MI Dizon Eye/Eclipse Green (D225)

This is MI's attempt at the DizonEye/Seeshell E0 design. (They don't manufacture the real series, though.)  I got them from Kiwiberry when they first began to stock lenses from the MI brand.  And gosh-- this review is months old; I need to start posting all the reviews I skipped over...

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Enlargement: 7/10 After all the 14.5 mm lenses as well as my ColourVUE Big Eyes (15 mm),  my perception of what is 'enlarging' has shifted to a wider spectrum. These have very decent enlargement for 14 mm lenses, but in terms of all the lenses out there, they aren't too enlarging overall.

Colour/Design: 7.5/10 I was actually looking for an even, blue-green, but these are more of an yellow-green. The colour is fairly opaque but slightly gradates into the clear center. With that 'fade' effect, I'm quite sure lenses from this series would blend well on light eyes. Also, compared to the true DizonEye series, these do a fair job of imitation, save for the more thick/ prominent black circle. Otherwise, they're nearly dead on.

Comfort: 9/10 I was really surprised at how comfy theses lenses were. At the time I bought these, there wasn't too much info regarding MI lenses' comfort level, so I was well pleased with their super-comfiness.

Overall, these are a fantastic pair of green lenses, especially since I wasn't expecting much out of them. They were the very first green lenses I ordered after my less than happy reaction to my EOS Flower Greens, and they helped me believe that there are good green lenses out there.  Haha.  Unfortunately, these lenses are on their way to the rubbish as I have two more recent pairs I truly like a lot more. 

And, as has become the norm, here're some extra pics I had: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.

The video review can be found here, or you can watch it below.