Review: Candy Hana 3-tone Brown (Candy Magic/Barbie Gossip Brown)

Alright-y then: so ever since I saw a set of pics on the F*uck Yeah Circle Lenses tumblr, I have wanted to try the Candy Magic/Barbie Gossip series.  The color looked rather orange-y on the other girl, and I am a total sucker for orange circle lenses.  Thus, when the Apple of Your Eyes offered to sponsor me some lenses, I jumped at the chance to get these. <3 Of course, they have a few alternate names (Candy Hana 3tone Brown. Juju Hana 3tone Brown, Wonder Eye Gossip Blink, etc.), as do most G&G/Dueba series.
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Enlargement: 8/10 This series is mildly enlarging. Nothing too extreme. And I've seen their DIA listed as both 14 and 14.5 mm.

Colour/Design: 9/10 Okay, so these look very warm-toned in the case/vial, but when worn, are distinctly 'cool' in hue. o.O  That is, there's not really anything orange about my Gossip Browns.  All the same, the colour IS lightening (especially that inner circle of yellow-gold), and make a decent replacement for my soon-to-expire EOS E Love-U Brown until I find something more natural.


- Candy Hana 3-tone Brown vs. Candy Nudy Sweet/Trendy Grey -

Comfort: 9/10  G&G/Dueba(/Vassen), who make Candy, Candylicious, Barbie, etc. are always pretty comfy for me.

Overall, I like this series in brown-- I'm not head over heels for it, but it's very pretty. I was expecting something more red/orange, but these are more gold, if anything, which is another colour I rather like. C: Actually, these remind me a LOT of my Geo Twins Honey (YH-304) I had ages ago. :]

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. Aww, they are so pretty Chantal! Now those look like the ones I would wear for natural looking eyes. :D

  2. I like these, but you're right - they're gold at most and definitely not orange. I've actually never seen an orange circle lens o _ o which ones are there?

  3. These are soooo pretty on you! I really love the design on the lens!

  4. These remind me of the Princess Café Latte Brown pattern, just a little, but these are way more beautiful, never seen them before!

  5. You might not be crazy about them but I LOVE them. I'm adding them on my to buy list right now.

  6. WHY do every pair of circle lenses you wear look A-MAZING on you?! *jealous* These are SO stunning on you! These are in my top favorite BROWN category on you along with the Almonds <333 They just give off that super cute vibe~ 14 AND 14.5? That's quite a difference! I wonder which it leans more towards? They look quite enlarging, so maybe 14.5 is more accurate yeah? :3

  7. Babe they look gorgeous on you <3

    The lens pattern are pretty ^^
    Nice giveaway ^^

  8. Anonymous4/12/12 13:08

    Thanks to you I just ordered these! Ive been looking for something quite similar to replace my Accuvue2 Honey Opaques FOREVER, but in a circle lens to make them even more natural and BIG looking! Thanks so much for the pics and review! They look great on you BTW.