Broken Laptop (Charger) = Fixed!! :D

You may have noticed from the utter lack of posts that I've not been around.... again. First the hiatus, and then this. Sorry!  (And while I'm hosting a giveaway, too! Yikes.)

My laptop's charger broke. So I couldn't access any of my reviews-- video and otherwise.  And the school computers don't support Blogger, so all I could do was read people's posts, but not comment on them. :/  Urgghh.

Luckily, my new charger finally came in today--which is a week late, might I add. So.... BACK TO POSTING (and commenting) TOMORROW! >:D


  1. Oh hon I feel your pain. A day or so after my dying laptop got sent back to me (after a week in repairs!) the charger broke. xD I was so upset! Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back! ;) I miss your postssss! ;)

  3. Ugh, know the feeling. My charger broke last year and I had to use a crappy mini laptop for two weeks. Taking extra good care of my new charger! :D

  4. haha gurl i know how you feel xD
    i once went 3 months without laptop cuz i couldn't be bothered to get a new charger lmao ♥

  5. yea I know how you feel. I fixed mines but it ended up breaking again. I had to buy mines from alphachargers.com Luckily they offer free same day shipping!

  6. You know, I do feel bad for people who get completely stymied when their computer breaks down because they use it for very important matters. It truly signifies how important technology is to our daily lives, and how these problems can have a huge effect on our lives. It's great to know that you got your charger back that day, and that everything settled down to normal. I hope everything is fine with you and your beloved laptop! :)

    Lakendra Wiltse