Review: Hyper/Super Pinky Violet

Okayyyy, so this review? Yeah. It is long overdue.Specifically, it's about lenses in one of my favourite colours: violet. My Hyper Pinky/Super Pinky Violet, to be precise, which I purchased from Honey Color. (That's correct: purchased. I do still buy lenses, you guys. Haha.)  

Spoiler alert: I LOVE THEM.

Enlargement: 9/10  These lenses are advertised as being 14.8 mm. However, they are made by Vassen, and to my knowledge, Vassen lenses are 14.5 mm.  In any case, they definitely enlarge quite a bit, but don't seem to give me 'bug eyes'. Haha.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10  So these were bought as a replacement of sorts for my G&G GBT Violets, as they were set to expire.  These definitely work in lieu of those lenses.  This violet is also a light, pastel shade and are just as opaque.  If you want to get nitpicky, you might say that these are a very tiny bit darker, but it's not something I really picked up upon when comparing the lenses. (The 'darkness' likely comes from the darker violet ring + 'spikes' going inward. You don't see these at all from a distance, though.)

(^ the left eye is in more "shadow ")


- G&G GBT Violet vs. Hyper Pinky Violet -

- Hyper Pinky Violet vs. (EOS) Bubble (WM-101) Violet -

Comfort: 9/10  Generally, I find Vassen lenses to be comfy, and these are no exception. :]  The only thing is that when they do eventually dry out, they tend to dry out quickly, for me.  (That's why you don't wear them for more than 8 or so hours, at the most, though.)

(Outdoors on a cloudy day; you can tell by my hair that I was caught in a thunderstorm)

 (low light-- sun was going down)

So all in all, I bloody LOVE these lenses.  I've had several pairs of violet lenses over the years, and these are my favourite so far.  As picky as I am about this colour, the Hyper/Super Pinkys managed to please me. ♥ ♥

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, and Four.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. They do look awfully similar to the G&G Vi's, which are still my 2nd favorite lens! So that's cool to hear. They look great on you! Personally, I like it when you wear purple, honey colored and pink-ish lens the best. They suit you somehow.

    Speaking of, my G&G Vi's DRIED OUT six months before their expiration date -_- I was so pissed. those animal cases are cute but my lens dry out so fast...I have to refill them every few days :\

  2. Elle- I'll confess that I rather agree with you: violet and pink lenses are 'safe' colours for me, somehow. Haha

    And whaattt? Your GBTs dried out?!?!? Nooo~. That totally sucks. (I'd be pissed, too...) I guess you found them after they'd been dry for quite a while? Because sometimes, you can rehydrate them right in the case. <33

    Anyway, yeah... I actually don't use the animal cases, myself, ever since I ripped a lens (and dried one out) with one of 'em. >.>''

  3. Nox these are GORGEOUS on you!! I'm actually really wanting to get a pair of these, but honeycolor is out of plano right now (they said they would be getting more in come June.. so I'm hoping to place an order with them then!!) But I'm glad to hear the good review on them :D:D:D I like them better than the GTB violets personally.. It might be because those blackish lines make them so much more striking!

    I've also decided that purple is one of my favorite colors on you. That.. and red. Well.. I also really like grey. Whatever you are just lovely all the time. :P

  4. I really love the designs of those circle lens. *0*

  5. Amanda- Aw, thank you! And I do seem to prefer the more 'interesting' colours on myself, too. Haha. I can't wait to see this series on your eyes! I've seen them in almost every colour on light eyes, and they always look fantastic. :33

    Sia- I know, right? <33 I love this series.

  6. i love it !! it looks so great on you xoxo

  7. Ohh. These are such a perfect shade of purple! They kind of have a greyish tint to them, as oppose to those overly vibrant purples.
    But I agree with other posters, these look great on you :) Purple lens are so pretty with dark hair ♥

  8. Thanks for the sweet comment hun glad you liked it!!!

  9. violet is definetly ur color ;}

  10. maphi- Thank you muchly~! :]

    Eden- Aww, muchas gracias. And I'm a fan of the shade of purple, too. <3 It's a nice sort of 'in-between': visible, but not insane-looking. Haha.

  11. Ahh!! Im Soo Happy You Liked My Prom Look, Esp My Hair bc I Wasnt Really Into It. I Am In Love With The Colors Of These Lenses, They Look So Cute On You. You Always Have The Best Ones!!


  12. OMG GIRL!
    again your looking hot, I'm literally loving it :)
    your blog is one of a kind xx

  13. These are so pretty! Absolutely adore the color in general, and it looks really really good on you. C: Really draws focus to your eyes without looking "unnatural" or anything.

