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 At the behest of a few followers (and because I see all the other, better blogs out there doing this)-- I joined Bloglovin. (Whatever the hell that is. Haha.)

P.S. Ugh. I think.... I may be coming down with something. I do not need to be getting sick right now. :/
P.P.S.  I feel guilty for not posting any pics. :[  Here, have one of me sitting here, blogging! :D  (No makeup, no shooping, no myspace angles, so be careful my outright attractiveness does not blind you.)

(I know, you guys. I know. I'm pretty hot. 8) Haha)


Review: Kimchi Bambi (aka. Vassen Bambi Queen) Pink

(So clearly, when I said 'look for the review on Sunday or Monday,' I actually meant 'look for the review on Tuesday, since the internet will crap out  Sunday + Monday.) Anyway, these here lenses were sponsored by the ever-so-awesome Apple of Your Eyes (aka. Serenity Shop).

((If you shop there, Use my VIP referral code: Noxin, for another 5% off your purchase at Apple of Your Eyes.  [You already get 5% off if you're a fan of them on FaceBook.  -- You could also become a VIP member and get 10% off to start with.] ))

- -

Enlargement: 9.5/10  The Kimchi Bambi series is 14.8~15.0 mm, and is a bit more enlarging than the G&G/Dueba/Candy Bambi 3-tone series.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10  This pink, like many from Vassen/Kimchi, is a purple-tinted pink.  It is a medium  shade, and is rather opaque.  Of course, this has the typical 'Bambi'-style design that Geo popularized, but the inner ring of 'brown' is a bit different than most Bambi-style series:  the blending colour turns out orange when worn. (Or at least, on me it does.)  This creates an interesting effect when side by side with the pink portion of the lens: all of this simply makes these lenses' colour even more vibrant. <3


- (Japan) Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink vs. Kimchi Bambi Pink -

- EOS Max Super Neon (WM-209) Pink vs. Kimchi Bambi Pink -

Comfort: 9/10  These are about as comfy as any other Kimchi or Vassen lens, but because of the large diameter and the thickness of the pigment, they do tire my eyes out (or dry them out) earlier than other lenses.

Overall, I was really excited to try these lenses and they didn't disappoint.  They're dramatic and vibrant-- two of my favourite lens features. Haha. I kind of wish the pink was more pastel, but with my new hair colour, some pastels look weird.  Still, the crazy, interesting colour they do turn out is just as lovable.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


OOTD + [Tagged] Survey Answers

So, everyone should go and thank Anna over at Fenua Beauté.  She literally rang me earlier to make sure I was alive. Haha.

Hello! I am alive, by the way. Real life has just totally eaten my Blogger time (again), unfortunately.  @_@  Hopefully, the next few weeks will be less insane.  Anyway, let's hit up the über simple OOTD, yes?
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19 Feb

(And let's have a moment of silence for that white beret, which was recently lost somewhere on my college campus. I loved that thing!! ; _ ;   R.I.P.)

(The next section is random survey/personal stuff, and then this post is done.  Feel free to scamper off now, if you wish~.)
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Now, I was recently tagged by the ever-so-amazing Bunny (over at Lapin de Lune) to complete this little survey of random questions.  I've never really done anything of the sort, so it was definitely interesting to add to my 'usual' type of blog post. o:
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The Questions

1.) What kind of weather do you like the most?
I adore overcast/cloudy weather. (A little bit of rain is also pretty awesome~.) For whatever reason, I always feel the most creative and introspective in that kind of weather: I'll just want to write or draw constantly.

2.) Whenever you're down, what instantly cheers you up?
Hm.... I'd say cooking.  Or perhaps thinking of one of my best friends. <3

3.) Did your childhood dreams change as you got older, or remain the same?
Interesting question~.  I'd say that they generally remained the same. (Not that I'm necessarily following any/all of them...)

4.) Do you prefer Mac or PC?
PC all the way, baby! (I used both frequently when I was younger, but once I started picking my own technology, I tended to prefer PCs.)

5.) What is one thing to absolutely have to do every day for your day to feel complete?
I need to go through my face-washing routine. There're 3 or 4 products I use, and I need to get through them all so I can feel like sleeping. Haha.

6.) If you had to go without any communication technology for a week, do you think you'd be okay?
Yep.  I went an entire summer without a computer a few years ago, actually, and I did just fine.  (Although I would like the chance to email my sponsors and friends/family before-hand so they don't think I died or something. xD)

7.) What inspired you to start a blog? Personal reasons? Social reasons? Etc?
Eh... social reasons, I s'pose?  I literally just realized I had way too many lenses to review to just keep on my Gaia Online CL thread alone.

8.) Do you like Disneyland?
Eh.  It's not awful. :/  As a general rule, I do not like amusement/theme parks.  Never really have.  (I know, I know: I'm boooring~.)  I did rather like/prefer Universal Studios, though, when I went....
9.) What is one guilty pleasure you have? (Whether it's food, music, hobby, etc.)
Huh.  It's not a guilty pleasure, really, but I freakin' love pineapple. xD  Like I can eat an entire pineapple by myself in one day.  Or maybe I should say ginger tea with honey?  I will have two cups of super strong ginger tea a day, if it's possible. <333

10.) Do you think of yourself as a person who lives without regrets? 
Not truly:  I'm an over-analyst by nature, so I will attempt to weigh every foreseeable outcome and consequence of a choice.  I'm almost always satisfied + sure of my decisions, but every so often, I have a 'what if~' moment.  It's more curiosity than regret, though, I think.

11.) Are you as bad at coming up with questions for these things as I am? ;P
Quite possibly. Check right below and find out for yourself.

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Review: (Japan) Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink

Hey! I finally took a break from schoolwork! :D  These lenses were super-kindly sponsored by the very new shop, Sugar Sandcastle! They are based in the USA and carry Vassen, Dueba, i.Fairy, Barbie Eye, Kimchi, and Beuberry lenses! (Yes, most of the brands are OEM Vassen lenses.<33)  ((They also have a sizable selection of accessories [usamimi, hair clips, bracelets, rings, etc.]))

And if you trawl the Soompi Circle Lens thread, you'll know this lovely shop owner, too, as the ever-helpful 1901.  ---  Anyway, on to the review!!

Enlargement:  9/10 Last I checked, these're 14.5 mm.  For that diameter, the enlargement is decent.

Colour/Design:  7.5/10  So the Barbie Eye 'brand' has been around for a while, and I'd seen enough advertisement and promo pics of this series to start an art gallery. Haha.  That being said, I really did expect the pink to be quite a bit more opaque.  The pink-- violet-tinted, yes-- is light, but it is so sparsely printed, that on my dark eyes, they seem translucent and dark. (In most lighting, anyway.) They do blend magnificently, though.


- (Japan) Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink vs. Kimchi Bambi Pink -

Comfort: 9.5/10  Vassen/Dueba produces these, as I remember, and their lenses are generally very comfy.

(Srs bsns face, rite?)

All in all, I don't really know how I feel about these lenses.  They're definitely very elegant and sparkly and pretty.  The colour changes from a weak, violet-pink tint, to a lovely, soft sort of pinkish lavender, depending on lighting.  I even get a bit of a halo effect, sometimes.  It's just... not as dramatic as I usually prefer lenses.... I don't knoooowww, you guuuuuyyyssss~~~.  @_@

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


Review: i.Fairy Nova (aka. Candy Vivi) Red

Urrgh. I am a heel. D:  This review (and another couple that are upcoming) are super late. Euh~~. In any case, the ever-so-lovely Apple of Your Eyes sponsored these gorgeous lenses.  Enough whinging- let's get to the review!

((If you shop there, Use my VIP referral code: Noxin, for another 5% off your purchase at Apple of Your Eyes.  [You already get 5% off if you're a fan of them on FaceBook.  -- You could also become a VIP member and get 10% off to start with.] ))

-  -

Enlargement: 9.5/10  I believe these lenses are 15 mm? Whatever their diameter, they are exceedingly enlarging.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10  Let's talk about the Nova (aka. Vivi) series.  The design is very unique: there are rather large gaps where there is no pigment at all. Or rather, the pigment is printed almost like giant, feathered brush strokes.  It looks like most of the lens is clear and pigment-free.  However, when worn, there seems to be a lot of coverage with very opaque and bright colour.


- (i.Fairy) Dolly+ Red vs. i.Fairy Nova (/Candy Vivi) Red -

Comfort: 11/10  I do not know how, but these are literally the most comfortable lenses I have ever tried.

Overall, these lenses are exceptional. I will readily admit that, yes, I did not like the design in the vial.  I was quickly won over, though, once I tried them on. <33  They are funky and bright and unbelievably comfortable.  Unexpectedly, they're some of the best lenses I have ever worn.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


Review: G&G/Dueba Star (UV2) Brown

These lenses were kindly sponsored to me by Kiwiberry1's Collection, one of my longest-running favourite shops.  (Yes, even before they sponsored me.)  I've even reviewed their service itself, here. :D  And it seems they'll be expanding soon! *excitement*

♥- Don't forget to use the discount code, NOXIN, to get 15% off your purchase at Kiwiberry! <3 -♥

Enlargement: 8/10  These're 14.5 mm,as I remember, but they have an average amount of enlargement to me.  Nothing too excessive.

Colour/Design: 8/10  The Star Browns are a yellow/gold-tinted brown.  When worn, they are typically so dark that that is not noticeable. However, they do lighten up dark brown eyes a bit, to a honey-ish brown, if there's sufficient lighting.   The awesome 'star' pattern that the lens is named for is also fairly subtle in most lighting~.  Still, I get a little halo effect sometimes, and the lens' pattern lends itself to a 'glittery' appearance sometimes. :]]


Comfort: 9/10  One of the lenses was a bit dry, but I figured out that I just didn't soak it long enough. xD Duh. Now they're as comfy as can be~.

Overall, these lenses hit me in the middle of the average scale. No-- maybe the 'a bit above average' scale.  I needed a pair of more natural, dark brown lenses, and these fit the bill.  However, at heart, I love circle lenses with a lot more colour and a lot more crazy. Haha. These lenses are just too nice for this lens wild-child.  I'm sure a lot of you out there will love this elegant & dolly, brown lens, though.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, and Three, Four, and Five.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.