Sears Clothing (Mini) Haul! (aka. Always Try Thing On)

Hello, friends! Come along with me as I travel back in time to one month ago ~ ~ ~.  I was home from school for the weekend and my mum and I decided to spend the day together. Of course, that translated to shopping. <3  We went to several stores, including H&M (where I also bought a bunch of stuff), and decided upon Sears as our final destination.  

I... was not interested, to say the least. I had never bought a single article of clothing from Sears in my life, despite one being located withing 10 minutes of me for the past 15 years.   However, as always, I could not resist the siren song of a 'SALE!' or '__% off!' sign.  Thus, this haul came to be.

((You'll also come to realize the significance of the second title ['Always Try Things On'], as most of the things I bought looked appalling on the rack, but turned out to be keepers once actually worn.)) Without further ado, here's the stuff:
-- - --

Brand: Derek Heart

Brand: a p o s t r o p h e

Brand: 1955 Vintage

(Guh... my thighs. :/ )

Brand: Spring Street

Brand: Laura Scott



Brand: As U Wish
-- - --

My favourite piece has to be those high-waisted shorts: the buttons are such a cute detail! Or maybe it's that plaid blouse which is surprisingly slimming. Overall, I did pretty well, I think, and altogether, I think I only spent around USD $25 or $30. 

And there you have it: my Sears (mini) haul.  (Well, actually, I bought some sunglasses, but I'll show those in a future post~.)  I shall never again doubt the awesomeness of a sale at Sears. :3

P.S. I uploaded my long overdue video review for my G&G GP-Type Greens, which have already been reviewed on this blog.  (You can watch the vid below~.)


Review: EOS new Adult (J-203) Brown

Okayyy, so I'm finally catching up on my lens reviews. : D  I now have just two pairs left to review. (I'll have to remember to not procrastinate next time...)  Anyway, the lenses in this review were kindly sponsored by Kiwiberry1's Collection.  And I have no qualms about saying that Kiwiberry is absolutely one of my favourite shops out there-- whether I'm buying lenses or having them sponsored. Amazing customer service, amazing variety, and the shipping's pretty good coming from Canada to the US. <3  Uh.... now for the review!

♥- Don't forget to use the discount code, NOXIN, to get 15% off your purchase at Kiwiberry! <3 -♥
--- --- ---

(Also, please excuse my lazy/awful hair: it got wet yesterday in the rain and I didn't bother to straighten it again...)

(I am an intrigued pirate)

Enlargement: 7/10 As I mentioned, these are fairly enlarging: the black circle gives these an 'oomph' compared to the old Adult series, which has a light, super-subtle lavender ring

Colour/Design: 7.5/10 Alright-y then~~. So for starters, I kinda' really wanted these for two reasons: 1.) because in the very few pics I've seen on these in reviews, the brown looked light and very pretty, and 2.) because I do have the original Adult (E-203) Brown (which are my favourite brown lenses ever) and want to compare it to the redesigned version (J-203 Brown). Suffice to say, yes, these lenses' colour is rather light and fairly visible in most lightings. And compared to the 'old' Adult Brown, these are a more golden/yellow brown, more enlarging, and just overall more dolly.


- EOS Adult (E-203) Brown vs. EOS new Adult (J-203) Brown -

Comfort: 10/10 EOS lenses = wonderful candyland gumdrops of comfort for my eyes. : D

(The contrast is... 'off' to say the least. Haha.)

In conclusion, I like these lenses. I may very well grow to love them once my original Adult Brown expire. :33 But for now, I prefer my old Adult Brown: they perfectly straddle the line between noticeable and natural for me. (These new ones jump headlong into 'noticeable', but are still somewhat natural.) I love these lenses, but I'm not yet in love with these lenses. ;P ((And on a weird note, my mother pointed out to me that they turn out almost the exact same shade as my skin colour in any given picture. Haha.))

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below. 

P.S. Cor-- YouTube always seems to pick the most awkward video preview pics for me. D:  Yikes...


Headphones!! (Part 2) ;D

Well, the title's self-explanatory: this post is aaallll about headphones~.

And as the title also implies, there was, indeed, a part one to this headphones post.  Therein, you'll see that I was planning on buying another pair of imitation Mix-Styles, but in white and pink.  What has actually happened is that I've managed to re-buy my 'lost' Pink Rose headphones by Swimmer. (Seen below.)

It cost a pretty penny, but I won the auction on Yahoo!Japan, and will hopefully be receiving them --along with a certain popular circle lens-- in a parcel from Japan soon. :33  (Perhaps this time, my father won't put these out in the rubbish bin. Guh.)

Oh! And I happen to also have developed an affinity for the following headphones, but cannot choose between them! D:

Brand: EarPollution

Brand: Audio-Technica

Brand: EarPollution

WHICH ONE DO I WANT?!!  @_@   On the upside, since I'll be buying from Headphones.com,  I have two things working in my favour: 1.) free shipping within the US, and 2.) 10% off my total with the coupon code pandora10p.  (Looks like listening to Pandora finally-- literally- paid off. Haha.)

