Review: (Dueba) Puffy Pink

Sooo... I'd been drooling over the Dueba Puffy series for quite a while, but couldn't decide where to buy them. Then, I realized that one of the regulars on both the Soompi Circle Lens thread and the Gaia Circle Lens thread, 'Aki', had a pretty reputable shop, and in fact had the Puffy series stocked. <3 Hurrah!

As soon as I decided between the violet and the pink, I skipped on over to the site, FOTD Looks, and placed an order for a shiny new pair of lenses.
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Here you are, the most recent review I've done (and boy do I have a lot to post out of order): the G&G/Dueba Puffy 3tone Pink. (aka. Shiny Pink, aka.Winter Barbie Fantasy Pink, aka. G&G/Dueba SB-Type Pink)

Enlargement: 9.5/10 These are freakin' big, y'all. o: I know they're 14.5 mm, but crikey.

Colour/Design: 7.5/10 I think Yuk-lui was right when she said it's a less reddish pink when worn than some of the stock photos would have you think. Then again, some of the stock photos are of the hazels that are indeed part of the series, and not the actual pinks. Anyway, these lenses are a lot more violet than pink. I was hoping for the pink to look just like the lens does when off the eye. (Derp.) They clearly are not. All the same, the violet-y pink colour they turn out is still rapidly growing on me. At first I rather disliked it, but the more I saw them in different lighting/in pics, the more i liked them. Plus, they look ridiculously natural from a distance/when not super-zoomed in. ♥ I'm a fan.

('cool' lighting)


Comfort: 9/10 G&G/Dueba is always rather comfortable. These might actually be the most comfy of any lenses I've worn from them.


Said it all in the colour/design category: these are a more violet pink than red-pink. I was hoping for a red-pink. :/ In any case, between the enlargement, strangers' compliments/comments, and the pics of them I've taken, they're quickly shooting up the 'Like' list. ;P
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  1. Pretty! I like that color on you! ^_^

  2. I like it!
    Do you know where I can get Tsubasa's new Bambi lenses in the U.S or a website that sells them in English that ships to the US?
    I did my first lens review!

  3. I love lenses too, especially one in solid black =D

  4. I cant wait to get mine! i preordered mine from aki

  5. wow..those lenses look really cool! im so scared to try them though lol

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  6. 'puffy pink' eheh cute name xD I think these lens look really good on you actually! Purple-pink is more...mysterious and dreamy looking. I think red-pink would look more salmon fish-y x_X but who knows, you pull off the craziest lens, I don't know how you do it O_o

  7. I really like how it doesn't have a harsh limbal ring and the color is real soft :) I've only seen pinks so far..wonder what the greens will look like ?

  8. sorry for double commenting but I was trawling through old comments and to answer your question:

    I have yet to find a foundation I love right now actually :\ I'm in a liquid foundation trend and I haven't found one I really like...but before I switched to liquid foundations the one foundation I did use religiously was Loreal's true match MINERAL line! Love the built in brush and I dunno, it just really applied nice for me, lots of coverage (I actually still use this on lazy days). Downside is it can get cakey after awhile and it's not very portable cuz powder will just spill out of the sifter and explode everywhere when you over it :P Loved their translucent mineral veil and foundation :) Your skin looks pretty good actually only some minor discoloration - so you might wanna try this. This does not have a dewy finish though (unless you're really oily like me xD). It's really easy to put on, pretty low maintenance and covers up minor scars nicely for the perfect complexion xD

    So yeah....:)

  9. thanks for following my site, and eeh, I think EOS cadny pink will suit you too <3

  10. those look awesome on you! i haven't hopped on the pink train yet, but your review really gets me tempted! oh and i totally forgot to tell you that i was in PA last weekend! argh! don't worry when i visit again i'll tell you!

  11. thanks for the comment~ you look great in them and super cute, but i don't think i am can pull it off :( i have neo glamour browns right now, i love it so much i ordered them in honey and grey. cant wait for them to arrive~

  12. Whoa! Those lenses are nice! Btw~Thanks so much for following me! Your so lovely!

    Emma <33 xx

  13. Hey doll face.

    I gave you a blog award. I hope to see some more stuff from you soon!


  14. cool lensess!! pink^^..
    very nice blog!

    take a look and maybe follow me (: