Review: Candy(licious) Charm Violet

Hey there! Thanks for sticking with me, you lovely people! I have posted so rarely as of late. :/  (Yes, I am still on a soft hiatus, but still feel bad.)  To prove I am alive, have this review of a pair of lenses kindly sponsored by Apple of Your Eyes (aka. Serenity Shop).

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Enlargement: 7.5/10  The DIA is listed as something like 16.5 mm, but since lenses do not go over 15 mm, the true DIA is likely 15 mm (or a bit less).  Frankly, these look like they are around 14.5 mm when I wear them.

Colour/Design: 6.5/10  These are a blue-violet that is rather vibrant in some lighting, but are not that light overall. The design is one I've seen before in the G&G/Dueba DM25 series (which I had in grey a few years ago). That being said, the pattern looks rather geometric to me.

The black, nearly triangular 'spikes' jutting toward the outside rim add a bit of texture to an otherwise boring lens design. (Fairly thick black circle, and a fairly thin coloured ring inside.) These are sort of like a tweaked version of the popular Candy/Jelly/Sakura design. Similar to those lenses, these do not offer much colour coverage. :/


- Hyper/Super Pinky Violet vs. Candy Charm Violet -

- (Dueba) OT Star/Otoo Eye Violet vs. Candy Charm Violet -

Comfort: 9/10  So Candy(licious) lenses are from G&G (and/or Dueba), and both of these brands are always very comfy for me: these lenses included.

(At some angles, I actually like my bone structure.)

Overall, I'm not fond of these lenses, unfortunately  It's because the violet is not light enough to hold my attention. Plus, this is a design I've seen (and worn) before and do not find very interesting.  If I was less picky about violet lenses, or if I liked a subtle effect, I very well might like these. (They are kind of cute...)

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.

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  1. These lenses... are the EXACT same shade as your sweater :O haha
    And I like these, they are a more complicated version of the candy lenses!

  2. The design kinda looks like the old Adult series plus a THICK ASS black limbal ring and I do agree with Christina, it's exactly the same shade as your sweater ouov