Review: G&G Volte (/Twinkle) Green

((Gah--- my laptop's dead-- I managed to borrow a charger for a few days, though. @_@ ))  Anyway, these are the G&G(/Dueba) Volte Green. They're also called the Twinkle Green on some websites, among other names.  This pair, in particular, was kindly sponsored by ColorLens4Less (aka. Create-i Beauty).

Also, I apologize in advance as I am wearing no makeup whatsoever in this review.  Which wouldn't be a problem save for the stress breakout I'm having right now. D:  Blemishes, ahooyyy~!

(Mostly unedited, save for the under-eye bags.)

Enlargement: 7/10  These are a rather tiny-looking 14.5 mm in DIA. <3

Colour/Design: 9.5/10  Well, this series is noted/known for being advertised toward men.  (Likely because of the somewhat 'muted' and subtle design. No huge sparkles or speckles or anything.  Maybe because of the lack of enlargement?)  In any case, I think they're pretty darn cute. :3  I really, really like the 'tornado' design, and the green? It's sublime~.  (Reminds me of the gorgeous hue used for the Dreamy.i Green.)


- EOS Candy (G-208) Green vs. G&G Volte Green -

Comfort: 10/10  I... was thoroughly surprised by how comfortable these were. o.o  These are as comfy as a pair of EOS lenses, if not more-so. <3  G&G/Dueba lenses are generally rather comfy for me, yes, but these go above and beyond the usual~. 

 (Completely unedited~. o: Except the 'blush', of course.)

So yeah, it seems that save for one pair of lenses, ColorLens4Less' sponsored lenses all managed to catch my fancy.  That is, for most of them, I didn't particularly like upon seeing them, but once I actually tried them on, I ended up falling head over heels.  Haha.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, and Four.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. cuteeee! Wow, I didn't know companies actually marketed circle lens towards men XD I want to look into those!

  2. i actually really like the shape of your eyes! they're really unique & would look amazing with & without make up! ♥

  3. I'm a fan of these. They're nice an subtle. It's one of those patterns that I didn't think would worn but it looks much nicer in the eyes!

  4. Oooooh I love the design on these. And the green is really pretty, too! Nice and subtle, it blends well with your color~ I never knew they had lenses specifically marketed toward men. That's pretty cool!

  5. wow super cute lens! i actually like them not TOO complicated or too fancy. loveee the color!

  6. Pretty Dear!!

    I have to try on Green lens now =)

    You look amazing with the color ^^