Review: EOS VBK-3L (Black) ((Repost-- sorry!))

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Let's get going with a review of a pair of lenses which were graciously sponsored by ColorLens4Less (aka. Create-i Beauty).

(I attempted to look vaguely ulzzang-ish. I shall never again try. xD)

Enlargement: 8.5/10  These are 14.2 mm, but they look very large to me. Perhaps because of their super dark colour?...

Colour/Design: 9/10  1-tone lenses are pretty simple. *shrug*  These are completely black, with some 'spikes' of colour going inwards.  It's a classic design you see in almost every brand for a 1-tone, black circle lens.


Comfort: 10/10  One of these lenses was, unfortunately, defective, and hurt. D:  Ignoring the defective one, though, the 'good' lens felt just as good as all my other EOS lenses. <33

All in all, I really ended up liking these. o.o  They were my very first pair of black circle lenses, and I always expected to look rather... soulless with them, but it was not so.  They were just cute! :3  I can see why ulzzangs favour(ed?) these for the massive effect they can give~.  Very dolly, but somewhat natural (on dark eyes, anyway).

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. gah I'm jealous.. I wish I could actually wear black lenses and be all dolly like >.<
    Well, at least yoooouu get to wear them and be all cute ^-^ You should get pretty lashes to wear with these if you ever wear them outside of the review (and if you wear those ever? ^-^) It would make them look super kawaii!

  2. These black lenses are so pretty! ; 3; I've been wanting to try circle lenses (especially black ones) for a long time...maybe I'll give these a try! :D

  3. I love these circle lenses! They look pretty natural on you ^^
    I'm wondering how many circle lenses you've got haha

  4. Wow Hun Black Lens looks really cute and pretty on you~~ Definitely not a Soul-less Zombie~

    You must review more Black Lenses next time <3

    I am hooked to black lenses since I first tried it on and now trying to get bigger and bigger diameters :X

  5. Lenses.... are meh D: You are cute, as always!

  6. Return of the circle lenses! Yeah! (I actually just did a CL review for the first time in a while myself!)

    I like these. I've ordered a pair of blacks, but like my DollyEye Pinks - 3 months and still no-show.

  7. Hi!! Im Sorri I Havent Been Writing Back, College Is Def. Busy, But Fun! Thanks For Your Comments They Mean So Much To Me <3

  8. I always wondered what black lenses would look like. I thought they'd give a soul-less type effect too. But they actually look very nice they would look great paired with lashes.