Buying Into a Trend: Big Plaid Shirts~

Dilemma: I don't have all too defined a waist, and I feel as though I have broad shoulders.  Bigger dilemma: I love the look of loose shirts; fobby style all the way! I've always especially liked the loose plaid blouses. You know, the overlong plaid tops? Everyone else always makes them look so easy to wear, but usually, the whole thing just looks wonky on me. 

Luckily, I finally found one whose fit I like. : D  Thanks to Max Azria (and supposedly Miley Cyrus) for a sweet line of plaid tops. ♥ 
(Dressing Room pics)

(Weird art because my actual face was weird enough. Haha.)
Above is the medium top which I like singly by itself, but beloooww...

...is the large size.  I like the large because, #1- it feels more fobby, and #2- I can unevenly button it for that slightly rumpled look which I also love. 

So... I haven't actually bought the shirt yet, but I will once I can choose one of the sizes. C:  I'll also need a good pair of skinnies, and to figure out how to wear a belt with a blouse. 

Huh... maybe this will actually take a bit of work...


Review: G&G/Dueba Max Pure Pink

My second pair of pink lenses, these were.  I think these were one of, if not the first of the many, many Dueba/Barbie/G&G Pink lenses that now litter the Land of Circle Lenses. I saw them on Pinky Paradise a few days after they were made available, and seeing as nowhere else had them for sale, I rushed and put in an order for a pair, Haha.

Enlargement: 11/10 Holy mother of Odin these lenses are huge. o.o I literally stared at my eyes when I tried them on the first time. They look insane without makeup~. These are my most enlarging lenses ever, definitely. <3 14.5 mm is officially where I stop.


Colour/Design: 9.5/10 I . Love. These lenses. Period. They're a much more realistic alternative to my Beaucon Jewel Pinks. I just... wish they were a bit more obviously and unabashedly pink. Hence the lack of a full ten out of ten. Ooh! And bonus: they give me a halo pretty often. (Example)


Beaucon Jewel Pink vs. G&G/Dueba Max Pure Pink 

Comfort: 10/10 Super comfy~. ♥ They're right on par with my EOS lenses (my most comfy brand). I've worn them for 8 or so hours with no drying or anything.

Overall: To keep it simple: I love these lenses. I mean, I ordered them because they had such a cool concept, but ended up liking them a lot more than I thought I would. Still not a 'true' pink lens, but one step closer to one, I think.


OOTD: 90° F and Still Trying

Yep.... once it hits, like 85° F (~30° C), I typically stop caring and focus more on surviving without heatstroke. Haha. However, last Thursday, when it was a bit over 90° F, I kinda' tried to put something together. Something I wouldn't burn up in, but didn't look terrible. :D Enjoy~

Tanktop: Wet Seal; Shorts: Charlotte Russe

(I also tried a little sloppy high bun-- inspired by all the fun Asian fashion editorials + magazine spreads and such. I see them a lot whenever I shop on one of the wholesale sites, and even in the 'western world', too. Anyway, below is the clip I used to accent the front of my bun. ♥ )

Hair Clip: Local Weekly Flea Market- Asia Fashion Wholesale 'Shop'

Long Pendant Necklace: Claire's

Flower Belt: Local Weekly Flea Market- Asia Fashion Wholesale 'Shop'

Flats: T.J. Maxx

So there you go, me dressing well in the current (literal) heatwave we're having where I live. I've since halfway given up, which you'll see in the next OOTD that I post. Haha. Get ready... for me being desperate to not overheat, but also, desperate to not look horrid. 8)  Yeahhh~

Anyway, until next time (and I have two jobs now, so who knows when that will be), toodles!



Review: EOS Candydoll (G-202) Violet

Alright, so these were my first pair of 'big' lenses: they're 14.5 mm. I got them from the much-beloved De Moi, Pour Vous. It took me quite some time to get used to these lenses as I thought they made me look like an alien (I still kind of do...), but they've grown on me. :] Now I wear them fairly often, for lenses I'm not too fond of.

Enlargement: 10/10 Oohhh boy: they. Are. HUGE. Like... beyond big. I think I've found my max size in terms of circle lenses. I now cannot imagine wearing 14.7, 14.8, or --gawd forbid- 15.0 mm lenses.  As I've mentioned, I find these to be almost too big on my eyes.