  14. noxxy! the colour of these are so beautiful!
    ive never worn circle lens or lens at all, i brought some blue ones a while ago and i was so freaked out about putting them in that i just let them dry out lol :o such a waste.
    i also love the Eos flower green lenses you have.
    in general i think you suit all of the lenses
    i think i'd look weird with a green although thats probably a colour i would chose seeing that they look great on you!
    your posts may make me try these out!

  15. OMG I could've sworn I commented on this posting >.< lol.
    Anyway these are definitely a nice replacement for the G&Gs :D. I love the Violet color on you :3, so kawaii. The enlargement is there but yeah it's not scary looking which is nice :).
    They compliment you well hun!

    Thanks for the comment :3. I'm a bit upset that I didn't take the two pictures I took with my phone with my actual Camera lol. Ugh, >.< Oh well. Lesson learned I suppose.
    And thank you on the skin compliment. It means a lot, it does. My skin is usually bad and very oily. Don't usually have pimples but clogged pores is just as bad. I've been working on it though.

  16. Broadway- Why thank you muchly~!

    heidi- Aww, thanks, honey! You always look great in YOUR lenses- especially with your gyaru looks. (You have improved SO much!! And you started off doing great, too.)

    Semi- No prob! I can always appreciate nice hair, style and colour-wise, as I don't do a thing with mine. Haha. And thank you.

    Shy- Gracias! Right back at you~!

    D.D.- Thank y'kindly, madame. C: Yeahh, violet's a colour that's somehow 'natural' for me, often.

    maki- Aw, no! You sound like my sis! She's afraid to put in lenses, too. Haha. And pshh- with your hair colour, green lenses would look FAB. <3

    A.Buddha- Haha- aw,, it's okay! And thanks! Yeah-- I used to have good skin-- until I had my first breakout last year and I've no idea how to handle skin 'issues'. Haha.

  17. What the-- I totally thought I commented already o_o I sure as hell read it already LOL! Sorry... XDD

    Oh how I ADORABLE violet lenses on you, Noxin! *__* I'm really startin to want a pair myself, but my boyfriend hates purple LOL! Eh, my eyes~ I can totally just walk up to him and give him the death stare with mah shiny violet eyes HAHA.

    I think I definitely like these more than the G&G lenses anyways! Good call on these, they stand out a lot more and the color is just so much prettier in my opinion :D

    Oh gosh no..... I'm just one of those casual fans, just a quick handshake n' I'm goooood.


    Yeahhhh no. I'm totally freaking out. Now if I can just make it through work today (ugh, WHY must I work with Chihuahua until 7PM?!) then I can go back to the whole fangirling gig. :3

    Sadly FB doesn't have the Angel greys, noooo! I'm now eyeing *no pun intended* the Nudy or Puffy 3 greys. I'm already getting Puffy 3 green, but the greys are just so darn pretty! OMG the shipping <33 TOTALLY worth it for them being located in the US! No more anxiously waiting over a week for my lenses, yay! The only problem I'm having is not knowing what lenses they have in stock because I don't know model numbers well lol! Otherwise I'm in love with that shop <333

  18. Oops, forgot to comment about the Dolly Wink lashes~~

    I checked Mitsuwa and they don't carry them </3 They have pretty much everything else Candy Doll, but no Limited Edition sets. I'm hoping they get them in sometime this week, I want one SO badly! I don't wanna have to order online though if I have easy access in person, and to avoid shipping costs + long waiting, I'm too anxious haha!

  19. Aww Seeing What You Commented About The PurpleandPink Look Really Made My Day! Im Really Happy You Said My Makeup Is Getting Better! Oh, The Lashes I Use Are Called I-Candy (i believe, i lost the pack LOL) But I Know The Style Is Paparazzi 03. Its From One Of My Local Drugstores, They May Be At One Of Yours?.


  20. ooo I actually quite like these ones! (: Purple is my fav colour and there was one time I bought these GEO violet ones, but it was barely noticable. But these ones look really nice! :D

  21. @ katie- Ahh-- the Puffy Grey would look DIVINE on you, I'm sure. :33

    @ Semi- Hm, perhaps. :] I'm so bad at falsies, I hardly ever check them out in stores. >.>

    @ Jennifer- Thanks! C: And yeah.... Geo's series tend to run on the darker/less opaque side. :/

  22. These are very cute! DO WANT :D
    I've never purchased a pair of circle lenses before, and I was wondering if these are safe? I've read some stuff about circle lenses damaging your eyes :/
    I really want to buy a pair though!

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