I Dyed My Hair Again: (Reddish, Now)

So as you may know, I'm a fan of messing with my hair.  Colour-wise, anyway. (I'm still too chicken to try any type of interesting cut. Haha.)  I've been itching to try and find a shade of red that'll look good with my skin tone, as I've gone orange before to awful results.  

LO AND BEHOLD, I saw the following banner ad while browsing around Soompi:

 ^ (Pretty, Right?)

 Logically, I assumed that the 'free trial; custom-made haircolor' claim had a "catch".   I was wrong. 

I went to eSalon and after a very simple 'profile' of my hair was made (current length, texture, chemical damage, current colour(s), how easily it takes colour, etc.), I was able to choose a hair colour for myself.  I chose "Dark Brown; Mahogany", a reddish brown.

So let me skip to the interesting stuff: the before and after.


---- -- ----


---- -- ----

Alright, so as a quick overview, my hair previous to the dye was almost entirely my natural, dark brown-black colour.  The tips in a few areas were lighter from the aforementioned 'messing with my hair' (lightening/bleaching for highlights). 

After the dye, my hair was lightened just a couple shades, and coloured to a mahogany-brown colour. (In sunlight, I've heard it almost looks purple from my friends. o.O ) In low lighting, it is not noticeable. During daytime, it is. And it looks super red under any sort of 'yellow' lighting. :3

As for my hair's condition before and after, my hair was suuuper-soft and well-loved before, and after using this dye (with a 20 vol. developer) it felt a bit damaged/thinner (as it always does when I use 20 vol or higher developer). :[   I pampered it with several conditioners and some coloured-hair treatments, and it's on its way to feeling as super-soft as it once did. : D  Next, I'll add some bright red streaks/chunks.


So yeah, if you want to try eSalon's free trial hair colour (and yes it's full-size), just check out this link to start your hair profile!   

DISCLAIMER: I was not sponsored by any companies to do this review-- I just freakin' love this website right now. Haha.


  1. its a nice subtle color. ive been wanting a red hair color for the longest time, its just so hard to dye over dark hair -_-;
    i just might try this site out, thanks for posting about it!

  2. wth ooo :D I have never dyed my hair before (though I did highlight it). Your hair actually did turn reddish-brown (and I like how u added red contacts to match ahah ;))!

  3. Clarissa- Agreed. :/ Dark hair's a beetch to dye dark hair lighter. I wish you the best of luck getting to red. Haha.

    Elle- Really? o: Woww~. I feel like almost everyone's dyed their hair.... or maybe that's because I spend too much time on Blogger. Hee hee. And yesss~ lenses to match my hair. <3

  4. That's so interesting! :D Damn, I really like the mahagony hair color. I only thought you'd go bolder xD.