Birthday(s), 1 OOTD, + a Lash Review Preview~

Hello, my lovely and patient readers! (Very patient. Very, very patient. Oh gods are you ever patient. ;  - ;  I'm so soorryyyy~.)

I'll try and keep this short and to the point. Or as most bloggers truly aim for: a somewhat engaging read, anyway.



[- His -]

On 13 December, Colby had his 14th birthday.  "Who the hell is Colby??!?!" you demand, crazed with an overwhelming and violent sort of curiosity.  He's my awesome dog. Duh.

He's a mutt (German Shepherd, Yellow Lab, and Chow Chow) we got from the humane shelter about 13 years ago.  Actually, here is an obnoxious amount of pictures of my dog:

(Sometimes he likes to look heroic. Sort of.)

(This is his usual spot: by the front door.)

[- Mine -]

On 3 January, I turned. Um. Twenty-something. Eh Ehm. (I've decided I'll stick with 20 until I turn 40, whereupon I shall move up to 25 years old every year. Yup.)

I didn't really do anything. (Which is the usual.)  Actually, I opted 'no' on a cake this year, since it's really just my mom and I at home, now, and we're not too big on cake/ice cream/sweets.

Mama and I did go out to dinner at Red Robin, though. (I'm not fond of burgers/red meat, so luckily they have a very tasty spicy turkey burger. ♥)

(This is the saltiest thing ever. :[ )

I try to keep my birthday on the low-down, usually, as I never really got into doing anything much for it. *shrug*
--- ---


Yes, that's right: I will be reviewing false eyelashes (the Toyoepin Eye 7713)!  I've never really done a review for anything that is not a circle lens, circle lens shop, or shopping service, but Love-Shoppingholics really encouraged me to leave my comfort zone.

So yeah. Expect a full review of the  by February. (If I can figure out how to wear the lower lashes, ever. Haha.) Trying new things is intriguing.
--- ---

8 January

I do not even remember what I did that day. Ahaha.  I think I went to a friend's house...  Eh.

Anyway, TOODLES~!

--- ---

(No really! I just have to finish the video review and I can post it.)