Review: G&G BT02 Sky Blue

This is quite the fun blogsite, what with the tool-packed Rich Text Editor. Thanks to Pinky Paradise!. So without further ado, my review for my G&G BT02 Sky Blues.

Enlargement: 8.5/10 They have the same enlargement as my BT02 Violets, which is enough to make me happy. Haha.

Colour/Design: 7.5/10 Eh. I really like the design/pattern of this series, but this blue isn't quite as vibrant as I'd have liked. (I bought these in the stead of a pair of Bescon Tutti Blue, so my expectations were high, I suppose. xD) Still, like every colour in the BT02 series, these're ridiculously bright/opaque. :] I just... prefer the violets (which I also got from Pinky Paradise).

Comfort: 9/10 Just like their violet counterparts, the Sky Blues are infinitely comfortable. C: I can wear these all day. You can get this Circle Lense and many other ones in stock at Pinky Paradise. ;o


On the service: I've bought from PP quite a few times now (not only from their website, but also from their shop page on AFanatics). Each time, I get my lenses in a relatively short period of time, and in very safely arranged packaging.- I've yet to see a damaged/broken vial. There's also the adorable free lens case with a little Mickey Mouse on it, which I adore.

Overall, apart from the obligatory store review fluff, I'd truly recommend buying from Pinky Paradise-- I do so a lot, actually. ;]

P.S. Enjoy my old haircut and such! These pics are from quite a bit ago. >.>'
P.P.S. Be sure to mention that


A Word from This Blog's Sponsor

Hello, I'm Chantal, or as I'm often known online: Noxin. And oh wow.... blogging looks like some pretty SRS BSNS, right about now. Well, not really, but still, I've never tried my hand at it. Surely, it'll be a fun venture into the unknown, right? Like Colonel Percy Fawcett's expedition into the Brazilian jungle (check it out-- he was real, plus the joke's funnier that way).

Anyway, the point of this blog, is for me to relinquish my tight hold on appearing boring. That is, this is the blog where I get to post as many links and pics of adorable, pink, very girly things that I find. I can fangirl myself to death in this blog without a worry, whereas I cannot in the second blog I created.

Ah, 'a second blog?', you ask? Yes, I have two, and seeing as this one is the more playful, less serious of the two, the other is of course, the more serious and 'professional' out of the pair. I've separated them as for whatever reason, society seems to think that a person cannot have two separate sides: you cannot be incredibly and intellectually attuned with linguistics, literature, and politics and enjoy, saaaayy, those adorable little USB drives that look like hot dogs.... or wearing huge, fleece pajamas that look like adorable little Pokemon.

I beg to differ, but all the same, have created two blogs-- one where I can 'girl out' without need to be taken seriously, and another where I sort of do need to be taken seriously, and as such cannot, under any circumstances have an overtly 'feminine' side. (When's the last time you saw Arianna Huffington showing off her shoe collection?) So yeah- a literal dichotomy in terms of blogs.

In either case, I'll be posting in whichever blog I'm moved to post in that day, what with the duality all being part of the same person and personality and all. So now, I officially declare this blog open!!! And from here on in, it'll be all fun, a lot of fashion, a bit of makeup, a pinch of product reviews, and hopefully, you'll find me to be occasionally cute. ;]