My Favourite Shoes (At the Moment)

Etienne Aigner 2 1/2" (65 mm) Pumps
(Pumps? Heels? Eh.)
I can't even tell you how much I love these shoes right now. Haha. I've yet to mention it on this blog, but I totally have a thing for plaid. (At one point last year, I had 5 pairs of pants slacks, skinnies, etc.) in some sort of plaid pattern, and I still have 3 or 4 skirts in plaid.  Yum...
So when Macy's was having their '75% off all shoes' sale few months ago, I was on these like a porous shell on nanostructured particles. I had to dig through boxes of waylaid shoes to find them in my size (6.5 US, 37 EU, 4.5 UK). Well worth it, though: I'm willing to pay $20 for a pair of comfy, plaid pumps.  :]

P.S. Here's a detail shot of the bow (as usual, click for full size):



Review: Bescon Tutti Violet (Quarterly/3 mth.)

Alright all, so this is almost the last review featuring 'old pics': only the one for Geo Nudy Golden Blue is left, thankfully. :] I tossed these lenses, so only old pictures remain...

Okay, so here's the review for the only pair of circle lenses I've ever legitimately disliked: my Bescon Tutti Circle Violet (3 mth./quarterly).  I first got these lenses because the ever-gorgeous Ginger posted pics of her Tutti Violets over on the Soompi CL thread. And I went. "o: <33". So I hopped on over to a website called AmazaingEyez (which has since been closed/shut down sue to customer complaints/issues), and bought me a pair. I got them and they came in blister packs (pic one and two), and the box those came in said that they were quarterly (3 mth.)-- not 1 yr... 


Enlargement: 8.5/10 They seemed really big, especially for 14.0 mm lenses- maybe it's beacuse they were so dark? They also seem way larger than my Tutti Circle Greys.

Colour/Design: 7/10 Meh. The colour's just 'alright'. :/ I was expecting a colour as bold and vibrant as the brown and grey in this same series, but the violet's really washed out/murky. I actually thought they might be defective for a while, but often times, the quarterly versin of a colour lens will be less opaque and vibrant than it's yearly version. Lesson learned.


Comfort: 7/10 Nooooot all too comfortable, contrary to what I'd always heard about Bescons. Huh. Although,they did start to feel better after they'd been on for a few hours. Nowhere near as good as the (yearly) Tutti greys, though.


Overall: I rather disliked these lenses. I suppose that with the prospect of finally getting a pair of Bescons (Tuttis, at that), I just assumed those lenses would be amazing and wonderful and the best ever. (Which they were not.) By no means were they truly ugly- they were just... below my expectations for a pair of Bescon Tutti Circle Lenses. Still... $26 bucks was a fantastic price, and any disappointment is on me for biting. C: Still, others liked them, so they couldn't have been too bad.
No video review for these-- tossed 'em at the 3 month mark, which was before I started doing video reviews, plus, I typically don't keep lenses I dislike long enough to do a video review. Haha. So you'll not see any for my EOS Flower Green or my Dueba DM25 Grey. Only HTML reviews for them-- sorry!


This is Why I Love T.J. Maxx

Last weekend, I went there with mi madre, and bought an entire outfit for, like, 30 bucks. Nngh. :3 So good.  

However, my favourite piece that I bought has to be these black pants-- jeans rather. (Skinnies? Boot cut? I can never tell.) Either way, here're a few pics-- they look horrid on the rack/by themselves, but they look pretty rad when actually being worn, I think. 8) Yeahh~

In natural light...

(This is about as 'hardcore' as I get, by the way, aside from music taste. Ripped jeans-- oohh~. )

In wonky dressing/fitting room light...

(Oh geez- I've got my foot cocked in, don't I-- sorry!) Anyway, if I ignore how god-awful those boots are, I can definitely see myself wearing these pretty often.  Pants sometimes fit me awkwardly-- especially if they have rips/distressing so these were a miracle to find.

Add in that they had a size 3 left, and that they're the first pair of pants I've bought in months, and you get a winner. ♥ So... here's me shutting up.  I think instead of showing new stuff, next time I'll just do an outfit post. :]]  That'll be... after tomorrow's circle lens review, I suppose...or instead of it. >.>


Review: EOS M-207 Brown (Charming Brown)

Okay-- I think I've got it down: I'll make a post every day or every other day, but I'll never have more than one circle lens review in a row. That way, you all won't get too tired of looking at my face. Haha. 

