Review: EOS F-57 (Fancy Lens)

Hurrah! I'm back from vacation! : DD  And I got tanned, y'all! (Well, tanner than I am to start with. xD) This review was completed before I left, so you can't see how many shades down I've gone. Haha.  Anyway, these costume/fancy lenses were generously sponsored by ColorLens4Less (aka. Create i Beauty)-- you can see my store review here.

( Heh heh heh~. C:< )

Enlargement: 7/10  Eh. These are 14 mm, I believe, but whatever the diameter, these are barely enlarging.

Color/Design: 7/10  Well, as with about any costume lens I've tried, these are bright. They have a dark, red-violet ring with some 'spikes' going inward, and then a pale pink inside of that. Finally, there's a vertical pupil (aka. 'cat eye') running through the center.  Yes, they're very vibrant, and perfect for cosplay/a costume, but I'm just not very keen on the violet and pink combo in a lens.


Comfort: 6.5/10  Uh. These feel awful. Haha. Generally, costume lenses are thicker and cannot be worn as long as 'regular' colour lenses, yes, but it still sucks to have to deal with the dryness and discomfort.

(Whenever I try to look evil, I just look hilarious. Haha)

Overall, I'm not a huge fan of the F-57s. :/  Usually, I love costume/crazy lenses, but this lens seemed to put together the only two elements I don't like: violet and pink in one lens, and a cat-eye 'pupil'. (I explain why I don't like cat-eye lenses in the video review: they look so weird when they shift around.)  Meh. Hopefully I'll have better luck with future costume lenses~.

 And here are the extra pics, as usual: One and Two.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. xD Silly silly girl. You don't look evil at all. Maybe mildly amused. It's too bad they're uncomfortable, they look pretty cool.

  2. Something fancy! The only cat eye lenses I admire are the normal blue ones I recently threw away, these are just disgusting with their veins and uuuuuh scary, but somehow look good on you! MAGIC

  3. oh wow O_O for some reason they look really good on you!!! >_< It seems like you can just about pull off any lens!

  4. Just what MoodiBunni said, you pull off ANY lens. As crazy as these are, they still look MAD good on you! I didn't even know EOS made costume lenses. You also look freaking cute no matter what you do teehee~ <333

    "I'm a cat with a lazy eye"

    LMAOOO I love you. XDD

  5. great review!!
    those costume lens look so cool =)

  6. So creepy!! But hey sometimes that is the look you are going for in a costume! ^-^ They look pretty cool on you though.. but I can see just from the photos how they would shift too much and be slightly off (but then again I'm way too anal.. lol)

    Hope you had fun on vaca! Where did you go? ^-^

  7. Dear I actually think that the lenses are sexy on you <3

    But got to agree with it, they are not comfortable. =X

  8. hehe, i think u look hawwwwt in the 'evil' picture....like those VS models that sometimes look angry. LOL :D and nope, i'm not a lesbian. ;D

    yea, something in these lens dont look right. i think it is just a badly designed lens....as in maybe if the veins were more subtle and the cat-pupil a little slimmer, maybe it would have looked better.

    agree with alot of comments saying u always can pull off every lens. :D