Colour/Design: 9/10 Like all three of the lenses I got from De Moi Pour Vous' BOGO free promo, I got these ones on a whim. Basically, I wanted to try a pair of 14.5 mm lenses as I'd never had any. They're very pretty and the design's super-cute. These Candy Magic/King Size/Pop C. Light look-alikes are adorable. ;3


Comfort: 10/10 Do I need to explain how comfy EOS lenses always are for me? Very. ♥

Overall: These lenses have a gorgeous violet colour. They're not as dark as my BT02 Vi's, but not as pale/pastel as my GBT Vi's. It's a simple, pretty, purple.  However, they are big. Very big. Nearly too big for me, I feel. Even with makeup, they seem to give a bit of an alien-eye effect. I dunno'. Bahhhh~. Either way, they're damn pretty, and super-comfy. They're also very easy to match, and even go well with my skin tone. I just don't wear them too often.
Video review can be found here or right below.

Also-- random extra pic!



Review: Palty Bleach- Natural Brown

Part two of my Palty reviews, this one for Palty Bleach- Natural Brown. About two or three weeks after I used Milk Tea Brown on my hair, I decided to use my second box of Palty. This time, I used a bit of my Bleach-Natural Brown to put a few streaks/chunks in. I also 'painted' a bit on the ends/bottom third of my hair, often times right over where I'd already used the MTB.

(Ugh- sick day picture. D: )


Yep-- I was rather content with the multi-coloured state of my hair. <33  Perhaps I'll use either one of the colours again when next I dye my hair...

Review: Palty Milk Tea Brown

Aughh~. Yesterday I went to get my hair deep-conditioned at this salon and afterward, got the ends trimmed. My haircut looks horrid. D:  It's, like, bluntly cut all the way around-- any layering I had is gone. ;_;  *sigh*  C'est la vie, though. 

So I'm pretty fond of experimenting with my hair. :]  Thus, my many, many different hair colours over the years.  Most recently, a few months ago, I bought two boxes of Palty (on eBay), and added some colour to my dark brown/black hair. This brand's colours are awesome because they do lift your natural colour if it's darker than the one the box. <3

This review is for the first of the two Palty hair dyes I used: Milk Tea Brown.  My hair was undyed, for the most part (although I did have platinum blonde skunk stripe in 9th grade, a few years ago), and what had been dyed, was visible juusstt a little bit on the ends of my hair, which were a little lighter than the rest of my hair. The before and after pics were taken in sunlight. (P.S. Please ignore my lack of photogenic-ness-- I was sick the day that I dyed my hair.)

Ew. D:


The picture below shows my hair about 2 weeks after using the dye, (It's kind of hard to see, since this pic shows only the front of my hair, but I only dyed a few chunks. On the whole, my hair looked lighter, due to having just some hair dyed with MTB.)

So yeah-- overall, the Milk Tea Brown worked really well, even with my incomplete application.  It's also a good way to lighten your hair up to a pleasant, pretty brown so that other Palty colours will show up more easily.  Super convenient~.


Review: Bescon Tutti Circle Grey (1 yr.)

Yep-- fooled ya! Haha. No Palty reviews til tomorrow. ;] Anyway, I'm back to reviewing lenses that I like. :D Sah-weet~.  These I bought in a Halloween order from Twinkle Lens for-- get this- $22. <33 Nngh.

Enlargement: 8.5/10  Hrm, I was more after colour than enlargement here, but all the same, these are rather enlarging. They are wonderful for their opacity, but their size is a nice bonus.

Colour/Design: 9/10  Holy crap is this grey pretty. <33 A friend actually mentioned they're close to a bluish-grey. Eh,so long as they keep on looking good with everything I wear, I don't quite care what hue of grey they are. Oh, and it's a very vibrant shade, too, that shows up in all kinds of light. (A world of difference from the quarterly Tutti Circle Violets I had.)


Comfort: 9.5/10  Very very comfy. I've forgotten I'm wearing them quite a few times in the past. (Almost took a nap with them in, nearly wore them into the shower, etc.) Comparable to my G&G lenses.

Overall: I think this is still my favourite of all the grey lenses I've tried. :] Simple, but true. I wear these... the most often out o all my lenses, actually, I'd say, except for maybe my Max Pure Pinks. I hope I can get the brown and aqua from this series in the future~.
You can find the video review here or just look below. Next up: Palty reviews later today. o:


Let's Talk About Hair Colour: Palty

Sooo~ you may or may not have heard of a little brand called Palty: they make products for hair (and even some makeup). Most famously, hair dye.  Their line has a wide range of colours with a simply adorable box/packaging design that seems to come standard with all Japanese products. <3 Palty products are manufactured by the company Dariya, which makes a a few other hair and cosmetics brands.  

Below is the current line of hair dyes.
More easily recognized, though, is their older colour chart, seen, once again, below. (As always, click for foull size. But there's an even larger version here.)

