News + 4 1/12 OOTDs

I'm alive!! Sort of.  (My hiatuses are always 3x longer than I plan...)  On that note, it's my birthday today, so I may be being kidnapped by friends and family for a day or two...

ON TO THE REAL NEWS:  My dad said he's making me my own website. <3  Hoorah~. (How quickly that will happen, though? Who knows.) 

:DD  I want to make a major change in hair colour, but I don't know what to do.  Should I ombre my hair?  Should I go lighter?  Should I get crazy streaks?  How about I mink it (just dye the underside)?  ...How terrible would a 'skunk stripe' look?  

--   -    --

31 October

(Green pumps + orange skirt = a terrible 'pumpkin' theme. Haha)

(Here's the FOTD,which is seen in the G&G Carnival 070 lens review~.)

20 November

(I wore this to go apply for jobs. I now realize I looked awful. xD)

28 November

(Not sure how I feel about this one. Even when I add a scarf, as shown below.)

(I think the scarf makes it worse?...)

24 December

- - -
And a Work in Progress...

(I don't know which shoes/tights to wear... Ugh. :/ )

Next time: A belated lens review, then after that, my new hair~.

I'm off to catch up on everybody else's blogs. Ciao!


  1. HAppy Birthday Babe!!! :D

  2. Happy Birthday :D
    I like your pumpkin outfit the most~

  3. I think... ombre... since it's all the rageee LOL Not sure what color though ^^ And I like the Nov. 28 outfit!

  4. Happy Birthday, love ^___^
    Ah I miss our lens talks and I miss your humour, oh yes I do :( Can you believe there's a tab open with a link to the Princess Pinky lenses in green since October? I badly want them, but Pinkyparadise seem to be the only ones to sell these and I dun wanna pay for them, d'oh.

  5. The first and last are my favorite, but I don't think the work outfit is bad at all! I'm excited to see what you choose for your hair!

  6. First off..Happy birthday!!
    Second..Nice legs! Lol..
    Third..I really like the nov. 28 outfit and the last. The black and yellow combo is nice :)
    The white lenses are crazy cool :) a bit on the freaky side but definitely cool :)
    I honestly would think red hair would suit you. :)

  7. Happy belated birthday~
    love 23's don't worry you look find :)love the black and yellow theme on the last one~ welcome back

  8. Heppy Belated Birthday!! I love your costume lens they look great!!! woot woot! hmm id say chunky streaks! but whatever you do i bet it'll look great!!! :)

  9. Happy belated birthday!!! My mom's birthday was on the 4th too haha :)) OHHH MY GOSH, your dad is awesome! I can't wait for this to happen, it'll be so cool :D

    Jeez, I would give hair tips, but I'm probably the last person who you'd want to hear an opinion from lol! I've been wanting to color my hair for over a year but could never make up my mind hahaha. Whatever you decide though, your hair will look fab! Post pictures okay!! :D

    Aww I like all the outfits! I wish I could coordinate like you :( I'm AWFUL at any type of coordination -sigh- I keep buying pieces I think look cute, but always end up with just a shirt x jeans. SO boring. Wish I can wear heels like you too~ I feel so awkward being tall ;___;

    OMG I want your yellow scarf!! SOOOOOOO cute!! But of course, I'd have no idea how to wear it with my clothes nooo~ :( I think the coordination looks cute so far! Maybe with some kind of ankle boot or something to show off your legs would look cute? :3 Actually, do you have any tips for wearing ankle boots?? I have a pair I got 2 Christmases ago but only wore out during Fanime weekend last year... I have no clue how to wear them!

  10. Hapy late birthday! :)
    How have you been?
    I finally got my lensvillage haul.
    Cant wait to review!