And that's all folks~!   Next time I post, I should have a circle lens review, as usual. C:    And be prepared for 'Headphones!! (Part 3) once my Swimmer headphones come in!


Review: Geo Nudy Pink

So this is the second pair of lenses CandyLens was nice enough to sponsor me for reviewing purposes. (The other pair was the Dollyeye Grey.) As always, whether a product is sponsored or not, I'll be giving my honest opinion.

Here's a review for the Geo Nudy Pink!!.
((Don't forget to use my 5% off coupon code if you shop there: mizvaleer ))

Enlargement: 8/10 Although the Nudy series is just 14 mm, its enlargement effect is impressive~.

Colour/Design: 7.5/10 So... I'm totally in agreement with Brianna's review on these in terms of colour. That is, they are a more violet-pink. And rather subtle, as the pink is not very opaque. (And yet, I'm fond of the colour on other people: it's very pretty, after all.)


('cool' lighting)
- Geo Nudy Brown vs. Geo Nudy Pink -
Comfort: 7/10 Comfort is about average.
Alright, so I had high hopes for these lenses, having been exposed to some truly amazing, bright, pink lenses (EOS Adult and Pure Pink, for example).  Maybe I expected too much? Haha. Either way, they are cute enough, but if you know me well, then you know that I prefer light, opaque colours. These lenses are more subtly pigmented. I somewhat like them, yes, but 'subtle' is not so much my style...

And as always, there are extra pics: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
You can watch the video review here on YouTube, or view it below.
P.S. The next post won't be a circle lens review. :D Surprise~~!


Review: (i.Fairy) Dolly+ Red

Gah-- so sorry for the amount of lens reviews posted so closely together: I just have a lot of them to catch up on. @_@  Anywayyyy, these are my most recently purchased red lenses. :] I bought them from Geo Lens-House on FaceBook last month, and they took only two weeks to arrive at my house. <33 Here's the review for the red lens from this new series!

Enlargement: 9.5/10 The Dolly+ series' DIA is 14.5 mm, like the rest of i.Fairy's series, but their enlargement effect is easily at least 15 mm, on me. (It's understandable why the bottles say 16.2 mm for the DIA. Haha.)

Colour/Design: 9/10 So these are a noticeable red. The colour ranges from medium to a light-looking, vibrant red. (Especially when I get the halo effect. <33) The design in reminiscent of the EOS Dollyeye series (hence this series being named the 'Dolly+' series, I guess), but the coverage is only about average. That is, I wish they covered more of my natural eye colour. :/ Despite that, the colour bowls me over every time~.


- i.Fairy Dolly+ Red vs. i.Fairy Ruby Red -

 - i.Fairy Dolly+ Red vs. i.Fairy 'Cherry'/Candy Soul Red -


Comfort: 9/10 Pretty high level of comfort. :]

(circle lenses are SRS BSNS)

All in all, these might be the cutest red lenses I've owned to date. C:  They're a bolder design (and colour) than my favourites-- the MI E-Type Red-- but they're not as intense (due to less colour coverage) than my i.Fairy Cherry/Candy Soul Reds. A nice in-between red, and sorta' dolly in a 'red-eyed, adorable doll' way.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


Review: Geo Princess Mimi/"Bambi" Almond (Brown)

Okay so today's lenses were kindly sponsored by Fobby Barbie. (And just so you know, they have the entire Princess Mimi/Bambi series in stock for pre-order with Rx and for $16 shipped worldwide.  Just sayin'~.) They shipped out of the USA, so the lenses got to me in 2 or so days, as I am also in the USA. <3  And of course, sponsored product or not, you'll be hearing my honest opinion (which is all the more evident when I'm not all too excited about a lens. Haha.)

So here: have a review! Next up are the i.Fairy Dolly+ Red, then Geo Nudy Pink, and then EOS Adult (J-203) Brown.

(mischievous, man-ful window-gazing)

Enlargement: 9/10 Huge-looking on me.

Colour/Design: 8/10 Ehhh... I never knew I would like very dolly-looking lenses, but I apparently do. Haha. The colour isn't very apparent, and for the most part, they kinda' look a lot like a larger, black lens. In moderate to bright lighting, though, you can see the soft, light brown ring of colour and the effect is lovely.  It still blends well, too~.


Comfort: 8/10 These are comfy compared to how not-so comfy I usually find Geo lenses. Haha.

So overall, I'm still not sure if I'll be wearing these often in the future as they're just so... dark to me, compared to my usual lenses. They're very dolly, and appealing, but not my usual style. I like them, but they're not quite in my top 5.  However, I've received a few compliments on them, so that ups the chance that they'll actually be worn fairly often.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, and Three.

You can watch the video review here, right on Youtube, or simply view it below.