Review: EOS Max Super Neon (WM-209) Pink

Hey there~. I just recorded three reviews yesterday! (I'm starting to catch up, finally.) These lenses in particular are from the ever-so-lovely Qoqo.  She used to run a blogshop, Dollilens, but has since moved onto bigger and better things. ;]  --  Anyway, she sent me a little gift box full of the coolest stuff (including these lenses).

(Chubby cheeks~. Haha.)

Enlargement: 9/10   These are 14.8 mm, but not as enlarging as I expected them to be.

Colour/Design:  9.5/10  So despite being the 'Neon' series, this pink is more pastel than neon, hot pink.  Still, the pink is very opaque-- very, very opaque. <3  And the design is not natural at all: the black ring is very thick, and cuts into the pink often.  Fantastic.


Comfort: 10/10  As you've heard me say over and over, EOS lenses are very comfortable for me.

(Pink lenses look less intense with my lighter hair...)

All in all, I am a huge fan of the WM-209 Pinks.  I have been since I tried them on the very first time: they're just so very intense and dramatic! That is totally my style. Haha. Overall, they are very costume lens-like. BEST GIFT EVER. <33  THANKS SO MUCH, QQ.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, and Four.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. It's so... PINK! Very bright and neon-y haha I like the effect it gives off ^^

  2. Whaa! These look so adorable on you! I'm so jealous of your ability to look great with pink lenses!

  3. Omg they're so pink :D But they look great on you! I think this would just look weird on me :D

  4. omg these lens look sooo beautiful on you in the video! I love it matches your awesome looking birthday hair well! hope your having a great weekend!

  5. They look better on you than on me, love them in combination with your muesli hair, also LOVE the new layout. Light stuff > dark stuff

  6. WOW your eyes, that color, i'm HYPNOTIZED lol love it! :D

  7. OMG.. i love neon series..
    i want to get the brown one.. but i wonder where can i get one of those with prescription?
    btw.. very vibrant color~
    thanks for sharing~

  8. They look super good on you :)


  9. Been wanting to get a pair of pink contacts for so long... :D this one seems nice!!

  10. those lenses look great on you!!

  11. Wow!! You look super amazing on the EOS Mega Neon Pink lenses!!~
    Ok I'm in love looking at your eyes non-stop =D

    Glad u love it dear hehe <3