Anyway, today I'll be reviewing one of my few brown lenses: my EOS M-207 Brown lenses, which I bought in De Moi, Pour Vous' last EOS pre-order along with two other lenses.  Enjoyy~

Enlargement: 9/10 - I'm inclined to say that this is as big as I can wear lenses without them making me look like an alien (they're 14.2 mm), but have been assured by others that none of my 14.5 mm lenses do either. These lenses give quite a bit of enlargement without overwhelming eyes.

Colour/Design: 9/10 I got these lenses after seeing Ginger's pair of mystery brown lenses that shone gold under flash. These contacts look similar design-wise, so I am sated. cool They're also very natural looking, but give my eyes a pop all the same. (I rather wish they came in toric...) Oh- and they give me a halo effect. A proper one! Awesome.


(bathroom light)

Comfort: 10/10 As I always say, EOS is the comfiest brand I own right ahead of G&G.

Overall: These are my favourite brown circle lenses that I've ever had. They're waayyy more natural than my Geo Angels ever were, and definitely more natural than my Dollyeye Browns (which are more gold than anything). At their size,14.2 mm, they're also very believable. They almost seem to have a green or gold tint to them, too, which I like. These EOS lenses, I kept. The Flower Green I got in the same order, I gave to a friend after I did the review. Still, two out of three lenses chosen on a whim is a pretty good outcome in my book. ;]

Unfortunately, EOS recently cut production of all their M series lenses. These are no longer being made. So if you want a pair, you'll have to find it in stock somewhere, I'm afraid.
Aannnd you can find the video review here or just below. (It was my first video review, too~.)


Let's Talk Headphones!

Ah-- surprised I'm not doing a circle lens review, eh? Well... you should be: I have plenty more to post. Haha.  Anyway, I figured I should make a post regarding one of my favourite accessories: headphones. (I don't wear earbuds because they give me headaches-- likely a side-product of my teeny tiny 'lizard ears', as I call 'em... cuz, y'know, lizards' ears are essentially leetle bitty holes in the side of their head. Haha)

Back on topic, yes, I consider headphones accessories. Reason? I buy them for how they look, not necessarily how they sound. I'm no audiophile, but I am a fashion-fiend, so unless headphones have needles embedded in the earphones, I'll choose a cuter pair of a more 'efficient' pair, typically. Still... I pick brands that aren't all too terrible. Haha.  Here's a short headphone history of my 'Fashion Headphones':

My First Pair 

Brand: Swimmer

I loved these and they actually sounded pretty good, awesomely enough- it was a good $34 bucks I spent. Unfortunately, they met an untimely, senseless, and rage-inducing end when MY FATHER PUT THEM OUT IN THE RUBBISH. Auughh. I think I may've literally teared up. And since Swimmer makes each headphone design once only, for a few months (four new designs each season), buying them now, would cost me about 80 bucks. -_-' Nothing further. RIP Pink Rose Swimmer headphones.

My Most Recent Pair(s)
Brand: (Imitation) Mix-Style

These headphones (and the ones beneath) are the first headphones I've bought since my Swimmers came to a tragic end some time ago.  These imitation Mix-Style headphones were $16 shipped, and they're pretty darn comfortable. It's actually pretty difficult to tell the 'fakes' from the authentic Mix-Styles. The boxes/packaging is the same, and the printing/design is the same. However, the Mix-Styles have a smooth ear-shell, while the imitations have a ridged appearance. Mix-Styles also have a different jack cord, the word 'Mix-Style' printed on the band's inside, and have a finer sound quality in the treble range.

But like I said: visual aesthetics over audial~.

Brand: Dicsong

These I just got today and am rather in love with. These Charming Pinks ('model' name) were-- what- like, 9 bucks shipped? Nngh. So good~. I haven't really had a chance to listen to anything with them yet, but I plugged them into my laptop for a minute earlier and they sound pretty good, actually. Better than my imitation Mix-Styles (unsurprisingly). Haha.

