Review: Geo Color Nine/9 Color Deep (/Dark) Red (AN-A48)



Ah, hello again! I greet you from the land of people working two jobs!  :D  A tiring place, but a good one, all the same. Haha.  Anyway, here's a long-overdue review of a pair of lenses super kindly sponsored by Love Shoppingholics!

Enlargement: 6.5/10 Alright, so 14.2 is now as small as Geo produces lenses, and  in the case of this series, it is basically non-enlarging. (Which I prefer.)

Colour/Design: 8.5/10  Firstly, it has to be mentioned that the Geo 9 Color/Color Nine series is design/pattern dupe ('match') for the MI E-Type (aka. Venus Eye) series.  There is a very slight difference in hue: the Color 9 (Deep) Red is a deeper, more 'true' red than the somewhat more 'orange'  E-Type Red.  (The Color Nine Deep Red is a like a more saturated version of the E-Type Red.)

That being said, these Deep Reds are rather vibrant and noticeable, but not to the extent of more dramatic, bold red lenses, like the i.Fairy Cherry Red, or the Doy+ Red.  They are a more vibrant and bright hue than the Geo Color Nine/9 Color Light (/Wine) Red (AN-A47), which are rather more subtle, themselves.

^ (wearing  Toyoepin Eye 7713 lashes) ^

^ (wearing  Toyoepin Eye 7713 lashes) ^


- i.Fairy Dolly+ Red vs. Geo 9 Color Deep Red -

- MI E-Type Red vs. Geo 9 Color Deep Red -

Comfort: 7/10  Well, Geo lenses are not very comfy for me, unfortunately.  These are no exception-- they seem to irritate my eyes or dry out pretty quickly...

Al in all, I have, essentially, already had these lenses (here's the E-Type Red review). The 9 Color/Color Nine series is a dupe for the MI E-Type (aka. Venus Eye) series.  As always, I love the design and pattern, for being non-enlarging and rather 'natural'.  The vibrancy is just right for a bold (but not over-dramatic) red lens. C:

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, and Eleven.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.
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Bye Bye Blonde: Hello Red (Almost Pink...)

What the title says.

You all know very well that I have been languishing over what colour I should dye my hair next. (Example 1 & Example 2 of my languishing.)

Between the red ombre and the blonde ombre, I chose the red!  Unfortunately, I got impatient (and poor), and could not wait to have it done at the salon.  So I dyed it myself. (Using Beyond the Zone's Color Jamz in Wild Red.)

Friends. I am not a professional hairdresser or colorist or cosmetician.  Just so you know. (And perhaps judge me a little less harshly. Haha.)

And now.... PICS! (Featuring both flattering, and unflattering angles!)

(Natural hair.  Also? Was still getting rid of stains on my skin.)

I am not fond of the pinkish hue, myself (wanted a more brick red), but I am really only waiting for the colour it fades to after several washes.

Okay! So there ya go!  I actually sort of documented how I got to this hair colour, And will eventually post about bleaching/lifting my previous blonde and dying it this colour. . .

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Review: Geo Color Nine/9 Color Aqua (Blue) (AN-A49)

Hey!  So here's the first review of my 'oh my gosh-- I actually want to blog again!' tour. Haha.  Hopefully, the lovely and endlessly kind Love Shoppingholics-- who sponsored these lenses-- will still talk to me. Eh heh heh...

(My haiiirrr! Ew.. I know, I know.Gross. I am actually colouring it [red] tomorrow, though!)

Enlargement: 6.5/10  The Venus Eye (aka. Mi E-Type, aka. Geo Color Nine) design is barely enlarging.

Colour/Design: 10/10 May I begin by saying  NRECRLHTWEUITNMSE RGESNAADH ASDGHLJFI7R4SJJE.  Oh. Sorry: I got a bit overexcited, there.  What I meant to say is that this is a very intense lens colour.  It is very visible in real life, too, and not only in photos/videos.

This is a rather blue-ish aqua, but there are definitely hints of the expected green tint.  The pigment is opaque and not quite light, with an incredibly vibrant outcome. Hoo boy. Very bright.

^ (wearing  Toyoepin Eye 7713 lashes) ^

^ (wearing  Toyoepin Eye 7713 lashes) ^


Comfort: 8.5/10  Generally, Geo lenses are not comfortable for me, but these are more wearable than most of my other Geo lenses have been.

Overall, I really, really like these lenses. C:  They are minimally enlarging (which is my preference), and have a super vibrant shade of blue/aqua. Wow, is it ever vibrant. Good job, Geo: you have me interested, somewhat, for the first time in years.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, and Three.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.
(Aww yeaahh-- another one of my amazing freezeframes. -_-'' )
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Birthday(s), 1 OOTD, + a Lash Review Preview~

Hello, my lovely and patient readers! (Very patient. Very, very patient. Oh gods are you ever patient. ;  - ;  I'm so soorryyyy~.)

I'll try and keep this short and to the point. Or as most bloggers truly aim for: a somewhat engaging read, anyway.



[- His -]

On 13 December, Colby had his 14th birthday.  "Who the hell is Colby??!?!" you demand, crazed with an overwhelming and violent sort of curiosity.  He's my awesome dog. Duh.

He's a mutt (German Shepherd, Yellow Lab, and Chow Chow) we got from the humane shelter about 13 years ago.  Actually, here is an obnoxious amount of pictures of my dog:

(Sometimes he likes to look heroic. Sort of.)

(This is his usual spot: by the front door.)

[- Mine -]

On 3 January, I turned. Um. Twenty-something. Eh Ehm. (I've decided I'll stick with 20 until I turn 40, whereupon I shall move up to 25 years old every year. Yup.)

I didn't really do anything. (Which is the usual.)  Actually, I opted 'no' on a cake this year, since it's really just my mom and I at home, now, and we're not too big on cake/ice cream/sweets.

Mama and I did go out to dinner at Red Robin, though. (I'm not fond of burgers/red meat, so luckily they have a very tasty spicy turkey burger. ♥)

(This is the saltiest thing ever. :[ )

I try to keep my birthday on the low-down, usually, as I never really got into doing anything much for it. *shrug*
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Yes, that's right: I will be reviewing false eyelashes (the Toyoepin Eye 7713)!  I've never really done a review for anything that is not a circle lens, circle lens shop, or shopping service, but Love-Shoppingholics really encouraged me to leave my comfort zone.

So yeah. Expect a full review of the  by February. (If I can figure out how to wear the lower lashes, ever. Haha.) Trying new things is intriguing.
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8 January

I do not even remember what I did that day. Ahaha.  I think I went to a friend's house...  Eh.

Anyway, TOODLES~!

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(No really! I just have to finish the video review and I can post it.)