OOTD + 'Hair (Colour) Update' + Camwhoring~

(Is anyone truly surprised that there is canwhoring?)

Alright. Firstly?


Remember that post a while ago? Where I was wondering which hair colour to choose between?? Yeah. It's go time.

I am not necessarily tired of being blonde/bronde, but I am tired of the upkeep. (Ugghhh- my roots are so dark.) I never knew how quickly my hair grew until I went to a light hair colour....

Plus? All this processing slowly kills my hair. :/  (It's a bit thinner/less voluminous than it was before.) No thanks.

I'm getting an ombre! :D  Here are the same 2 pictures from last time of what I might get: blonde or red.

 (Microsoft Paint, I ♥ you)

I'll more likely go for the blonde, since that way, I don't really have to go back to get it re-coloured! From my roots (and quite a bit on) will just be my natural hair colour, after all. 8]  Brilliant! (And cost-effective.)

However, creatively, the red does appeal to me more. Because... ♥ COLOUR ♥.  The upkeep for red (and especially for a shade that intense/vibrant) would be hellish. :/

Still! For both, much of my hair will remain untouched by ~chemicals~.   I don't know: I have about a month to figure this out....

OPINONS?? (again?)
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31 October

(This Halloween's OOTD is very different from last Halloween's OOTD. Haha.)

I wore this to triumphantly (and desperately) go to the mall and pick up my Limited Edition copy of Assassin's Creed 3 that I pre-ordered.  (Why yes-- yes I am smug.)  Comfy outfit, quick makeup + hair, and a fun day out with a friend (an actual, human friend: I don't mean the video game).  A great day, all around.
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Now... it's camwhoring time! :D

(So happy~)


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  1. I died my hair with a red ombre, just like what you want to do, It was amazing and finally, when the colour faded I ended with an orangish blonde that I also liked, so... go for both!!

  2. I know how you feel! My hair is also veeerryyy dark and I went for an ombre a month ago, I just love it! You could go for the red, since you'll have to bleach the bottom part anyways and if you don't like it anymore you just need to bleach it a bit to return to blonde. I guess red would look much more fierce! Plus, I guess it wouldn't be THAT expensive if you redyed yourself? At least in Germany the drugstore colors aren't really expensive :)

  3. A friend of mine is getting her hair done to get a red ombre, it's not as common as blonde so I like that :P Plus red is pretty much my fave color!!

  4. I would say go for red and then when it fades back to your blond, just leave it blond! Best of both worlds? haha Red really is a bitch to keep, I had my whole hair fire engine red for two years and it basically killed my hair and was so costly. I would go back in a heartbeat though! ...if someone would remind and pay for my upkeep! hahahaha

    I loove your comfy outfit, you're so adorable!

  5. You should do blonde and red :D. 3 TONEEEE!
    Hahah i like them both, it sucks to choose between 2
    things that are nice at the same time i had that issue
    too :p.

    xo asnfashion.blogspot.com

  6. oooh i love that game toooo...

    xoxo Wengie

  7. I really like you in blonde Dear haha...

    Ok, personally I love blonde too but my hair can't take light coloring too much, I got very weak plus brittle hair. The salons I have visited all the stylists always discourage me to dye lighter +_+~

    But red might look hot too and I love the hair style you did <3 <3