Review: EOS V-205LB (Shine) Brown

Bah--- I stopped being active on Blogger and my blog died again, eh? D: So sorry to anyone who actually likes my blog enough to check in on it once in a while. <33  Anyway, this flu-thing I have has eaten my appetite, so there's nothing else to do at 7 AM than put up a lens review, I guess. Haha. 

Surprise, surprise! It's a lens review for something I actually didn't like. o:  Specifically, my EOS V-205LB Brown from MyCandyEyes.  I also have the V-205LB Greys (lovely lenses they are), which will be the next review.
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Enlargement: 8.5/10 Like their grey brethren, the brown V-205LBs are rather enlarging for a 14.2 mm lens.

Colour/Design: 6.5/10 So the V-205LB series features lenses with the same pigment as the V-209LB/Dollyeye series. I was hoping for a more natural version of the Dollyeye Browns I'd owned, which featured a thick, black circle and a blunt pigmentation-- no blending there. Haha. Anyway, colour-wise, these are about right. Although in daylight, they tend to look more like a brassy brown than the yellow-gold of the Dollyeye Brown. Still, as far as a softer version goes, these fit the description. I just feel like the colour clashes with my skin tone...

(true-to-life colour)

(EOS Dollyeye Brown vs. EOS V-205LB Brown)

(EOS V-205LB Brown vs. EOS V-205LB Grey)

Comfort: 10/10 EOS means my eyes are in heaven~~ . 


Not much to say here. I was hoping for a version of the Dollyeye Browns with a softer circle aaannd..I sorta' got it. :/ I mean, the colour's nice enough, but it changes hues pretty often. @_@ From a distance, they're alright, but somehow, they're not too appealing to me. I miss the 'dramatic' design of the Dollyeyes. >.> I only ever wear these with three outfits: all of them feature golden or tarnished brass buttons so the colour sort of makes sense somehow. The V-205LB Greys, though? My favourite grey lenses ever. ♥
And here is an extra picture I didn't put into the review.

The video is here on Youtube or viewable below.


  1. These lenses are pretty! If I remember correctly, you weren't a big fan of browns, were you? xD

  2. Yup-- that's exactly right. I don't like the brown, but I LOVE the grey. <3

    And yes, the lenses are super pretty... just not on me. Haha

  3. I like the grey on you the best! ^_^

  4. These lenses don't really make your eyes pop which is a little sad :( -- I can see why you're not really into them. You definitely have other lenses that flatter you more but good review!

    Hope you'll feel better soon!

  5. Grey looks wonderful on you ;D
    but these are pretty intense (maybe its just the lighting) in the first picture, your pupils look slanted like a cat's or a snake's... i think its just me though xD

  6. hmm you've definitely reviewed prettier lens :\ this one looks too yellow for my taste...

    and finally you're back!!! I've been wondering where you were ^_^ ahaha and Im glad ur enjoying my travel series - god willing I'll finish it soon tho... people keep asking me why its not snowing in any of the pics since it's winter there right now...and I have to tell them it's cuz I was in Korea summer 2010 and STILL haven't finished writing xP

  7. Michelle - Aw, thanks! Same here. Haha

    chung - Yeah, maybe that's why I don't like them that much-- there's no 'pop' to them. o: Huh...

    Alex - Haha- no, you're actually right, I can kinda' see the 'slit' you're talking about. Must be the reflection of something.

    Elle - Yep yep. That's the consensus I and few other Soompiers came to, as well. Too much yellow~. And that's hilarious about the snow question. You should just tell them thay it's like Australia and the seasons are 'flipped' there. Haha