Store Review: LoveShoppingholics

[[Hello everybody!  I am, in fact, still alive! :D  Real life just happened to get super busy lately: job interviews, university transfers, and my lil sis' graduation is on Friday. So yeah. Busy.  I'm back, though! So here's a review for a shop, for once, and not lenses themselves. Haha.]]

(Feeling lazy? Watch the video review at the end of this post instead of reading.)

This review is for LoveShoppingholics. Full disclosure: yes, they sponsor me. (I've received 4 pairs of lenses from them so far.)  That doesn't mean I can't review their packaging, presentation, communication, and even shipping method(s).  No, they did not ask me to do a store review: I just really happen to think they have amazing service. <3

Shipping Time

LoveShoppingholics is based in Malaysia, as are several very prominent circle lens stores you've likely heard of.  My parcels have all been sent via standard post. On average, my orders have arrived about 2 weeks after being sent. One arrived in 2 weeks and 3 days, the other in 2 weeks and 2 days.  This is generally how long I've waited for lenses from Malaysia, so I was perfectly satisfied.  C:

On a related note, it's very important that online shoppers realize something about the ordering process from any website: a shop does not control how quickly the post delivers a package.  That is, once a shop sends an item out, no matter what level of post it goes through (express or standard), the time it takes to get to you is out of their hands.  (I'm always very confused when reviewers complain about how long a package takes to get to them. o.O The shop has nothing to do with it, unless your address/name's totally wrong on the package..)

The Envelope

As you can see, this envelope is lined in bubble wrap. <3  And there's even more to come.  I think Shoppingholics might have some of the best + safest packing I've ever seen from a lens store. Haha.

Here's what was inside the envelope (I re-wrapped everything after opening them, as I was too dumb to take pics before ripping off the wrapping):

(Such a cute little plastic bag~)

EVERYTHING IS BUBBLE WRAPPED. [:  (Save for the bubble cases.) Here are the unwrapped items~!

(Blue Frog & Purple Elephant)

('Vanity Mirror' design lens travel kit)

(So. Freakin'. Pretty.)

(Tada~! Can you guess which lenses these are?)

(Did I mention the safe packing? There's more in the boxes.)

(And a lovely thank you card!)

So there you go: you've seen the packaging and heard about the shipping. In general, communications-wise, they answered any messages within 24 hours. 48 hours at the most, and were wonderfully polite.

LoveShoppingholics is an awesome sponsor, with an awesome website. The variety of brands is very wide.  The prices aren't the cheapest, but the quality of service is great, plus if you spend USD $50 (basically, 2 pairs of lenses), then the shipping is free. :3 Read other reviews on this store, if you'd like-- no need to take only my word. I  hope you check out the shop, though.


Video Review

You can see the video review here on YouTube, or just watch it below.


  1. Bubble Violet and Sakura Blue? Are these the lenses you got hehe x) I totally agree with you on Shoppingholics, probably the best online shop in Asia!!!

  2. Oh my. o: You are half correct. Actually, perhaps 3/4 correct: they're the Bubble Violet and the Sakura Green. :]

    And yep: I didn't really think much of Shoppingholics until I started hearing a LOT of positive reviews. Then the sponsored me, and it's just a really awesome shop. <3

  3. Woohoo! My country xD Love the lens casings!!

  4. How cute! They're like little presents! Congrats to your little sister, I was in the same boat last week. I'm starting to get lens withdrawal, I need to find a new pair to order!

  5. I read in stead of the youtube so i hope I'm not missing anything out! i've read from couple of people now about this store and seem really good. Would love to try from them once. I'm looking forward to the lens review that you got! I'm always enjoy your reviews <3

  6. Wow, their packaging is really cute! The put a lot of effort into it. I love the contact cases.

  7. I have been rather tempted to purchase from them, and now even more so! I see they have the Lycee eyedrops in stock too!! <3

    I do agree it's not the fault of the shop, but I was a little disappointed ordering from Fobby Barbie since I was given my tracking number late to the point it didn't work, and waited almost a month to get my order LOL I really shouldn't complain though, one of those lenses was free after all! ^^;; HoneyColor is also located in Malaysia too though, is it not? I think I got my order in about 2.5 weeks also! :P

    WOW they take such care in their presentation! I really love that when I buy online, it makes the whole experience of finally getting your goodies that much more exciting :)

    Even the Dolly Wink lashes are only $17.50! Mitsuwa sells them for $17.99 + tax, and of course not everyone has access to Mitsuwa and their crazy expensive beauty products. :) I think I've seen other sites selling them around $20 or more @__@

    Absolutely terrified of ledges. I have nightmares on ledges now wtf ;__; I can understand your fear of bridges too! Even those big looong ones at playgrounds, because when I'm carefully walking across, my boyfriend grabs my hand and runs as fast as he can across, while jumping as hard as he can, no less. .___.

    Thank youuu! :D And you're very welcome! I always LOVE reading your blog, even if I'm a litte late replying, I do read it and always come back to check your reviews for future advice :D

    Thank you again, I'm glad you like my hair LOL I got it cut like Park Yong-Hee, that sexy sexy woman... <33 I was considering Uruha or even Ruki Gazette haircuts too actually! :O

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I see Shoppingholics also sells NEO LOL! Too bad Kiwi-Berry1 doesn't sell them, and their collection of Hana SPC is so minimal ;___; All the more reason to check them out LOL! <333

  8. I love shoppingholics! Definitely my favorite place to order from. They always respond to my emails super fast :3

  9. @ Isabel- Thank you!

    @ Avalon- Ahaha- lens withdrawal. xD Yeha, I get the same way, sometimes, if I spend a while without checking up on what all new series there are.

    @ Bunny- Aw, thanks! :]] I'm glad my blog's pretty useful to folks. I hope you eventually order from this store~.

    @ Michelle- Right? <33 So adorable~!

    @ Katie- Aw, thank you! I appreciate so much that you pop by my blog so often. And your hair. Om nom nom~. (The day Kiwiberry expands to other brands like Neo and Vassen/i.Fairy, is the day a looot of folks make it their official shop.)

    @ Mika- Yup yup: great communication from this seller. <3

  10. Oh my god, those cases are just too adorable! And I love all your lenses :) Do you know if they sell prescription lenses? (I wear glasses =x)

    Please comment/follow my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :)