Review: Super Pinky Bright Red

Boom.  Here is my first (posted) lens review in about 3 years. (Yikes).  Let's hope I don't muck this up too badly. Or, like, sprain something.  (Have to stretch those lens reviewing muscles, y'know.  Don't want to tear a lens reviewing ligament. Keep those reviewing reflexes sharp.)

You are beginning to see the (terrible) theme in my "jokes", yes? Indeed.  TIME FOR THE REVIEW! :D

Alright, so I bought these pretty little lenses from Pinky Paradise, and quite a while ago at that.

^ [These languished in a lens case for, like, 4 months before I got to reviewing them. (#NewYearWorseMe) ] ^

Colour/Design:  4/5   I mean, I've said all there is to say about the design in my review of the Super Pinky Violet, previously.  The biggest things to note are that the colour is very opaque and covers a lot of the lens surface. Also, the 'circle' on these lenses (around the edge) is very, very subtle.  In fact, it's not even black: it is a darker red-brown colour that sort of blends naturally with the lens colour.

Speaking of the colour, these are one of two red lenses in this series (the other is 'Wine Red').  For being named 'Bright Red', I am not sure they quite live up to that name.  I mean, I like the colour, and it is very saturated and fairly vibrant.  However, these are by no means the brightest or lightest red lenses I have worn (and I have tried many).  They are very noticeable, though, and very pretty in hue (sometimes a little bit pinkish-orangeish in tint). Very lovely, all the same. 


(low light)

- Dolly+ Red vs. Super Pinky Bright Red -

- Super Pinky Violet vs. Super Pinky Bright Red -

^ (close-up on my eye during my 
transformation into a magical girl) ^

Enlargement:  4/5   Alright, so there are conflicting notes on the diameter of these lenses.  Classically, these are said to be 14.8mm.  More recently, some shops list them as being 15.0 mm.  Either way, for such large lenses, I don't find these to be quite as enlarging as I might expect. (Likely because the pattern is mostly lens colour and very little is dedicated to the dark circle around that.)  They are pretty big, all the same.

Comfort:  4.5/5  This series has been consistently, supremely comfortable for me. ❤  Pretty impressive considering how opaque the pigment is, and how much lens is pigmented.  (They are supposedly produced by Vassen, which would make sense since my eyes love their lenses. Haha.)

^ (I'm not the cutest magical girl out there. The under-
eye bags & blemishes definitely do not help...) ^

In conclusion, I rather like these lenses (and this series, generally speaking).  They are pretty damn comfortable and provide quite a lot of colour.  I wish that colour was brighter, but the 'natural' kind of design is a good balance for that.  [These are especially fun to mix and match with the purple version (red lens on one eye and purple lens on the other).]

You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.

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