Review: Fynale Honoo Red

Hello!  Sorry for dying again, guys! :/  University is slowly killing me~.  And my final exams are next week! @_@  Yikes. (I need to go on a legitimate hiatus...)  Anyway, getting back on topic, these lovely lenses were sponsored by LoveShoppingholics~.

(I... need to get rid of the dark spots from my breakout.)

Enlargement: 8/10  These lenses are 15 mm, but are not super-enlarging like other 15 mm lenses.

Colour/Design: 9/10  For some reason, I expected the design of the lens to be 'smoother': instead, there is a bit of roughness to some of the pattern.  (Which I really think gives the lens character.) It looks smooth, though, when not viewed very up close. Oh, and the red is a pink-red.  It is not always noticeable, though, except in flash photos or when compared to a more 'true' red.



  - (i.Fairy) Dolly+ Red vs. Fynale Honoo Red -

Comfort: 9.5/10  So these lenses are produced by Belmore, originally: I find them to be very comfy.

(Yep: need some blemish remover/scar cream...) 

As you likely know by now, I love red lenses.  (Hence my having owned over 6 pairs so far.)  Ever since I saw Fynale's Honoo Red, I have wanted it: it just seemed so bright in the advert pics. <3  As it turns out, they really are that intense-- although a little closer to pink than I thought.  Still, these are pretty darn cute red lenses, even if they don't have the most intense of hues.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four. and Five.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. Woo, awesome! Also, mine are this next week, too. Been absent on the internets as well due to this. Good luck!

  2. yes it's not so red.. looks pink though..
    but looks good :3
    yes.. university is slowly killing me too -.-
    wish u luck..

  3. I have those lenses! theyre not really noticeable unless your up close >_<

  4. First Picture really pretty Dear =)

    I quite like the close up of the lenses, coz the patterns are nice ^^ Looks pink but I liked it! <3

  5. I approve. These look fantastic. Also, heeeeey, DM me WHERE in West Chester you live :( I wanna meet up with you and it's like only half an hour away from me!!

  6. You wear pink well though, so it's okay that they're a bit less red and a bit more pink. <3 Lovely as always. Good luck on Finals!