OOTD + [Tagged] Survey Answers

So, everyone should go and thank Anna over at Fenua Beauté.  She literally rang me earlier to make sure I was alive. Haha.

Hello! I am alive, by the way. Real life has just totally eaten my Blogger time (again), unfortunately.  @_@  Hopefully, the next few weeks will be less insane.  Anyway, let's hit up the über simple OOTD, yes?
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19 Feb

(And let's have a moment of silence for that white beret, which was recently lost somewhere on my college campus. I loved that thing!! ; _ ;   R.I.P.)

(The next section is random survey/personal stuff, and then this post is done.  Feel free to scamper off now, if you wish~.)
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Now, I was recently tagged by the ever-so-amazing Bunny (over at Lapin de Lune) to complete this little survey of random questions.  I've never really done anything of the sort, so it was definitely interesting to add to my 'usual' type of blog post. o:
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The Questions

1.) What kind of weather do you like the most?
I adore overcast/cloudy weather. (A little bit of rain is also pretty awesome~.) For whatever reason, I always feel the most creative and introspective in that kind of weather: I'll just want to write or draw constantly.

2.) Whenever you're down, what instantly cheers you up?
Hm.... I'd say cooking.  Or perhaps thinking of one of my best friends. <3

3.) Did your childhood dreams change as you got older, or remain the same?
Interesting question~.  I'd say that they generally remained the same. (Not that I'm necessarily following any/all of them...)

4.) Do you prefer Mac or PC?
PC all the way, baby! (I used both frequently when I was younger, but once I started picking my own technology, I tended to prefer PCs.)

5.) What is one thing to absolutely have to do every day for your day to feel complete?
I need to go through my face-washing routine. There're 3 or 4 products I use, and I need to get through them all so I can feel like sleeping. Haha.

6.) If you had to go without any communication technology for a week, do you think you'd be okay?
Yep.  I went an entire summer without a computer a few years ago, actually, and I did just fine.  (Although I would like the chance to email my sponsors and friends/family before-hand so they don't think I died or something. xD)

7.) What inspired you to start a blog? Personal reasons? Social reasons? Etc?
Eh... social reasons, I s'pose?  I literally just realized I had way too many lenses to review to just keep on my Gaia Online CL thread alone.

8.) Do you like Disneyland?
Eh.  It's not awful. :/  As a general rule, I do not like amusement/theme parks.  Never really have.  (I know, I know: I'm boooring~.)  I did rather like/prefer Universal Studios, though, when I went....
9.) What is one guilty pleasure you have? (Whether it's food, music, hobby, etc.)
Huh.  It's not a guilty pleasure, really, but I freakin' love pineapple. xD  Like I can eat an entire pineapple by myself in one day.  Or maybe I should say ginger tea with honey?  I will have two cups of super strong ginger tea a day, if it's possible. <333

10.) Do you think of yourself as a person who lives without regrets? 
Not truly:  I'm an over-analyst by nature, so I will attempt to weigh every foreseeable outcome and consequence of a choice.  I'm almost always satisfied + sure of my decisions, but every so often, I have a 'what if~' moment.  It's more curiosity than regret, though, I think.

11.) Are you as bad at coming up with questions for these things as I am? ;P
Quite possibly. Check right below and find out for yourself.

Rules + Tags are behind the cut.  Click 'Read More >>' below to see everything~

Rules that must be posted:

Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post. Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her. No tag backs, please.

Who I Tagged:


Questions for You!
1.) Do you need a lot of sleep to function during the daytime? Or are you perfectly fine with 4 or 5 hours a night?

2.) Do you go out bare-faced or with makeup more often?

3.) Do you like spicy food?  Or does that stuff just taste like awful, painful fire on your tongue?

4.) What is your favourite domesticated animal?

5.) Is there any hair colour you have always wanted to try, but haven't yet?

6.) When you clean, do you need to have music playing? Or does it make no difference?

7.)  Can you cook?  If so, do you like to?

8.) If you had to choose a movie or TV show, what genre would you pick 1st? (Comedy, drama, fantasy,  action, horror, etc.)

9.) An-cay ou-yay eak-spay ig-Pay atin-Lay?

10.) Do you like drama/theatre? (Live stage productions-- plays, musicals, one-acts, etc.)

11.) How do you feel about public speaking?  Nerve-wracking or no big deal?
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Next time: a review of the Kimchi Bambi Pink. (Look for it tomorrow or Monday~!)


  1. haha you are back!! Cute ootd's too~ Thanks for the tag! I got tagged for one like this a while ago but never got to it yet :3 shall work on it sooon~

  2. I ALWAYS randomly call you, it's so weird, you must feel stalked and creeped on lol

  3. NOOO! Not the white beret! ; _ ;

  4. that outfit is so cute! i especially like the scarf~
    thanks for the tag! :>

  5. Ah I see you have the Bambi series as well. My next Bambi color I was thinking would be Pink :3 Looking forward to that. Thanks for the comment, ugh Blonde for my hair was hard in the sense that my hair is RESISTANT, so there was a couple of weeks I actually did back to back chemicals which no one recommends but I had faith since my hair is so resistant v.v lol