Review: Dueba/G&G King Pink

These are a more recent pair of lenses: I got them, perhaps... a month or a month and a half ago. I bought them as soon as they were available from Kiwiberry1's Collection. Haha.

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Anyway, here's the review for my G&G/Dueba/Wondereye King Pink.

Enlargement: 10/10 Great Gatsby-- these are just as hugantic as my Candydoll/King Violets. That is to say, 14.5 mm and very large. Haha. For whatever reason, though, they seem a teeny bit smaller, despite being the same design. Perhaps the lighter colour detracts from the enlargement effect?...

Colour/Design: 8.5/10 Dilemma! I love the colour and hue and design, but... the colour could be a bit more opaque. :/ In some lightings, it's more of a grey-pink-- pretty, but not the pale, pastel pink I was hoping to see throughout. Either way, a pink lens in my book is a good lens.


Comfort: 10/10 Another comfy pair of G&G lenses. ♥ Like my Max Pure Pinks, these are right up there with EOS lenses, in terms of comfort.

All in all, I really really like these lenses, but I just kinda' wish they were a little more opaque/clearly pink in certain lightings. Otherwise, they're very dolly, cute lenses and definitely make me feel like wearing a shiftload of pink clothing. Gotta' reign that in if I'm gonna' be wearing these out pretty often, eh? Haha.

(And as usual, there's one too many pics of my face...these lenses are definitely photogenic, though!)

Also, you can see video review here on YouTube, or just below.


  1. I like these. I definitely plan on getting me some pink lenses

  2. its so cute how u match ur outfits to ur lenses <3

  3. lol..coooool :) btw I used one of your photos in my kiwiberry1 collection video contest :) Don't forget to vote for me *ah-number 2-em! sorry..
    But these are super big on you...I can only imagine what they'll look like on me! More reviews pleaaaaase!

  4. Anonymous12/9/10 11:36

    i really like this colour on you... really matches. im not brave enough to try on anything else but brown

  5. Ivie - Niicee. 8) I'm sure there're pink lenses out there for everyone~.

    heidi - Haha- thanks! And yeah... sometimes I take great pains to find the exact right colour(s). xD

    Sara - Turns out that they look awesome on you~. 8)

    Stephanie - Thank you~. And so far as pinks go, the G&G/Dueba Max Pure Pink are really an almost grey-brown pink: not all too shocking of a colour. :33 I'm sure you could pull 'em off.

  6. Hmm...I have yet to jump on the pink-eye ^^ bandwagon ahaah it looks good on you tho, subtle :)

    Also I've been looking for a pair of insanely green contacts (Halloween). Not neon green but...really bright green. Any suggestions?