Actually..... their older box design(s) were cute, too. You'll find them around sometimes, still, along with some discontinued colours.

Palty is well-known for lightening your hair to better match the colour shown on the box (this is due to the fact that most of the above colours have a little bit of bleach in them), but they also have dark dyes that are bleach-less as well as full on bleaches (the first three items).

The prices for a box range from about $10 (USD) to $20.  Really, though? I've not paid more than $14 total for a box-- no more than $10 before shipping-- there's no need to get jipped, right? Haha. (Check out eBay, WebIchi, TakeHerb, and other places....shop around!)

You can see some examples of people who've used Palty in Soompi's 'Palty Hair Dye 411' thread if you skim through. :] (Me included.)  

Actually... the whole reason for this vague and rambling post is as sort of an introduction for the two next (non circle lens) reviews I'll be doing: Palty Milk Tea Brown and Palty Bleach-Natural Brown. That is, you'll see how well Palty worked for me. Stay tuned~!


Review: EOS Flower Green

Sorry for going AWOL-- all shall be explained in a future post. o:  As for today, here's an older review for another one of the very few circle lenses I  do not like (or rather, didn't like, since I no longer have them). These, like several of my other lenses, were from De Moi, Pour Vous. <3 Love her sales/promos! :] 

Enlargement: 8/10 These're 14.0 lenses, but they do provide some enlargement. C: Not my most enlarging pair of the same size, but still noticeable.

Colour/Design: 7.5/10 Wow, the petal pattern is so pretty, I just can't get over it. <33 And the green has this almost iridescent,fantastical quality about it. Lovely design and colour, just not fitting for me in the end. I would have liked to see more colour: on me, it looks like a thin ring of green and I'd rather like more coverage.


(direct sunlight)

Comfort: 10/10 As I've come to expect from EOS lenses, these're crazy comfortable. <33

Overall: These lenses were gorgeous, but not right for me, sadly. Indeed, although I had wanted to try green lenses for ages, I ended up not keeping these ones. Yes, they're subtle and pretty and such, but I suppose I wanted more noticeable lenses. So consider me on the hunt for sea-foam, spring, or forest green lenses with a good bit of coverage.
Once again, no video review, friends. Sorry! But you know how it goes: if I got rid of the lenses, there's no video review~.


Exercise Chic ;o (Or not...)

So I've started this intense, new exercise regimen just this week. It's called Insanity. (Cheesy sounding, I know, but it's incredibly fitting.) Basically, it's an intense shock to your body, and a no-holds-barred work out.  I think I may've died during the first DVD yesterday. D: (I also kick-boxed and took a walk/jog/run afterward.)

Oh well: I'll deal with achy calves/thighs/biceps/triceps/abs/lower back so long as I end up healthier in the end. (Losing a few pounds wouldn't be bad, either, though...)  Oh yeah, and the point of this post: I still try and 'dress up' when I exercise (no makeup or hair, though-- that'd be crazy). So here's what I worked out in last night.

Cool kid pose ruined by my foot being cocked in...as usual. Haha. Maybe in another month, I'll be super-fit or something. C:<  Yeah~~.


Review: Geo Nudy Golden Blue

Ohhhh my gosh. I'm so tired right now--- my dog woke me up to go outside so now I'm sitting on the couch waiting for him to be done, and looking at the computer screen like this: =_=. Squuiinnttinng. Here's a review in the meantime, haha. I thought I only had Old Pics of these lenses, but apparently not. Nice~. 8) No Old Pics for you!

Oh yes, and I got these ages ago, so 'm not exactly sure where I go them, but I'm pretty sure I got them from ShoppingnSpree.

Enlargement: 8.5/10 The thin (but dark) ring allows for quite a bit of visible colour and enlargement, so even for 14 mm lenses, they do a great job at enlarging.

Colour/Design: 9/10 As you may hear me mention again in the future, I'm not too big a fan of the Nudy design (Geo or otherwise). Still, as far as the Nudy series, this is the only one that appealed to me, the green-grey-blue colour is dreamy. <3 (And opaque, unlike other colours in Geo's Nudy series.) I got the halo effect sometimes. Eh. Not sure I like the effect on me, but whatevs. :]


Comfort: 8.5/10 Not totally comfy, but very-- especially compared to my other Geo lenses- amazing. Haha.

Overall:  These were my most liked Geo lenses, I think, in terms of other people.  I found them pretty cool myself.  Still... not enough to sway me toward buying them again, much less liking Geo very much.
Sorryy~ no video review-- tossed them before I started doing them. :/