Review: ColourVUE Big Eyes Evening Grey

CandyLens was super-nice and offered to sponsor me two pairs of lenses to review. These are the first: meet the ColourVUE Big Eyes Evening Grey.

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Enlargement: 10.5/10  I didn't notice til I got them in the mail, but they're a whopping 15 mm. (Plenty of enlargement.)

Colour/Design: 9.5/10  Soo... I saw the pic of the Evening Grey on the CandyLens site and couldn't tell if they were a medium grey or a lighter grey. So I picked them to find out. Turns out they're light grey. (Oh gods, are they ever light. <33) They're very visible in low light, and you know how much I like light lenses~.



Comfort: 9/10  These are my first ColourVUE lenses, and I'm glad to say that despite the size, they're very comfy.

So CandyLens was nice enough to sponsor two pairs of lenses for me, and I immediately started looking at the grey lenses. I was looking for an enlarging, opaque grey to replace my Bescon Tutti Greys, and these seemed to be a good gamble. Oddly enough, I never noticed that their DIA is 15 mm until I opened the package myself. (I usually don't like big lenses, and these are as big as lenses get.) Happily, though, I love these lenses to death. : D

And here're a few extra pics: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.

If you're trying to keep it simple, you can just watch the video review right here or below.


  1. They look good on you. They look kind green on you though. or maybe it's just me :P

  2. They turn into a really interesting green-gray~ They are friggin HUGE though XD I tried 14.5 once and I had no whites in my eyes left xD