Don't Call It a Comeback (...It's Closer to Necromany)

Hey hey hey,

How goes it, lovely folks!? Going to try and keep this short and sweet, as I am super busy trying to edit at least four more posts and reviews and such.

Basically, I am back!  (I hope! Haha.)  Real life (specifically a very stressful job that I just got out of) completely took over every facet of my existence.  For, like, nearly 3 years. Yikes...

(Boring all-text post. Ewww~.
Pic nabbed from my own Instagram. #lazy)

Anyhoot, the blog layout's been updated a bit, I got myself a new camera, a microphone, and all sorts of other fun stuff to improve the quality of my videos and pictures. (Bigger and better, right?)

I also Made a Concerted Effort and now have joined all you hip young people on Social Media.  Altogether, there's my Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and FaceBook.  (Oh, and my blog, of course, but... you're on it, so you don't need a link. Right??)

Okay, so I'm rambling. I'll stop, soon. Promise.  (As always, feel free to skip straight to the video down below, where virtually no reading is required!)

So, yeah. Glad to be back!  To all you lovely new subscribers/followers: hey! Thanks for following along and sorry for the funky hiatus.  I should have a bit of a 'Thank You So Much & I Am So Sorry For Being Gone' Giveaway coming soon for all you lovely folks out there. ♥

See you (very) soon with a lens review. ;p

(^ Above is the aforementioned no-reading-necessary
version of this post.)



  1. Welcome back! You have no idea how much I've missed you're blogs, definitely the best circle lens blog I've ever seen. Can't wait for more ^^

    1. Aw, thank you! <33 Hopefully I can live up to those standards, eh? Haha.

      (The first review should be up in the next week~)

  2. Ayyyyy! It's so great seeing you again!
    Holy cow, yeah. I can understand being busy, but it's great to know you're doing well.
    Can't wait to see you back in action again!

    1. Aw, thanks for the comment. <33 Glad to BE back. Ahaha.

      Let's see if I can keep up with everything, going forward. *fingers crossed*