that they can't remain in university housing.  Lo and behold, according to the school's system, I had 0 courses and therefore: 0 credits.  Sooo.... I had to get the hell outta' dodge. Haha.
So yeah. I made sure that I could make up the rest of the credits next semester and would not end up in a 'hole' at the start of next school year, and then I went back to my room and started packing.  I had to leave by Saturday (2 days later), or else, I'd be paying out of pocket for three weeks of housing instead of just two. That would mean USD $750.  

Now I only owe $500. :D  I'll go back to school for the next semester in another 3 months

So there you go-- I've been moving home, making calls, and moping about a bit for the last week and a half, so that's where I was.  I'm actually not bitter or angry at all. Just... peeved that all the coursework I'd already done was rendered useless. Haha. Oh, and that circle lenses are in my school mailbox... an hour away from me. I have to take a drive up one day next week for the mail I left behind, I suppose...
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I'm back, dears~.