Review: MI E-Type Red (E228) (aka. Venus Eyes Bright Red)

Aw yeahh, it's time for another super belated review.  This time, it's for one of my favourite pairs of lenses ever: the MI E-Type Red.  (These lenses were kindly sponsored by Kiwiberry1's Collection quite a while ago.)

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(For once, no editing on my under-eye bags. o: )

Enlargement: 7/10  These are only 14 mm, and aren't printed particularly close to the edge of the lens. Combine that with the naturally-coloured (brown-red) and not-all-too-thick limbal ring and you get very little enlargement.

Colour/Design: 10/10 To this day, these are my favourite red lenses ever. The colour is bright and yet somehow believable. The limbal ring is a brown-red, so even that is somehow 'natural'. Haha They are just... amazing. <33


(bathroom lt.)

- MI E-Type Red vs. Geo Crazy SF-20 -

- i.Fairy Ruby Red  vs. MI E-Type Red -

Comfort: 9/10  I find MI lenses to very comfortable~.

(I can tell the pics are old because my skin is clear. xD)

All in all, the only thing I can say is that I freakin' LOVE these lenses. ♥  These blew my i.Fairy Ruby Reds-- and definitely the EOS Adult Reds-- out of the water, in terms of red lenses. The MI E-Type Reds are the perfect median between completely unnatural and more believable colours.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. UGH I LOVE YOU IN RED LENSES! You're the reason I've been slowly craving a pair for myself mwahahaha <3 Belated reviews are okay with me because they're well worth the wait hun ^3^ I totally love these on you the best too because they look the most natural yet still pop! Actually, I think I was looking at these about a month or two back for a potential future cosplay but they were sold out!! :O

    Ohhhh snaps, Kiwiberry opened their GEO preorder!! >w< Must resist........

  2. You rock red lenses soooo well! Makes me wanna get a pair! (Well, I need to for a cosplay anyway!)

  3. I finally got my adult reds....and i'm too afraid to try them on. ; _ ; What if it's another pink lens situation? FEAAAAR.(These look beautiful on you. I can only hope I have your luck.)

  4. gah I was shamefully behind on commenting on your face!

    Anyway I'm sure if doesn't hurt that red lenses look a-freaking-mazing on you. After all you are the one who convinced me to try red lenses out (I really need to step up my reviewing game.. bleh)

    I think these are my second favorite pair of red lenses on you. First favorite being the candylicious/soul red ones (which would be tough to beat!) But these are probably more wearable sense they do have a more natural feel to them.


  5. Mmmm. still might get this pair one day >w>