2 Quick OOTDs (but only 1 I like)

Hey there!  Look at me keeping up with my 'one post a week', promise! :D Huzzah~.

How have you lot been? It's getting super-chilly in my hemisphere, but I know some of you lucky ducks have weather going the opposite way. *shrug* Ah well: I coordinate better when I can layer, anyway. C:<

Speaking of layering, let's get on to the OOTDs, yes?

18 October

It was a very temperate day, as I remember. When it gets hot, I stop trying to coordinate pieces, and just try to stay cool. (I also sometimes look bad.) Whatever. Less clothing = staying cool~.

20 October

Wore this to KoP (King of Prussia Mall) to hang out with Anna (of Fenua Beauté) one last time before she jets out of Pennsylvania 'for good'.  ;  - ;   (She also brought a friend, S, who was just as fun to hang out/shop with!)  But... WHOM SHALL I EAT WITH AT CHEESECAKE FACTORY, NOW??! There will be nobody to share my mushroom bites with. *creying*

---- -



  1. That first outfit is so so cute!The second one is too but I really like the first one :)Can't wait for the reviews!

  2. Lovin' both, but I loved what you pulled off at KoP!

  3. I love your foxy shirt & your hair color :]

    xo asnfashion.blogspot.com