Review: Geo Xtra "Bambi"/Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

Quite a few bloggers have reviewed lenses from the Geo Xtra Bambi series (aka. the Geo Princess Mimi series), so I don't think I need to tell you how these lenses came to be popular. (Angel Color + Tsubasa + pretty lenses = EVERYBODY WANTS A PAIR.)  What I can tell you is that I bought these lenses from EyeCandy Lens (which now has free shipping, actually), and they got to me pretty damn quickly. <3  And now... on to the actual review.

Enlargement: 10/10  These are 15 mm. (On Angel Color, where the original Bambi series was released and distributed, they are 14.2 mm. This 'Xtra' series version from Geo (advert) is 15 mm.) They are big.

Colour/Design: 7/10 Hum... you may or may not remember the joyful hysteria many experienced when first gazing upon the Bambi series. I definitely do, and it never really left me until I got these lenses. Haha.  As you may know from the many advert pics of this series, the colours usually look light. I guessed that, as Geo lenses, they'd be a medium or dark grey, much like the Geo Angel Grey. I was mostly correct: they're a medium grey. I.... do not like darker colours. :/ Despite that, the design is still gorgeous, and the lenses
so long-coveted that I don't care quite as much as I should. Heh heh.  However, once I can get my hands on the true original Bambi series, I'll likely be truly content. 8)


Comfort: 9.5/10 Um... I think one lens is defective (i.e. hurts no matter what I do to try and clean it), but sticking to the good lens, these might actually be the comfiest Geo lenses I can remember ever wearing.

Overall, I've pretty much said my piece: the colour's darker than I would have liked (although it was super obvious that the modeled pics on Angel Color were high contrast & brightness), and they're also a bit bigger than I like. (14 mm is my faaavourite lens size). Despite that, though, I can't help but to still love them. <3 On another note, these are the very first lenses that I actually feel make my entire eye look larger just by wearing them. O:

And, as usual, here are several extra pics: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.

Reading sound a bit tedious? Then check out the video review right here or below!


  1. Hello, I was just wandering... Where do you buy your contacts? Do they have international shipping? *-* I live in Brazil. ^^

  2. Yeah, I agree about the color, I was a bit bummed they ended up pretty much as dark as Geo Super Nudy. Gives me the impression Green Apple would have been a dark green too :T

  3. That's too bad they're not as light as you wanted or advertised, but they still look goooorgeous on you :D

    Wow. Free shipping, huh? I think I may have found my new shop. >:D Thanks for sharing haha!

  4. Anonymous6/3/11 04:20

    agree with katie. the lens really looks gorgeous on you. btw, u look so stunning in the pic....so new york chic. thanks much for the review. =D

  5. YESSSSSS!! That show is so amazingly awesome!! I started watching it after my boyfriend heard about it, and showed me clips of Barney (I LOVE NPH!!) haha. I used to work at a video store and always saw the DVDs on the shelf, but never bothered to check it out! I SO regret that, I thought it would be like Everybody Loves Raymond-style show or something haha. It's crazy how many people DON'T watch that show, now that I think about it. :( Not to mention Marshall is ADORABLE <3 hahaha What's your favorite episode so far? :D

  6. Moe Moe Tiger- I left a reply on your blog/shop. :]

    Eden- Yes, the Apple is also a darker shade, unfortunately. At least they blend well. >.>'

    Katie- Meh. It happens. Haha. Part of buying so many lenses is that I'm bound to miss the mark every so often. And yesss.... Marshall. <33 I shall now post my fangirling on your blog.

  7. Thank you SO much for the help, you are very kind! <3

  8. Those look really pretty on you. I just recieved my Princess mimi Chocolate and gray ones. I'm still waiting on the Almond color to start my review. Your videos are very imformative. Checkout my page for recent Japanese Fashion trends. I scan Popteen and Popsister magazines. Hope you follow.

  9. Tiger- It's not a problem. C:

    Maille- Thanks! I can't wait to see your Bambis on ya'~! <3

  10. Thanx for the review :) I think it looks kinda greenish on you.

    I've been thinking of getting one but not sure of which colour. After reading you review, I might be getting the green apple.

  11. Hello Noxin,
    Thanks a lot for your review n_n
    Hum :/ It's a little bit disapppointing if color is dark >.<
    By the way, really nice blog :-D o/ ADD to follow \o/