Final Exams Week: HIATUS!

Exactly as the post title says: I am taking my final exams next week.

I've already been totally swamped with assignments and printouts and reading recently. (Hence my utter lack of activity on Blogger: sorry again! @_@)

I've also been hired to work weekends (and holidays) at Macy's! <333  Except.. I work 10 hour shifts, so I'm exhausted whenever I do have free time, Guh.

TL;DR  Sorry for being 'dead': I have a new job and my university finals are coming up very soon.  I should start posting/commenting regularly come the 18th of December. 

-- - --

P.S.  Minor spoiler alert: this blog (and blogger) is going to go through some big changes come January of 2012. ;P  Bwahaha~.


  1. All the best for your exams!
    Looking forward to your return :)

  2. Bon courage pour tes examens ! \o/

  3. chh chh chhh changes! :) Can't wait!

  4. GOOD LUCK NOXINNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Finals are hitting everyone now huh? :(( I can't wait for you epic return huzzahhh! Work has been getting the best of me, omg.... never have time for blogging or commenting, so I'm trying my best to get back on track too >_<

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