Review: (CTK) Cute Flower (aka. Sunshine) Violet

Hola amigos~! :D  I'm back with a bunch of new reviews. First, we have this review for a pair of lenses that were super-kindly sponsored by Kitty Eye Contacts. (They're a fantastic US-based shop which I reviewed here.)

(Awkward hat and hair are awkward)

Enlargement: 8/10  These are 14.5 mm, but enlarge more closely to 14.2 mm lenses on me.

Colour/Design: 8/10  So this violet confuses me.  It is generally rather vibrant, but at some times it looks crazy light/pale. Which I like.  I just wish I knew which lighting(s) or how much light let it look super light!  On camera/film, they generally do. In real life? Not always. (Actually, the colour reminds me of my beloved G&G BT02 Violets.)

As for design, this is certainly an interesting one: it is an exact design replica of the Dreamcon ('Dreamcolor') Sunshine series. There is a scalloped sort of edge-- almost like flower petals-- and many tiny dots and designs inside. Nothing is too noticeable from a significant distance away, though, except for those big 'star'-type glyphs near the ring.


- Super/Hyper Pinky Violet vs. CTK Cute Flower Violet -

Comfort: 9/10  I've always wanted to try CTK lenses, and they turn out to be rather comfortable!

Overall? I have to admit, I ended up liking these way more than I thought I would. The violet is pleasantly vibrant, although not quite light enough for my high standards. Haha.  The design also grew on me a bit as I wore them.  I might actually keep these for a bit until I find another pair of lenses as fantastic as my soon-expiring Hyper Pinky Violets.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.
("I want YOU to watch my vid. review." - Uncle Sam Noxin)
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i.Fairy Cara Red 

Apple of Your Eyes (store review)

Kimchi Maki Grey

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Update + 3 OOTDs (and a HOTD)

Hey there! I feel like I'm always updating this blog to let you lovely folks know I'm still alive. xD  (* - Skip the wall of text if you just want to see the OOTDs - *)

Well, I am! Still alive, that is. Haha.  I'll try and stay away from too much detail, but I can tell you the main 3 reasons I've been gone:

1.) I owed my university nearly $500-- which I did not have on hand.  Mind you, mes parents did not have the extra, and I am currently unemployed. Most of my time the past month was spent panicking and scrounging around for all that moolah. Ugh. (Less helpful was how they told me about this so late after the semester ended.)

2.) My mum got in another accident and somewhat re-injured her back (and neck), which were initially injured in a more serious car accident several months ago. Luckily, she's okay: this one was just a minor fender-bender: some assbutt rear-ended her in the middle of a traffic jam. (He said he was "distracted" and "didn't hit the brakes in time".  Right. I hope the text message is worth the money you're paying now.)

3.) My laptop charger decided to die. And nobody else had a compatible one.   And due to the university bill, I didn't have an extra $10 to spend on a charger until very recently. (This past weekend, actually.)  I could sneak on my mum's laptop and quickly queue stuff for my Tumblr, but I haven't checked my email or YouTube since early June. D:

So yeah-- I managed to get my school the money finally on Monday, have received a new laptop adapter, and I'm helping out my mother as much as I can. (All laundry, ironing, cleaning, cooking, etc. is up to me.) -- Sorry for whinging! On to more fun topics!
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(Average temperature lately? 90° F/ 32° C)

27 May

And I actually tried styling my hair, too! o:  (Usually, I do not, since I never use any product when styling. Residue = gross.)

^ (HOTD?) ^

1 June

Not sure I like this one. The proportions are off, maybe. Everything's length just looks... bad. Haha.

24 June

What's that? What did my hair look like that day? Well....


Lastly, I have 3 reviews all finished up and ready to be posted: the CTK Cute Flower Violet (for today),

the i.Fairy Cara Red (for Saturday),

and a store review for Apple of Your Eyes (for Monday).