Review: EOS Adult (J-203) Red

So~. I've had this review 'due' for several months now, but haven't bothered to take new pictures or record the video review until recently. Oops.... anyway, I bought these lenses from Kiwiberry1's Collection some time ago, when they had just been released. Months ago. I am lazy.

P.S. These are the same lenses I wore in the pics from my last dye job. C:

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Enlargement: 7/10 These are more enlarging than the original Adult series, but not by all that much, as they are also only 14 mm. (You can get them in 14.5 mm as the G-203 series, and in 14.8 mm as the WM-203 series.)

Colour/Design: 7.5/10  Alright, so the new Adult/J-203 series design is fairly well-known now, but I'll describe it briefly.  Unlike the original Adult (E-203) series, the new Adult series has a dark circle around it. It's not very thick, but it's still noticeable. The colours are all less pastel than their 'original' counterparts, too.  The red, specifically, is rather dark, in my opinion. Some folks find it to be vibrant/light, but I'm used to i.Fairy's red lenses, and even red costume lenses, so I prefer and expect lighter + more visible red lenses.


-i.Fairy Dolly+ Red vs. EOS Adult (J-203) Red-

- EOS Adult (J-203) Pink vs. EOS (J-203) Adult Red -

Comfort: 10/10 EOS lenses = super comfy to me. :]

(Ugh- old pic is old. Please ignore my awful skin...)

Overall, these lenses didn't really strike my fancy. :/  As I've mentioned, I have been rather 'spoiled' by having only used brighter/lighter red lenses.  These Adult Reds might be vibrant enough for folks who've never tried red lenses from i.Fairy/Vassen, or costume lenses, though.  For me? I don't go for subtle colours, typically, so these lenses have since been thrown in the rubbish~. Haha.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, and Three.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. I would've expected all J-203 to be super opaque like red, blue and brown - the three colours I got, but seeing that pic of the pink and noticing how sheer it looks even on YOUR eyes, makes me decide not to review them today, but to postpone it till I can finally bear to wear sheer pink lenses again X) Anyways, I was first with my review :p But I love how 'natural' these look on you!!

  2. Babe this lens looks natural on you, I've always wanted to try on red lens but "hmm duno should i".

    I think the effect for me wearing this will be dark red too coz of my natural eye color. =D

    The pictures are really cute and I love to watch your video you make me smile~ =D~

  3. Aaaaah! Next time you should consider me as the trash caaaaan.

    I agree that these are much darker than your ifairies, the smaller limbal ring doesn't do much for me. Still - they look somehow more natural? Because red eyes are totally mother nature's.

    <3 You look great. :P What bad skin?

  4. @ Anna- Bah-- you win this time in the review race. *squint* We shall see who wins the next one... And yeah-- these lenses look oddly natural on me. o.O

    @ q0q0- Aw, thanks so much! :33 I'm glad my video was entertaining. ;P I really hope you try red lenses eventually-- I KNOW you could pull them off easily.

    @ Ava- Aw, haha. Mayhaps. xD And yeah--- subtler colours-- even crazy ones-- tend to look more natural. o: And dude-- thanks so much! I can't help but pick out any flaws in my skin, I guess.

  5. Wow it looks like a natural eye on you.

    & Thank you for your lovely comment <3

  6. I love how they look so natural!!! i should check these out!! love the review :) <3

  7. Lovee these! I actually like that they're not so bright haha.
    You pull them off awesomely :D

  8. I didn't think anyone could pull off a red contact look, but they look really great on you

  9. Personally, I like the i.Fairly ones more I think because of the dark ring around it but this too is really cool and i really like how to red is so outstanding! Love it and it looks soo cool on you! XD

  10. Thank you for your review! <3
    you're the first one who has dark brown eyes like me, so that I now know how these lenses probably will look like on my eyes.
    They aren't too extreme and the effect is more subtle, just like I wanted it to be for my cosplay <3
    Thank you! :D

  11. hi iam from indonesia. may i take your picture for my online shop? because i need the review about eos adult red >.< thank you