Review: Fynale J15 Green

Allo!  Today I jump back on the lens review bandwagon~.  I've been trying to figure out my school schedule and when I have free time, and I think I found a balance. 8)   So here! Have a review written & recorded when I was still sick a few weeks ago.  ~~   The lenses herein were super-kindly sponsored by LoveShoppingholics.

^ (Sweaty because I was in Jamaica~) ^

Enlargement: 8/10 Ehhh, I think these are supposed to be 15 mm?  Whatever their true DIA, they only enlarge like a 14.5 mm lens on my eyes.

Colour/Design: 6.5/10  This colour is not very light.  It is reminiscent of the Geo Angel Green, actually, which also tends to look dark green.  (However, the Angel series' pigment is very opaque-- these J15 Greens are fairly translucent.  This allows a little bit of a halo effect, sometimes.)  ~~  Design-wise, there is no shortage of 'flower petal' lens designs, and this one is pretty enough. 


- Komi Look 4D (Flower Petal) Green vs. Fynale J15 Green -

Comfort: 9/10  I find Belmore and Vassen lenses (the brands Fynale OEMs) to be very comfy.

(Apologies for my hair. :/  The Dayquil told me it would look great.)

All in all, these are rather disappointing. I had a rare moment where I believed the advertisement picture(s). ; _ ;  I rarely do, but they looked so opaque and light.  The comfort and pattern are great, but I am very picky about green lenses.  Green does not look good on me in general, so I want a worthwhile colour.  ~~  If you prefer a more subtle green lens with an interesting pattern, and don't mind a cute halo effect, though, the Fynale J15 Green are right up your alley. ;P

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.
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  1. I think green lenses are my fave on you :3 they are just so pretty and match well!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, I absolutely improve. That halo effect? Love it!

  3. Those are quite lovely. I have been hesitant purchasing "petal lenses" but seeing these I may have to reconsider. Love the new layout.

  4. I don't know why you don't like green lenses. I think they look really pretty on you! I love green eyes on darker skin tones.I'm not too crazy about flower design lenses though. Fynale seems to have misleading promo pictures.I've read a couple reviews where people have complained about the Fynale promo pic not matching the actual lens.

  5. It actually look great on you Babe~ =D

    I love the design also haha.. And the last picture is really gorgeous, the look kinda attract me!! <3 I love the eye make up too!

  6. SUPER LOVE these on you!!!!!!!! You look like a doll <333

  7. i really love the design on these lenses! they look really gorgeous on you :)
    reading your blog makes me smile, can't wait for more posts! XO

  8. wow the lens design looks really good! I think green lenses suit you ^^

  9. I wanted to try these back when I first saw them. I kind of forgot about them but I'm not sure if they'd suit me. I know you don't like them that much but I love them on you!

  10. Well, I do own a pair of grey ones, and I think they're beautiful! The hole for pupil is a lilttle bit too much big for me, but color is really opaque and true grey ^^ you are right, diameter 15mm really doesn't enlarge that much how I though, but I don't think they're so bad =) sand by the way, green color really suits you! ^_^ <3

    1. Nadine Diamante10/10/12 21:34

      I agree about the hole for the pupils! I was actually wondering If I was the only one experiencing the same thing. Glad I'm not alone. I thought there was wrong particularly with my pair. It's nice knowing all fynale grey ones are just that way...

  11. Anonymous13/9/12 00:56

    Very useful blog, the internet thanks you.^^

  12. I disagree with you - I think green looks lovely on you! Still, I can see your disappointment. The halo effect isn't my favorite.

  13. I'd agree with Eden-Avalon - this might not be your cuppa, but I think they look very pretty.

    Yeah, ad pics are so fake it really annoys me.
    What, they'll trick me once... but I won't purchase the brand that did that again.
    Are those trick purchases really enough to make up for lost credibility and lost possibility of return customers?

    Better to offer me realistic photos, on different eyes and in different light and when they give me a chance to make an informed decision I'll gladly go back and purchase more from them.

    I'm really thankful for your blog in all that :) .

  14. I agree that these look nice on you but i also hate when I'm hoping for lenses to appear the way they do in stock photos and they fall short. I agree with others that fynale's photos are always sooooo photoshopped.

  15. I'm not top crazy about the design tbh, but the color does look lovely on you. :3

  16. Nadine Diamante10/10/12 21:29

    HI, i do have a fynale j15 in grey and it doesn't quite fit my pupils well. the brown from the natural color of my eyes is kind of peeping on the inside corner. are you having the same problem?

    1. Ohh yeah, definitely. If you check out those close-ups, you can see that a LOT of my natural colour shows around my pupil before the lens colour starts. :/ Usually, I don't mind this so much, but.... ugh. If the colour isn't great, I would at least hope that the coverage would be awesome.

      No such luck. D: