Review: EOS V-205LB (Shine) Grey

(No, I didn't make a double post: this review is for the grey V-205LBs.  i.e. the colour I actually like. Haha. )

Okayyy, so these lenses are from NylihsEyes. I was going to get the browns there as well, but they were sadly out of stock. Anyway, sadly enough, NylihsEyes site is down (you can still order by contacting the seller, though).  I guess when I replace these greys, they'll be from MyCandyEyes. C:

Enlargement: 8.5/10 These are 14.2 mm, much like the Dollyeye series, and for that size, I think their enlargement is quite sizable. :]

Colour/Design: 9.5/10 These make me want to get the Dollyeye Grey. <3 The The V-205LB series is supposed to use the same pigment as the V-209LB (Dollyeye) series, but in a more realistic design. And let me tell you: I heard at least 10 people comment that my eyes are gorgeous the day I wore these to work. That is, people think this is my natural eye colour . o.O  Weird...

(true-to-life colour)


Comfort: 10/10 EOS = comfy-cozy.

Plain and simple, these made me love grey lenses again, after I thought the Tutti Greys were the only ones I'd ever like. Haha. I sincerely hope EOS somehow still has extra stock of these lenses somewhere. There aren't a lot of light grey or really opaque and visible greys out there.  For now, I'm going to focus on buying a few more pairs of these since they're supposedly out of production now.

Aaand there are several extra full-face pics I didn't use (because I'm not that much of a camwhore, haha). Here they are:  one, two, three, four, and five.

The video is here on Youtube or viewable below.


  1. Ooh, the V205LB lenses! I thought they weren't being manufactured anymore.... Odd. Anyway, they do look lovely! I like that they're more natural than the Dollyeye Grey, because the dollyeye looks more flat. These are more sparkly. :)

  2. I'm looking for a pair of green lenses, but the only brand available here is Geo as my parents are against online shopping. Any model that you recommend? =)

  3. Natural- Thank you muchly! I love them too. Haha

    Ange- That's rge word around town-- bit shops might still have stock. C:<

    ČħεαиΖ™- You can only use Geo lenses? Yowch~~. In that case, there rea;;y aren't all too many good greens, unfortunately, if you're looking for a green that'll be visible. What sort of effect are you after, mostly? Like is enlargement primary, or colour? Or would you like to see if any series can do both. etc.

  4. I can see why people might think they're natural, they fit you well c:

    These are awesome. I'd say id try these out myself, but cool colors like grey and purple give me a cold, "i could care less about you" appearance lmao;;;
    so i guess i'd get something less opaque *shrugs*

  5. omg i love these! gorgeous steel color. I love my GnG GBT grays but they look more and more blue as time goes on (or maybe it's me hallucinating). I'd like a more true grey next time so I might buy these next~

  6. actually, geo is the only brand i can get within my budget. I'm going more for the color than enlargement, something that looks natural enough but still draws attention to the eyes. BTW, I love your blog~

  7. Alex - Oh tosh-- there are different hue of violet and grey. I'm sure you could find some that you feel make you look more 'warm'. C: And thank you~. I'm getting more used to folks thinking some brighter lenses are natural now. Heh

    Elle - Riighht- awesome shade of grey. love 'em, too. <3

  8. This post and many others to come. I actually planned this post for about a month before actually typing it out. XD

    Geo is the only easily available and longest lasting lenses available where I live. FreshKon and FreshLook are also available, but they're way outta my budget. Being only 17 and still jobless sucks. I had tried to persuade my mom to buy a pair online, but she doesn't trust online shopping 'cause she's had bad experience before.

    Well, it doesn't seem like there are any lenses that I would like. I think I'll have to wait it out. ><

  9. Hei sweetie =3

    Sorry to come here and bother you but i know that you know (lol) a lot about circle lens and i'm on need of some help =~

    I would like to know about this Sweety Series: http://www.secreteyes.org/shopping/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=38

    They are manufactured by which hmm... brand? Are they reliable? o.o

    And those Wonder Eyes stuff: http://www.wonder-barbie.com/

    Are they reliable too? I've been seeing their stuff over some places but i've never had heard about them. Is it some kind of brand or is it a huge series?

    Sorry my poor english, i'm not a native english speaker =~ But i would be glad if you could answer me somehow ^^~
    if so, you can answer them here on your comments page or at my blog ^^' thankie so much! =)

  10. Thank you so much for the awnswers =3~~~

    I have a pair of Sweety Lens, but they were sold as G&G BT02 (mine is brown) where i bought. that was pretty strange for me. I thought it could be some fake... ._.~

    And about the Wonder Eyes. I know the Wonder Eye (no plural) series, that are just like the Geo Super Nudy, something like that. This 'Wonder Eyes' has a lot of series like, Wonder Eyes Tiger series, Wonder Eyes Diamond Series, Wonder Eyes Trendy Series, and others. So i thought it was some brand or a huge serie or something like o.o~

    thanks for your time again ^^~ Happy New Year ^_~

  11. wah, nice lenses. I just bought my GEO XCK 105 too ^^ do you like black lenses?

  12. Nice review on the lenses!! Grey lenses are my personal fave.

  13. THank you for following me (:

    I really love your blog by the way (:

  14. x3 my friend made mine, if you're interested in buuyinggg. it's so warm ; w;

  15. How beautiful!!!! I want these!!! :D

  16. I know I already commented on this. But i seriously love these on you!

  17. Those very good. They blend very naturally.

  18. OMG! love it!
    They really change the eye color! awesome! i will buy one of them! thanks for the review!

    <3 big kisses!

  19. How I love those lenses on you! *o* I am so tempted to get the violet ones but I haven't seen any reviews or much photos of them! D; I'm debating whether to go with the shine violets or the twisted star series!!! Dilemma!