Lazy Post: For Halloween I Was A...

Mouse! Yes... I was a mouse. :3 

Beware the camwhore with a blog~.

Truth be told, this was the laziest thing I could've done for Halloween, seeing as these are just my pajamas. Haha.

The good thing about my kigurumi is that it's in the winter fabric, so with a pair of satin PJ pants (err.. trousers), and a cotton tee underneath, I was perfectly toasty.

The scarf, though, definitely helped keep me warm on a chilly, blustery night.  

Why only indoor self-taken pics? Because I stayed in this Halloween and gave out candy to the kids in the neighborhood-- after walking over to my little sis's house and walking back to mine with her, anyway.

Soo.... what the heck did the rest of you dress up as? I know what Sara of Eye See Youu and Bunny of Life of  Bunny Were, but there're a bunch of you out there I'm clueless about. o: 

Late Halloween posts are ♥~
Next time/soon: an actual substantive post on my new skin care regime + skin problems. ; 3;  (0% camwhoring.)


  1. haahahahahaaha! This is so cute. I love how short your legs are.

  2. Anonymous9/11/10 22:14

    You look so cute! I've always wanted to buy a Kigurumi~They look so comfy!!

  3. cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! I love your kigu!
    I have one too! It's a Miss Bunny from Bambi!!

  4. jaja I love your kigurumiii!!! It's so cute!! being dressed up and giving candy to kids it's not so bad for halloween...
    I like your pink shoes too! ^^

  5. Naww! You look so cute! :p

    Mwhaha, i like my highwaisted shorts too! XDD And, areobics waz funnn! (^o^)

    Emma <33 xx

  6. ha! those are too cute! who care's if they're ur jammies? lol

  7. ur cuteeee!!!! that looks like such a comfy halloween costume

  8. Anonymous8/12/10 13:54

    such a cute kigurumin I wannnnntt T^T

  9. Hey! I have the same kigurumi :) hehe.