Review: EOS Adult (E-203) Brown

I'm reviewing my currently most often worn lenses, the EOS Adult Brown-- the original Adult Brown (E-203), not the new Adult series design, the J-203. (I'm not too fond of the new Adult Brown...) They were oh-so-kindly sponsored by one of my all-time favourite sellers: Kiwiberry1's Collection.  The review, though? It is all my honest opinion, as always. :3

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Enlargement: 8.5/10 For 14.0's, these have a moderate level of enlargement, I suppose. :]
Colour/Design: 9/10 Loooveee. ♥ . A 'pastel' brown, just what I was looking for. A bit more opacity
would be nice, but I guess that's what the new Adult series (J-203) is for, eh? Also... the design took me by surprise, in terms of how it looks compared to the picture of E-203 Brown on EOS' website. Haha. Whatevs- they are fantastic.

(bathroom light)


- EOS Adult (E-203) Brown vs. EOS Adult (E-203) Violet -

Comfort: 10/10 Mes yeux aiment des lentilles EOS. <33 (Excuse-moi pour mon mauvais français. D: )

Overall: I really really like these lenses. They're simple but cute-- they're a rather natural brown, but one that definitely shows up. These are the lenses I usually will wear to whichever job I have that day. Even up close, people will compliment me on 'my' eye colour. Thanks again, Kiwi!!
You can skip all of this 'reading' business and simply watch the video review I did, here or simply look below.


  1. Very nice, the brown lens looks nice on you =) Do you happen to have a picture of the new version? Curious~ I shop from KIWIBERRY Collection as well hehe!

  2. THey are so pretty! love it! great review by the way!

  3. Hey Chantal! Just saw that clip of you talking about circle lenses. You did great! Hope the whole demonization of circle lenses will fade soon as they latch onto the next "hot" topic.

    Love those browns on you btw. I'm not really liking the new adult designs either.

  4. great review! *_* You look amazing with this one! and in the daylight photos looks very natural!

    the only thing that i dont like in Adult Series is the size. I have big open eyes..i need some enlargment LOL but these lenses have vibrant colors! Especially the green and brown!S2

    kisses =)))

  5. i like these on you! new follower : )


  6. Bonjour~ J'adore les lentilles! (J'ai apprendu un nouveaux mot xD)

    Rofls. Random french too :]
    Thanks so much for the review, I'm hoping they'll be as comfortable for me as they are for you, since I just bought a pair. :X