Review: original (Angel Color) Bambi Sesame Grey

- original/Angel Color Bambi Sesame Grey vs. Geo Princess Mimi Grey -

No, you've not gone back in time. This is not my review of the Geo Princess Mimi (Sesame) Grey (WMM-305): this is a review of their original, smaller version: the (Angel Color) Bambi Sesame Grey (XKD-305).  (Yes, these are made by Geo, too.)  These I bought from a store on Rakuten. They were super costly, though, so I really only paid for the brand name. (The original Bambi series is also available in their OEM label from ColorLens4Less for much less $$. Why did I not buy from there? ; _ ;)
(Guh. Contouring fail...)

Enlargement: 8.5/10  For a 14.2 mm lens, these are really enlarging, I think. o.o

Colour/Design: 9/10 Yes, I say '8.5' and not '9' in the video for this rating, but... well... these totally grew on me over time.  I feel like these are a lot closer to the modeled pics on Angel Color. (Although those are still clearly edited for higher contrast/lightness and such.)  Compared to their larger version, the Princess Mimis, these are lighter.  

They both have a blue-toned grey, but the Princess Mimis have more grey area-- the extra few millimeters allow for a more extended grey section. Also, the original Bambi's colouring seems to come closer to the pupil. Otherwise, the Princess Mimi and Bambi series are fairly similar.


- Geo Princess Mimi Grey vs. original Bambi Sesame Grey -

Comfort: 8.5/10 The longer I wore these, the clearer it became that these are the comfiest Geo lenses I have ever worn. <3

(Some days... I don't bother with contouring.)

(I am... an 'artist', now.)

All in all, these lenses just might get Geo back into my good graces. They are comfy, light-ish grey lens with a bold design. That is a recipe for success in my book: I'm a fan.  This is the Bambi series I was so excited for all those months ago. ♥

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, and Four.
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Review: Dolly Eye Cat Eyes Smoky Pearl Grey (aka. Miss C Eye Grey)

Well hello there. :]  Today's lenses were kindly sponsored by EyeCandy Lens. (Thank you, muchly~!)  Anyway, these lenses are from Seeshell, and have two well-known names: the Miss C Eye Grey, and the Dolly Eye Cat Eyes Smoky Pearl Grey.  (They are under the 'Cat Eyes' name on EyeCandy Lens.)

Enlargement: 8.5/10  These are 14.5 mm, but are made to look more natural, so the enlargement isn't very extreme.

Colour/Design:  8.5/10  Hrm.... as I say in the video review, the colour is difficult to describe.  At the simplest, I would call them a medium grey.  They don't look very dark, and they don't look very light.... in most lightings.  You'll see that in some pics taken in natural/strong lighting, that the colour looks close to light-- especially if I get a little halo effect at the edge of the lens.  However, in other lightings, they look like a dark-ish grey, but are still super visible. (Maybe it's that 3rd, gold-brown tone in the center that makes them light-looking?)  The broken up, thin dark circle seem to make the lens more realistic. (As does that 3rd tone in the middle.)

(low light)


Comfort: 9/10  I've had one lens from Seeshell in the past, and they were comfy.  These are much the same.  I have to mention, though, that the very first day I wore these, they got dry very quickly, for some reason. (Usually, my lens-accustomed eyes don't really get dry.)  I gave them a few days and a good soak, and since then they've been nothing but very comfy. <33  I don't know if it was the weather that day, or maybe my eyes acting up, but I guess that was a fluke.

 (What is that face I am making? o.o)

(See what I mean about them looking grey in any lighting?)

Alright, so overall, these lenses turned out almost exactly as I thought they would: they are neither very light nor very dark. What is a pleasant surprise is how well the colour still shows up in low lighting. I'm not sure how it works, but it's pretty cool. Haha. I've also received quite a few compliments on these, so that's another plus. C;  I wouldn't mind these being a bit lighter--what lenses wouldn't I like to be lighter, though? Still, they're somehow very appealing to me at this colour.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
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Store Review: LoveShoppingholics

[[Hello everybody!  I am, in fact, still alive! :D  Real life just happened to get super busy lately: job interviews, university transfers, and my lil sis' graduation is on Friday. So yeah. Busy.  I'm back, though! So here's a review for a shop, for once, and not lenses themselves. Haha.]]

(Feeling lazy? Watch the video review at the end of this post instead of reading.)

This review is for LoveShoppingholics. Full disclosure: yes, they sponsor me. (I've received 4 pairs of lenses from them so far.)  That doesn't mean I can't review their packaging, presentation, communication, and even shipping method(s).  No, they did not ask me to do a store review: I just really happen to think they have amazing service. <3

Shipping Time

LoveShoppingholics is based in Malaysia, as are several very prominent circle lens stores you've likely heard of.  My parcels have all been sent via standard post. On average, my orders have arrived about 2 weeks after being sent. One arrived in 2 weeks and 3 days, the other in 2 weeks and 2 days.  This is generally how long I've waited for lenses from Malaysia, so I was perfectly satisfied.  C:

On a related note, it's very important that online shoppers realize something about the ordering process from any website: a shop does not control how quickly the post delivers a package.  That is, once a shop sends an item out, no matter what level of post it goes through (express or standard), the time it takes to get to you is out of their hands.  (I'm always very confused when reviewers complain about how long a package takes to get to them. o.O The shop has nothing to do with it, unless your address/name's totally wrong on the package..)

The Envelope

As you can see, this envelope is lined in bubble wrap. <3  And there's even more to come.  I think Shoppingholics might have some of the best + safest packing I've ever seen from a lens store. Haha.

