Review: (Fynale) Hello Kitty (aka. Princess Kitty) Brown

Whew! Back to reviewing!  ((Thanks for all the warm wishes, guys! My mum's recovering nicely. <33  I am definitely on back massage/heating pad detail, though. Haha.))  Anyway, these lenses were very kindly sponsored by LoveShoppingholics~.  (I reviewed their service here.)

(I look oddly pale in this pic...)

Enlargement:  9.5/10  These are 15 mm and totally look like it.  They enlarge quite a bit.

Colour/Design:  8/10  Let's get the obvious out of the way: these lenses have Hello Kitty's face printed on them.  Quite a few times, too.  However, this is not very visible in real life.  The colour is too dark in most lighting to distinguish what the tiny shapes are.  :[   ~~   Awesomely enough, this golden brown lens tends to give a bit of a halo effect, and creates a 'sparkly', crystalline effect because of the pattern. <3  Also, the ring on the outside is a dark brown, not the usual, harsh black.



Comfort:  9.5/10  I believe these are originally produced by Vassen, whose lenses I always find comfy: these are super comfy, though.

(Awww yeah: bathroom lighting)

All in all, these are not my favourite lenses ever.  They are also not my least favourite lens: to me, they are quite average. *shrug*  The very concept of them + their cute pattern is appealing, though.  Up close, however, not everyone can tell what is on the lens. Someone asked me "...is that a ghost?" when viewing my lenses from a foot away. Haha  ~~  So yeah- these are cute and enlarging, but are not opaque/light enough in colour for my tastes.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. I feel like they'd be freaky if they were more opaque, but I kinda wanna see them that way. O:

  2. Hello Kitty lenses!? Now THAT's intense

  3. Dullest lenses around imo lol

  4. LOL~~ I didn't know this exist till I see this post babe!! haha... think I can manage XMas gift for one of my girl already~

  5. Love all your contacts reviews :D These ones are unique but not too noticible~
    Quick question- When you order from Kiwiberry1, after you make a purchase do you ever get contacted by them afterwards, or just wait it out and the lenses just end up arriving about 2 weeks later?

  6. Agreed. The color is kind of blah. ; _ ; HOW COULD YOU DISAPPOINT ME HELLO KITTY?!

  7. You look so cute in the bathroom picture ^-^ I'm also not that often at Blogger these times. I'm feeling better but sometimes it just hits me on the head and I feel like I cannot move. But this is the majority of my time I'm spending here (;
    I hope you and your Mom are doing well!

  8. You look really cute with these lenses!

  9. I need to look at your eyes super near Hun <3

    But still looks pretty!~ I love HelloKitty~ =O

  10. I didn't know they made lenses like that!
    Thank you dearest for the kind words on my blog :)


  11. I bought these for my cousin for xmas. She really liked them. Thanks for your awesome reviews! :)

  12. Anonymous28/2/12 14:00

    I have these lenses. I have the brown ones, and in real life, the colour is great! Its like a soft, dark-golden brown. The pattern is not very visible, though, but I know that I have hello kitty on my eyes, and that's enough >:D

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