♥ My New Hair (Colour) ♥

Spoiler alert: I kind of went blonde. Or bronde. Or something.

My mother's birthday gift to me was a trip to a hair salon!  I've wanted to go blonde (or ginger) for a while now, so I'm pretty damned happy with the results. <3  Pics are below~! ;P


(with flash)
-------- - ---------


(direct sunlight)
I also lightened my eyebrow colour, although it's not very obvious....

(camera flash)

(natural light)
It's easier to see in the pic above, but I kind of have a 'reverse ombre', in that the ends go to a dark/medium brown.

------ - ------

And you would think I'd see a lot of breakage, yeah? Or that my hair would feel brittle. But luckily enough, it's the softest/silkiest it's felt in a long time. <33  Check out the short video below~.

So yeah. I pretty much like it... but really? The longer I look at it, the more I think there's a better blonde out there for me. Or an amazing red. Eh.

Stay bronde/blonde, or go red? Both? Any ideas?...


  1. Oooh..I really like the natural light pics! I see what you mean though, about the better blonde colour. It has more golden tones right now. Have you checked out Taaz.com. You can change your hair colour to have an idea of what suits you best :). Still, you look really good :).

    Are you still not seeing my updates? Please let me know. If you aren't can you please resub to see if it works? Thanks Nox!

  2. I like the black but bronde ain't bad at all~~ ;D I kinda agree with you that there is a better blonde shade for you though, Maybe an ashier blonde tone would suit your skin tone better? It's my honest opinion :X

    And I have been tempted to go red for the longest time too! ^^

  3. Stay blond! I love it! You look amazing!

  4. It suits you a lot! I'm impressed! <3

  5. I like this quite a bit actually! It looks lovely in flash and sunlight. You're right though...there's a little something missing? The indoor lighting doesn't do it justice at all.

  6. Muesli ceral :D! Yummy!

  7. oooh!! The hair stylist did a great job on your hair! It looks so pretty with those golden highlights. I'm liking the change. :) The only thing I hated about getting my hair done was when the roots started to show through (and I didn't have the money to get it done right away.)

  8. oh my.. I actually like this on you! And the highlights are awesome.

  9. Wow :) I love your new hair color dear!

  10. love it! Stay blonde :) You look perkier and ready to tackle the world with this hair!

  11. Whoa! I LOVE the change! Very daring ;]
    You're like a lioness! I bet you could pull off an even lighter color!
    Looks good! <3

  12. It looks great!! I love it!! xDD

  13. whoa whoa -- you look great and the new color makes you seem more "fiery" ^_^ if that makes sense...

  14. That's a great change, you really do pull it off! Looking great!

  15. i think lighter hair colors look great but they are so much $$ to maintain lol especially if your hair is dark the roots show up fast... hmm it looks like a gingery color so perhaps if you try using a toner or a ashy dye over it it will look more like a true blonde? I also think a violet-red/burgundy shade would suit you very well~

  16. *insert fangirl squeal* WAHHH! You look so pwetteh!!!! But srsly though, I love that color on you. I'm glad you took such a plunge. Not many ppl have the guts to go blonde. You look awesome when you pair that hair with the green lenses (Are those Bubble greens btw????). I was all like *____*

    ....As a previously die hard hater of blonde, I think you have converted me XD

  17. Anonymous4/5/12 20:57

    It looks pretty on you and it reminds me of the color I had until recently but mine was more orangey blond!! Anyways, LEAVE IT. If anything... lighten it just a tad.