Here's what was inside the envelope (I re-wrapped everything after opening them, as I was too dumb to take pics before ripping off the wrapping):

(Such a cute little plastic bag~)

EVERYTHING IS BUBBLE WRAPPED. [:  (Save for the bubble cases.) Here are the unwrapped items~!

(Blue Frog & Purple Elephant)

('Vanity Mirror' design lens travel kit)

(So. Freakin'. Pretty.)

(Tada~! Can you guess which lenses these are?)

(Did I mention the safe packing? There's more in the boxes.)

(And a lovely thank you card!)

So there you go: you've seen the packaging and heard about the shipping. In general, communications-wise, they answered any messages within 24 hours. 48 hours at the most, and were wonderfully polite.

LoveShoppingholics is an awesome sponsor, with an awesome website. The variety of brands is very wide.  The prices aren't the cheapest, but the quality of service is great, plus if you spend USD $50 (basically, 2 pairs of lenses), then the shipping is free. :3 Read other reviews on this store, if you'd like-- no need to take only my word. I  hope you check out the shop, though.


Video Review

You can see the video review here on YouTube, or just watch it below.


Review: EOS Cotton (J-211) Grey

Alright, this is the last of the EOS Cotton series reviews: violet, grey, and blue are the only colours I have. :]]  That being said, I am absolutely enamoured with this series. <33  Thanks you so much for sponsoring these, Kiwiberry1's Collection

♥- Don't forget to use the discount code, NOXIN, to get 15% off your purchase at Kiwiberry! <3 -♥ 

Enlargement: 6.5/10  At 14 mm, the J-211 series has veerryyy minimal enlargement. (Which I prefer.)

Colour/Design: 9/10 Hrm.  The grey is difficult to describe-- just as any colour in this series is difficult to describe. It's the design! The 'circle' is not really black, but more of a dark grey, which makes any of the colours look darker at the edge before fading into a lighter version of the colour in the middle. For the grey, the center is a rather light, pastel grey. <33 And I LOVE pastel/light colours.


- EOS Cotton (J-211) Blue vs. EOS Cotton (J-211) Grey -

- EOS Cotton (J-211) Violet vs. EOS Cotton (J-211) Grey -

- EOS V-205LB Grey vs. EOS Cotton (J-211) Grey -

Comfort: 10/10  As per usual, EOS lenses are a wonderland of airy comfort for my eyes. ;P

Looking at this lens overall, I'd say these are my new/future favourite grey lenses.  As you can see in the comparison pic above, they are uncannily similar to my current #1 grey lenses: the EOS V-205LB Grey. That's very fortuitous, as the V-205LB series has been discontinued by EOS. I believe I've found a replacement lens in these not-too-large, light grey beauties. ♥

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.
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A Package from Japan? Oh my~!

(This is just a quick filler post between lens reviews.)

*le gasp*  It would seem that a certain package came in the mail this past week. o:   

Does anyone know what might be inside? 

 If you guessed that it is my replacement Swimmer Pink Rose headphones and the original/Angel Color Bambi Sesame Grey, then you are absolutely correct! :D

Alright, so I had to wait a month for the Bambi lenses after I actually ordered them as I did a pre-order on Rakuten. (Usually, I would have bought directly for Rakuten, but pre-orders are for Japan only, so I had to use a shopping service.) Once the pre-order was over and I requested shipping, it only took 4 days or so for me to get the parcel. <3

Speaking of shopping services, I used Celga. I've used them one or two times before, and I find that their fees are lower than some other, more popular services (*cough*Rinkya*cough*), and their customer service is pretty good. ♥  Plus, I got this adorable little gift/omake with my order!

I'll be reviewing the original/Angel Color Bambis next week~! (I have the Miss C Eye/Seeshell Cat Eye Grey review, and the EOS Cotton Grey reviews to post first, though.)

À bientôt~! ♥


Review: EOS Cotton (J-211) Blue

Soo... my blog died for a week. Haha. Oops. Sorry y'all. <33 Also, in ~~hair news~~, I may have cut my hair a few more times in the past few days. It's slightly addictive...
Back on topic, though, these are the a pair of lenses I was dying to try out.  As you'll remember, I love the Cotton Violets I got a while ago.  And with that in mind, I figured I'd like to try a few other colours from the series, thanks to Kiwiberry1's Collection. ;P

♥- Don't forget to use the discount code, NOXIN, to get 15% off your purchase at Kiwiberry! <3 -♥ 

(Weird: that stray curl makes it look like a I have a sideburn..)

Enlargement: 6.5/10  These lenses are 14 mm (I opted not to go for the 14.5/G-211 or 14.8/WM-211 versions, as I prefer smaller lenses).  Anyway, the J-211s have a minimal enlargement effect.

Colour/Design: 9/10 I've explained the EOS 211/Cotton lens design in my review of the violets: the 'ring' is a dark grey that fades inward, and gives the colour the effect of lightening + brightening toward the center.  And on top of that, the ring itself looks like the outline of a 'cloud', almost. Or perhaps a doily.  The colour is in between a medium and light blue, and is very vibrant.  I ... was just expecting a much paler/pastel blue-- on par with how light and pastel the violet was. That's the only reason these didn't get a full 10 out of 10: because I'm picky with my blue lenses. Haha


(direct sunlight)

- EOS Cotton (J-211) Violet vs. EOS Cotton (J-211) Blue -

Comfort: 10/10  I should stop writing explanations in this category in EOS lens reviews. Haha. This brand is simply super comfy to me. <3

Overall, I'd say these are some awesome lenses. They fall right above the middle range in terms of blue lenses I've had: the BT02 Sky Blue still hold the #1 spot, but these are a close second with the adorable design and super vibrant colour. ;P  I'm excited to try the grey in this series next!

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.