Review: Bubble Violet (aka. EOS WM-101 Violet)

Alright, so for the longest time, I've been kind of wanting to try out the Bubble (EOS WM-101) Brown (or even their smaller version, the G-101 Brown), but I didn't have the guts. Then, I was sponsored nearly the exact same lenses, but in violet. (Close enough, right?)  Oh-- and these lenses were kindly sponsored by LoveShoppingholics, (which I've recently reviewed~).

Enlargement: 8/10 For a 14.8 mm lens, I think these could be larger-looking. The lack of a darker colour around the outside seems to have detracted from the enlargement effect slightly.

Colour/Design:  8.5/10  Alright, so the thing with the EOS 101 (aka. 'Bubble') series is that is has no dark circle/ring around each colour. They're just 1-tone lenses, with a very thin ring of colour-- very vibrant, bright colour.  The violet in particular tends to look more blue in pictures, but in real life, it's neither a 'red-violet' nor a 'blue-violet': it's right in the middle, in my opinion. (They are quite light, though. They very much remind me of the EOS Adult [E-203] Violet, actually...)  For the pastel and opaque colour, they get a higher rating, in spite of their 'weird' design.


- Hyper/Super Pinky Violet vs. EOS Bubble (WM-101) Violet -

Comfort: 10/10  Despite their size, these EOS lenses held up to the usual high level of comfort I find in this brand.

All in all, I was really surprised to find out I like these lenses. o.o  For the longest time-- and to this day, really-- the Bubble/101 series creeps me out. I don't quite know why: it could be because of the creepy promo pics on the Dollyeye, or just their general design. Eh. Either way, getting the Bubble Violets and actually, truly liking them has bolstered my courage: I am definitely getting the Bubble Brown next. <33

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. Babe Love your Video =)

    I love these Bubble lens they are so cute! <3

    They look really cute on you <3 <3

    Love the video Yay waiting for your new cam.

    I myself also just opened it yesterday and took few pictures.

  2. God, why do these look SO good and not too fake on you!?!?!!?!?!

  3. OMG I love the colour!!! It's not very natural looking but I just absolutely LOVE THE VIOLET x.x

    Here's an award for you btw lol

  4. I like these, but I much prefer the super pinkies to the bubbles. Something about the one dimensional color. I want my enlarging unearthly colored lenses to look natural! Yeaah~

  5. Oh I love those! They look fantastic on your eyes and they are just the perfect violet color!

  6. miz valeer...i dont know what it is but u are more gorgeous than ever.....and it's definitely not just the circle lens u r wearing. did u cut ur hair or did a new makeup routine? seriously! :D

    anyway, bubble lens look so interesting and very pop-up-on-your-face-color! i can never pull these or half of the lens u wear. these violets look so nice on u!

    thanks for always helping out at soompi/gaia forums. your help is always so valuable. <3 and i am enjoying ur blog!

  7. WOOOOOOOOWW!! Most purplest contacts EVA!! This is sooo cool!! From looking at it I would imagine the discomfort (for I dont know what reason) but 10/10 for comfort! Wow! I wonder if the other colors are this vibrant! :D

  8. Thank you, dear!! ^-^
    I think I will definitely buy these because I'm just wayyy to curious about! I may buy them both and take some pictures (: Your collection of lenses seems to be huge, if I'm looking at all these entries! Have a wonderful weekend with that little bit that is left from that (:

  9. I totally feel you on the creepiness of these lenses, BUT worn, they actually are quite nice. Just sitting in the case, or seeing stock photos, I would never buy these for myself, ever. Meh, even now, they're wayy too vibrant for me >< I really like the way they look worn on other people though. They're so... glowy! And kinda dreamy >w< I'm really curious what your opinion of the brown will be :) Another blogger I follow hated them, but I thought they looked mad good on her :O

    Aww thankies!!! I'm so stoked for the contest. Well, after a while I got super frustrated because I was under the impression we had to make up our own dance *dies* Then I reread the rules and smacked myself for thinking that. :3 Of course my back is KILLING MEHHHHHH ;______; Damn CL's backbend!! ...And my lack of remembering to stretch, oh dear... and 2 more days of work, no time to record OR practice T___T I hope I can get this shit done in time LOL!

  10. You look so cute with these violet lenses. =D

  11. I feel the same way about these, actually. Definitely creepy...

    But they look nice on you, so that makes me think they wouldn't be too bad on me o:

    This doesn't seem like a good enlargement lens, just a simple halo of color, and there's nothing wrong with that ^^

    I'll probably skip them, though :]

  12. I'm definitely part of the crowd that thinks this lens series is probably the creepiest I've seen.
    Actually, I don't think that I've seen anyone pull them off as nicely as you do. They don't even look creepy at all on you.. obviously not natural, but they look good. I'm seriously jealous of how well your eyes wear circle lenses.

  13. God, I actually LOVE how they look! Yesterday I even showed them to my friend and told her how much I like' em :) just didn't have the time to leave a comment, but here it is now!
    I was also reminded of Eos Adult Violet... been eyeing with them for a long time but ended up buying the new version (which is nice too, but I think the old ones would've fitted me better).

  14. They do look really good! On The Dollyeye, they do look really creepy! They do creep me out, but I'd be interested to see how the browns look, so please do a review soon!

  15. Love this color! So pretty :)

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  16. @ q0q0- Aw, thank you~! I think you might wear these better than me. ;]

    @ Anna- Aw, thanks! And yeah-- these didn't turn out as creepy as I'd thought they would...

    @ Isabel- Get a paiirrr. o.o And oohh- thanks, dear! :] I'll try and make a post for the award soon. :]

    @ Ava- Ahahaa- I know what you mean. :33 I prefer the Hyper Pinkys, too, actually. '3D' colour is my preference as well...

    @ Tamara- Thank you muchly! And yeah-- suuper bright.

    @ Madie- Gah-- awww. You're gonna' make me blush. > < Haha- thanks! And I DID cut my hair recently, actually. I'm glad I've been able to help-- thanks for reading! <33

    @ Bunny- Oh boy: the whole SERIES is vibrant, yeah.

    @ Sam- Oh man-- yeah. My lens collection IS quite large. @_@ I try n' keep it down to 20 pairs or less, though. So not all of the lenses I review get kept. Haha. I think it'd be great if you got some lenses from this series~.

    @ Katie- Ahhh, ooo-- you hafta' stretch before you dance. @_@ That's how I always end up getting injured when learning a dance. Haha

    @ Shang- Aww- grazie!

    @ Robot- Oh, definitely: this series isn't so difficult to pull off, I don't think. They just... are weird at heart. Haha.

    @ Amanda- Ahaha- aw, thank you, darling~. I don't know about all that-- some other folks have worn this series pretty darn well. :3

    @ Ragrunzel- Mm-- I agree: the old Adult series seems to blend better on most folks-- especially if you've light eyes. But still, the new Adult Violets have their own punchy colour, eh? :]

    @ Mika- Oh definitely~. :] I'm ordering them today, so hopefully they'll be here in a few weeks, when my camera arrives.

    @ Jessica-Marie- Thanks~. And I'll surely check out your giveaway!

  17. They look like fish-eyes normally, which is why they're hella creepy. The browns look that way, but on you, these don't--maybe it's the color. I'd love that color on a more normal style of lens.

    1. Ahaha- definitely. xDD Fish-eyes is pretty accurate.

      And yes! I LOVE the colours in the Bubble series just... not with their design. >.>