Review: EOS Max Super Neon (WM-209) Pink

Hey there~. I just recorded three reviews yesterday! (I'm starting to catch up, finally.) These lenses in particular are from the ever-so-lovely Qoqo.  She used to run a blogshop, Dollilens, but has since moved onto bigger and better things. ;]  --  Anyway, she sent me a little gift box full of the coolest stuff (including these lenses).

(Chubby cheeks~. Haha.)

Enlargement: 9/10   These are 14.8 mm, but not as enlarging as I expected them to be.

Colour/Design:  9.5/10  So despite being the 'Neon' series, this pink is more pastel than neon, hot pink.  Still, the pink is very opaque-- very, very opaque. <3  And the design is not natural at all: the black ring is very thick, and cuts into the pink often.  Fantastic.


Comfort: 10/10  As you've heard me say over and over, EOS lenses are very comfortable for me.

(Pink lenses look less intense with my lighter hair...)

All in all, I am a huge fan of the WM-209 Pinks.  I have been since I tried them on the very first time: they're just so very intense and dramatic! That is totally my style. Haha. Overall, they are very costume lens-like. BEST GIFT EVER. <33  THANKS SO MUCH, QQ.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, and Four.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


Review: EOS Adult (E-203) Green

Ahh, and back to what I know best: circle lenses. Haha.  Anyway, this is a review for the EOS (original) Adult Greens.  The lenses were kindly gifted to me by Review Circle Lens (as a thank you for helping out with the site a bit).  Remember to stop by and add your review! (Or, stop by and look for a review.) Or, you know, do both~!

(EDIT: Finally took new pics of these lenses~)

Enlargement: 7/10  The original Adult series is 14 mm in diameter and pretty much as small as circle lenses can get.

Colour/Design: 9/10  These lenses are very vibrant and rather opaque.  The colour is an intense sort of sea green that looks blue in a lot of lighting. (It even looks grey, on occasion, in pictures.) In real life, though, they look like the sea green colour.

As with the entire original Adult series, the ring/circle is a pale purple colour. Very unique~.  The design also looks very crystalline in a lot of lighting. <3 But even fairly up close to the lenses, they tend to look rather natural.  (I mean this for the whole series, too, having tried the violet and brown as well.)


Comfort: 10/10 EOS lenses and my eyes are essentially the best of friends.

(Yikes-- sorry I look so serious/morose. Haha)

Overall, these are about my favourite pair of green lenses in a long time. They're vibrant, have minimal enlargement, and are super comfortable for hours. The original Adult series has yet to disappoint me, really. I might just try the last two colours, grey and blue, so I can really name this as, pretty much, my favourite set of lenses ever. ♥

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


♥ My New Hair (Colour) ♥

Spoiler alert: I kind of went blonde. Or bronde. Or something.

My mother's birthday gift to me was a trip to a hair salon!  I've wanted to go blonde (or ginger) for a while now, so I'm pretty damned happy with the results. <3  Pics are below~! ;P


(with flash)
-------- - ---------


(direct sunlight)
I also lightened my eyebrow colour, although it's not very obvious....

(camera flash)

(natural light)
It's easier to see in the pic above, but I kind of have a 'reverse ombre', in that the ends go to a dark/medium brown.

------ - ------

And you would think I'd see a lot of breakage, yeah? Or that my hair would feel brittle. But luckily enough, it's the softest/silkiest it's felt in a long time. <33  Check out the short video below~.

So yeah. I pretty much like it... but really? The longer I look at it, the more I think there's a better blonde out there for me. Or an amazing red. Eh.

Stay bronde/blonde, or go red? Both? Any ideas?...


News + 4 1/12 OOTDs

I'm alive!! Sort of.  (My hiatuses are always 3x longer than I plan...)  On that note, it's my birthday today, so I may be being kidnapped by friends and family for a day or two...

ON TO THE REAL NEWS:  My dad said he's making me my own website. <3  Hoorah~. (How quickly that will happen, though? Who knows.) 

:DD  I want to make a major change in hair colour, but I don't know what to do.  Should I ombre my hair?  Should I go lighter?  Should I get crazy streaks?  How about I mink it (just dye the underside)?  ...How terrible would a 'skunk stripe' look?  

--   -    --

31 October

(Green pumps + orange skirt = a terrible 'pumpkin' theme. Haha)

(Here's the FOTD,which is seen in the G&G Carnival 070 lens review~.)

20 November

(I wore this to go apply for jobs. I now realize I looked awful. xD)

28 November

(Not sure how I feel about this one. Even when I add a scarf, as shown below.)

(I think the scarf makes it worse?...)

24 December

- - -
And a Work in Progress...

(I don't know which shoes/tights to wear... Ugh. :/ )

Next time: A belated lens review, then after that, my new hair~.

I'm off to catch up on everybody else's blogs. Ciao!