In the future, I'd like a few more pairs: perhaps I will rebuy my Swimmer headphones or maybe even another pair of Swimmers. 

...or Zumreed headphones. o:

And finally, the headphones I know I'll end up getting: another pair of imitation Mix-Styles. xD The one thing I really wanted was a pair of pink Mix-Styles, but with a white star, not a black one. To my knowledge, the actual company doesn't make those, so... fakes it is! (Cruddy) Pic belowww~.



Review: Beaucon Jewel Pink

My first pair of pink lenses. <3 They're pretty damn awesome, too. Haha.  As for where they're from, I bought the original pair from Honey Color, but ripped one, and bought the replacement from Woofylens. Review tiimmee!

Enlargement: 8.5/10 These're only 14.0 mm lenses, but they are enlarging all the same, what with the thick black ring about the colour.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10 They're pink circle lenses-- how could I be disappointed? ;P Anyway, the pattern is very cute, and the pink, absolutely adorable. They're a subtle pink, as I've been told. Opaque but not necessarily fake-looking.


Comfort: 9/10 These lenses are heavenly, comfort-wise. I'm not sure they beat out my EOS or G&Gs, but they're comfier than my Geo lenses have been.

(Somehow, there's always an old pic in every review...)

Overall: These lenses are lovely and I wear them quite a bit. :]] They are, as I said, simply adorable, and yet fairly natural. The pink is gorgeous and 'mature', in a way. So far, quite a few people have liked them, too. o: I'm thinking of getting the 14.5 mm version of these 14 mm lenses, the EOS G-208/Max Jewel Pink, someday in the near future
You can find the video review of my Beaucon Jewel Pinks here or below. :]


Review: G&G GBT Violet

This is my review for 2nd pair of violet G&G lenses: the GBT Violets. (Also known as BT or BT 2color Violet). These are from SecretEyes Shoppe. More old pics just for youu~. Can't wait til I hit recent reviews...

Enlargement: 8.5/10 Since the circle isn't a darker colour, ie. black, these lenses don't seem as enlarging as other lenses of the same size. Still, as evidenced by the picture below, they do provide a nice bit of enlargement. C:

Colour/Design: 8/10 I like the design, but I was hoping it'd be more or a vibrant, piercing violet, like my BT02 Vi's, but these lenses are more of a cloudy or even pastel purple. (Which is nice, but not quite what I was looking for.) Still, like I said- a very cool design that a few coworkers weren't sure was a contact lens or not.

Comfort: 9/10 Like my other two pairs of G&G lenses, these are absolutely dreamy. <33 I could wear these for hours without any discomfort. C: In fact, I did-- I wore them for 8 hours earlier at my job.

Overall: I'm completely happy that I went ahead and got these lenses, despite there only being two or three other reference pics of them out there. They're a very pretty violet, exceedingly comfortable, and they still manage to make my eyes look bigger.
You can avoid the reading bit and just watch the more recent video review here (or below), though. 

Review: G&G BT02 Violet

Well these're my favourite pair of violet lenses I've ever owned (and that's saying something, since I've had some 4 pairs of violet lenses~.) I got them from Pinky Paradise, one of my favourite stores, almost a year ago, I believe. Almost time to toss 'em!  So, enjoy these old-ish pictures! ;o

Enlargement: 9/10 They were more enlarging than I'd imagined, actually. Although they're the same size as Geo Angels.

Colour/Design: 10/10 I love the BT02 series (actually, I just love G&G in general). This design is just so cool! People've come right up to me to peer into my eyes out of nowhere just to assure themselves that I'm not a vampire or something (true story). And the purple's so vibrant  as well. It doesn't just 'fade into grey' or anything like that. It pops.

Comfort: 9/10 It's the first pair of lenses I was able to forget I was wearing, as they are so comfortable. They also pass the timeless 'Oops, I've worn these for too long' test that eventually is faced by most circle lens wearers.

Ah... a recent pic. <3

Overall: I'm glad I got these lenses. I believe they were one of my first pairs of lenses, and my first and favourite pair of violet lenses. When these expire soon, I'll likely replace them with a new pair~.
The video review (thankfully recent) for my G&G BT02 Violets can be found here or watched just below.