Review: GnG Carnival 070 ("White Manson")

Look! Costume lenses! :DD  (Bet you guys thought I'd never review another pair after the 'Purple Cat Eyes' debacle.)  These little pretties were kindly sponsored by the amazing Kiwiberry1's Collection. (I reviewed their service, here.)

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((Want to know what these look like on light eyes? Check out Anna's review of these lenses at Fenua Beauté~!))

(This is what I looked like on Halloween~)

Enlargement: 8/10  At 14.5 mm, the Carnival 070 lenses are not super enlarging.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10  You have seen these lenses before. I know you have: it's one of the best known costume lens designs available. That being said, it's helpful to see real pictures of them being worn.  This way you can see that the white is a very basic white: not blue-tinged or any such thing.  The coverage of your natural colour is also amazing: I even catch a glimpse of white in the corner of my vision sometimes.


Comfort: 9/10  Usually, I rather expect costume lenses to be uncomfortable (they have more pigment or opacity, and are thicker than regular colour lenses).  These, however? These are delightfully comfy~.

(I tried doing makeup for the first time, like, ever. :/ )

I've come to learn that having high expectations for costume lenses tends to lead to disappointment.  Why? Because usually, the stock pictures' colours are not the most accurate.  However, in this case, the stock picture of these very popular lenses was accurate. <3 They're great.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. oh shit.. creeeeppyyy x.x kinda cool though!

  2. I love how you finally dare to wear :3 Also, I don't think it's creepy, but PRETTY. Yes, PRETTY. Mine was scary cuz I had that madhouse glance in my eyes, lol

  3. It looks extremely inhuman, but at the same time, different -in a good way.

  4. Oh man. I LOVE how these look!! I definitely have to pick up a pair like this!

  5. You know I love the look of these. >w> They remind me of my precious Dollyeye Greys.

  6. That's just mad crazzzzy!

  7. Wow Hun, I love these white lens! They look super cool and sexy on you~ =D

    Your make up suits the lens too ^^~

    I love the 1st picture :)

  8. Aw man, these are so freaky, especially in the video ♥ (meant in a good way, haha)
    Great to hear these are comfortable, because I've had the same experience with costume lens, nowhere near as wearable as normal lens usually.

  9. Haha they look super creepy! But I like how the match well with your make up!

  10. I tried to write a comment on my iPhone like twice and failed. Noo~

    I freaking LOVEEEE these lenses!! You know I actually wanted a pair of lenses like these for years, way back during my Jrocker days~ and yes, those WERE the days <3 I... kind of really want them again now. XD I think I'm going to consider getting them sometime next year for a possible cosplay >:DD

  11. Wow! Those are some sick costume lenses!!! Luv it!