Review: Dueba/G&G King Pink

These are a more recent pair of lenses: I got them, perhaps... a month or a month and a half ago. I bought them as soon as they were available from Kiwiberry1's Collection. Haha.

♥- Don't forget to use the discount code, NOXIN, to get 15% off your purchase at Kiwiberry! <3 -♥ 

Anyway, here's the review for my G&G/Dueba/Wondereye King Pink.

Enlargement: 10/10 Great Gatsby-- these are just as hugantic as my Candydoll/King Violets. That is to say, 14.5 mm and very large. Haha. For whatever reason, though, they seem a teeny bit smaller, despite being the same design. Perhaps the lighter colour detracts from the enlargement effect?...

Colour/Design: 8.5/10 Dilemma! I love the colour and hue and design, but... the colour could be a bit more opaque. :/ In some lightings, it's more of a grey-pink-- pretty, but not the pale, pastel pink I was hoping to see throughout. Either way, a pink lens in my book is a good lens.


Comfort: 10/10 Another comfy pair of G&G lenses. ♥ Like my Max Pure Pinks, these are right up there with EOS lenses, in terms of comfort.

All in all, I really really like these lenses, but I just kinda' wish they were a little more opaque/clearly pink in certain lightings. Otherwise, they're very dolly, cute lenses and definitely make me feel like wearing a shiftload of pink clothing. Gotta' reign that in if I'm gonna' be wearing these out pretty often, eh? Haha.

(And as usual, there's one too many pics of my face...these lenses are definitely photogenic, though!)

Also, you can see video review here on YouTube, or just below.


Review: i.Fairy Ruby Red

Yes they are red. Yes they are circle lenses. Yes I love them.
(And Thanks to ✿apple of your eyes✿ for a smooth pre-order
with a quick delivery!)
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Enlargement: 20/10 Great Osiris are these lenses big. They're supposed to have an enlargement effect of some 15.2 mm.  (Their actual diameter, like all the iFairy lenses, is truly only 14.6 mm.) So... yeah. I don't look too bad with them so long as I wear a bit of makeup.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10 Um.... three words: red circle lenses. Also, fifty-five more words: the colour is definitely, unabashedly, red. They're not super in-your-face red, like costume lenses are. There's a bit of class to them, so to speak. The red is nice, even red, just a bit darker than a crayon red. In direct light (indoor or out), though, they shine a cute candy apple red. ♥

(natural light)


- i.Fairy Dolly+ Red vs. i.Fairy Ruby Red -
-i.Fairy 'Cherry'/Candy Soul Red vs. i.Fairy Ruby Red -

Comfort: 9/10 I wore them for 7 or 8 hours the other day to work (where the big pics were taken), and they felt alright at the end of the day. :] Not as comfy as my EOS lenses, but for hitting the limit of wearing them in a day, they felt pretty darn good. (They just got a bit dry towards the end of the time.)

Overall: I LOVE THEM MORE THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD. I kinda' thought I'd only wear these lenses once in a blue moon. However, they're actually fairly versatile for red lenses. Weird, I know. It's especially fun to mix and match them with outfits, whether or not there's red present. ♥ They, like my King Pinks, are very photogenic lenses.

So photogenic, in fact, that I have a few 'extra' pics laying about:  Uno, Dos, Tres, y Cuatro. 8) Yeahhh~


I Was On the News! + Walmart 'Haul'

Conflicting topics in the title, I know. Haha. :] However, they shall both be covered in this post.  Let's go over them in the order that they're listed.  My being on the news first.

Okay, so last Tuesday or so I was interviewed by a reporter for a part in a segment on circle lenses, which the American media has declared a 'new trend'. (Cue eye roll.)  The story premiered that very night, and as so, I was featured on the nationally broadcast (in the U.S.)  CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. :] Cool stuff, ya'll. Cool stuff. 

And I guess it gave a bit of credit to that 'Circle Lens Guru/Expert' title that was floating around the Soompi CL forum for the longest time. Haha.

(If you can't see that video, it should work, here. Sorry it's divided up, though. :/ )
They got a few facts wrong (price range for my lenses = $10-$25 shipped, not $20 to $30 a pair), most notably how long I've been wearing them (only 1 1/2 years, not 3 years). Overall, though, this was one of the fairer reports on the national news about circle lenses. :/

*  *  *

Walmart 'Haul' 

Up until I needed to find a cheap pair of black sneakers for my job at Wendy's, I'd never really bought anything at a Walmart or been particularly interested in doing so. However, with some sweet deals on their 'clearance' racks, and a need for a new work uniform for less than $20, it seemed like it was a good day to browse the collection.  So here's what I got, along with the price(s).

Miley & Max T-shirt; $1

Miley & Max T-shirt; $1

Miley & Max T-shirt; $1

Miley & Max Plaid Blouse; $14

Twilight T-Shirt; $1
(Haha- it's for an inside joke with my sis [she got the other t-shirt with Edward on it]. I'm not a fan of the Twilight series-- sorry to any fans~.)

And yes, there's a colour theme with the first few shirts: a lot of red. Oh, and a bit of an anglophilic theme, too. Eh, I'll try to buy t-shirts centered on other nations next time, I suppose. ;P ) Moving on to the other pieces...
Black Jeans (I forget the brand...); $7
(Part of my work uniform, awesomely enough. ♥)

So there ya' go!  One of the cheapest clothing hauls ever, and a bit of good news from me! :D  See you next time with a lens review you'll be sure to love. ;]


Review: EOS Adult (E-203) Brown

I'm reviewing my currently most often worn lenses, the EOS Adult Brown-- the original Adult Brown (E-203), not the new Adult series design, the J-203. (I'm not too fond of the new Adult Brown...) They were oh-so-kindly sponsored by one of my all-time favourite sellers: Kiwiberry1's Collection.  The review, though? It is all my honest opinion, as always. :3

♥- Don't forget to use the discount code, NOXIN, to get 15% off your purchase at Kiwiberry! <3 -♥ 

Enlargement: 8.5/10 For 14.0's, these have a moderate level of enlargement, I suppose. :]
Colour/Design: 9/10 Loooveee. ♥ . A 'pastel' brown, just what I was looking for. A bit more opacity
would be nice, but I guess that's what the new Adult series (J-203) is for, eh? Also... the design took me by surprise, in terms of how it looks compared to the picture of E-203 Brown on EOS' website. Haha. Whatevs- they are fantastic.

(bathroom light)


- EOS Adult (E-203) Brown vs. EOS Adult (E-203) Violet -

Comfort: 10/10 Mes yeux aiment des lentilles EOS. <33 (Excuse-moi pour mon mauvais français. D: )

Overall: I really really like these lenses. They're simple but cute-- they're a rather natural brown, but one that definitely shows up. These are the lenses I usually will wear to whichever job I have that day. Even up close, people will compliment me on 'my' eye colour. Thanks again, Kiwi!!
You can skip all of this 'reading' business and simply watch the video review I did, here or simply look below.